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Recommendations for a Cheap Throw Lever for Millet DMS-1

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I bought mine in a local fishing shop for aprox 5 dollar for a pair (they come in 2 )

But it hink you should be able to rder them here


I cannot find the model that i use but i also have what they call the ''new'' model and i do not like that one.

I have some spares iff you cannot find them but shipping it to the States is probably more costfull then the value off these coasters

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Jessie...you really are a funny doodski :roflol: Take a look at Patricks post with the coaster package...the website is right on the label. :cheers:

I may be funny but I'm not stupid. I saw that website but once you go there I couldn't find my a$$ with both hands. I only looked for a few minutes though.

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Go to their online shop, then accessories, and about midway down the page are three different sizes


I may be funny but I'm not stupid.
HAHAHA...that sounds like a quote from Topshot!

Sweet! I just ordered a set but they were $20. You got a bargain over in the Netherlands.

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I installed and used these last night and they are great! Thanks for the tip! :cheers:

Jesse, how are you liking the Millet DMS for 3 gun?

Cheers, Kent

I haven't been using them on my competition rifles but they ate working great for practice on my Nordic upper and my 5.45x39 gun. Like al the reviews say the eye relief isn't optimal and the illumination isn't visible but for the money they are great.

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