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  1. What's a "huge amount"? Bud's is selling their leftover "exclusive" Benelli M1 (mostly M2) for $750, shipped. Full disclosure: I just bought one. I guess I could've bought something cheaper, but I think the potential resale value and the aftermarket support for a Benelli M1/M2 is unbeatable.
  2. Well, thanks for nothing... The circle is far smaller than the Benelli circle, so I can't see how it's going to fit. Benelli's endcap must be far larger than Remington's. Now I'm back to 1" slings. Sigh...
  3. +1 on Trailboss. I'm doing the same thing with .38Spc. Just load down to 600fps or so. Don't go slower, or you risk a bullet stuck in the barrel.
  4. No, there's no 3-gun competitions around here, so if I "compete," then it's a friendly round of trap... Capacity isn't a big deal. Pragmatically, a 28" barrel is handy for shooting clay pigeons or hunting, but anything beyond that is impractical in terms of transporting it and swinging it.
  5. Son of a gun... I backordered one from Brownells last week, then they updated my order and cancelled that item, because it was discontinued. Anyway, thanks for the heads-up: I just ordered it. RE: MOA... I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I really think the mag tube should be about as long as the barrel. I don't understand the "underbite" mag tube extending past the barrel (why not run a longer barrel?!), and having the mag end up 1-1/2" shorter than the barrel would bug me, too.
  6. OK, I needed to put an order in with Brownells, so I ordered the 870 adaptor... I'll post whether it fits.
  7. I have a 28" barrel for my M2, so I'm looking for an extension to fit... Nordic's "8B" would be perfect, but it seems to be out of production and unavailable. Yes, I have an e-mail into Nordic's customer service. I have a Nordic extension (5B) to go with my 21" barrel, so I'd like to stick with Nordic, but I'm open to other ideas. Ideas?
  8. Gosh, that would be perrrrrfect... If it fit a Benelli. Will it? I'm not unwilling to grind on it to make it fit, but would I be better off with the version for the 870 or for the 1187? https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Slings-Sling-Mounts/products/167/
  9. My current first-world problem: I want a 1-1/4" sling mounted at 6-o'clock on my Benelli M2. (Yes, I really do. I'm not asking whether this is a good idea.) I have an extended magazine, so the sling swivel at the front of the OEM magazine nut/cap is gone. I have the Benelli OEM "tactical" sling adaptor that's a ring clamped between the magazine nut and forend, but it's a 1" slot for a 1" sling. Ideally, somebody would make something similar for a 1-1/4" sling, but I can't see that anybody does. (No, I do NOT want the sling to the side.) I'm trying to avoid something convoluted like a section of rail with a sling mount bolted to it. Please advise...
  10. I think that shotgun in the photo is a Benelli M4... Anyway, the Nordic buttons arrived, along with my Irwin drill bit and tap ($3.49 from Amazon!), and I tapped the spare carrier latch. Easy. The Nordic buttons will be fine, as is, I think. If not, then I'll do something to them... Now I'm a machinist...
  11. Nah, I like the round ones from Nordic... They're on the way.
  12. OK, nevermind... I decided that I realllly like the old round Nordic button best, and Midway had them on sale ($10!), so I bought a couple. Even with a spare carrier latch (also on sale at Midway), I was out the door for <$50.
  13. Thanks, guys... I've seen those others, and none of them appeal to me as much as the one I pictured. As a fall-back, I can get the GG&G from Brownells for $85ish (dealer pricing and $10 off), and I like the idea of having a spare carrier latch and not needing to drill/tap my own carrier latch.
  14. Hi all, I'm about to bite the bullet and buy GG&G's oversized bolt release, but I really like the looks of the on pictured in this old thread. It's in the fifth post, by "121": Does anybody know what that is?
  15. No, this is backwards... M1 barrels do work with M2 handguards, but AFAIK, not the opposite... You'll need an M2 handguard to put a M2 barrel on an M1, but not vice versa. NB: If you buy an M1 barrel for your M2, then you'll need different chokes... The M1 uses "Mobil" chokes, and the M2 uses "Crio+" chokes. (I thought I saved a bundle buying an M1 barrel for $250, but then I needed chokes for it, too.) Agreed: eBay or GunBroker is a good place to find a barrel.
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