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Capacity of 140mm Para Mags?


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The best capacity I've got in my P16 is 22 in the mag. Grams follower, Dawson basepad, and standard para mag spring. This gives 23 in the gun - hate those 24 round stages. Reliability is perfect as long as you replace the mag spring every 3-4 thousand rounds.

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I've tried aredondo pads on my p14 mags and I was very unhappy with the results.

The can dislodge easilly when dropped and it you are not carful when loading the follower can get stuck out the back of the base pads. If I were you I would try a better base. Even the para + 1 pads are better than the arradondo.

A reliable mag with 19 or 20 rounds is far superior to on that hold 21 or 22 but does not function a 100%.

just my opinion.

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A well tuned 140mm PARA mag should be able to hold 21 rounds and function perfectly. There is no reason why you should not be able to get a 21 round para mag to function perfectly. If you mags don't work properly with 21 rounds, then things to check are:

mags not at 141 mm +- .5 mm (that is the length of the uspsa guage)

mag lip length too long,

map lip opening too tight,

loaded round length too long/short,

undersize die used? If helps more rounds fit in mag,

pointy heads feed easier, large flat points make feeding harder,

polished feed ramp?

Feed ramp too steep?

too much extractor tension,

too little extractor tension,

no enough crimp?

big shock buff? If the slide does not cycle enough, mags can seem finicky.

I know several para shooters who have 22 round mags that work (most of the time). If you can get one to work 100%, then by all means use is.

FYI: A well tuned 140mm STI/SVI mag should be able to hold 20 rounds and function perfectly.

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I get 21 in my P16 mags. Dawson pads, Arrendondo followers, factory springs. It is very tight though. You have to make sure they are seated completely and engage the mag catch. I usually load 20 in them so there is no problem with geting them to seat w/ a speedy reload. I could trim followers and maybe get one more in but I like the way it runs, yet to have a FTF. TXAG

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A Grams basepad and modified follower in a standard Para tube should get you 21 rounds every time. I down load mine to 20 most of the time because 20 seats very easily, whereas 21 needs a firm push ( it's mostly my sloppy technique, but rarely I've had the 21 rd loaded mag not seat at "inopportune times").

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