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  1. i will see if i can find one and post it later
  2. There is a guy in my country that makes mag wells for them that you can ''clip on'' i do not know if he does this commercially but some of my friends use it and looks very nice
  3. thanks Guys , i shoot with an HK94 and also with a 9mm AR but really like shooting the MP5 . I noticed the biggest drawback is the reload but i think i just need to practice more.... I did add a Tac Latch from HK Parts and that already helped me out a lot because the push button is not ideal
  4. Are there guys here that use a MP5 for PCC ? i checked some on youtube and despite that most MP5 users will tell you that you cannot make a reload on a full chamber /closed bolt i see them making reloads on closed bolts. Do they do some mods on there guns ?
  5. I am a gundealer and have no ammo problem ? but i like having a very competitive gun
  6. I currently run a 9mm AR with mill spec lower and hahn toploading block but i want to switch to a glock mag lower. I can get my hands on a Critical Components or a quarter circle 10 lower (live in Europe so not many choices) At this time i also own a MP5 and a sig mpx but for competitve shooting i like the AR more.. which lower of the above would be the best choice ? The rest of the 9mm Ar is Odin 16” barrel , colt 9mm receiver and JP bolt and paper city handguard ,trigger i use is mill spec hammer with JP trigger since all my others (geissele , hyperfire, Elf9 ) seem to break...
  7. I would come (and so would Raine i think ), it would be awesome to come and shoot in th US ??
  8. Here is a very good video made by the Dutch IPSC Rifle team during the 2015 European IPSC Rifle championships in Hungary. It shows Raine Peltokoski who is the overall winner in the open division and also was the winner in 2009 ,he also is second place on the world shoot shotgun and (i think) the best dynamic shooter worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAf4rbE9HgY If you want to see the Dutch Open IPSC Rifle team you can find us at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rifleteam/?fref=ts
  9. I looked and it seems there is nothing wrong there , but tomorrow i will take a look with a bore scope then i probably see more
  10. My upper receiver allready had the anodizing worn and i have been shooting the JP LMOS steel carrier in it since 2008 (its a CTR-02 rifle) I have tried to run it extremely wet and still it does not run properly. I can make it running but i would have to turn the gas about 2 rounds more open then i do with my JP steel one and i do not think that was the idea behind this product.... I allso have a Uronen alumnium carrier and i do not use it for the same reason but even that one gave less problems then the Boomfab... I must be doing something wrong ...
  11. I recently bought a boomfab carrier and i am trying to get it to work . It shoots really well but no matter what i use for buffer and spring combination it just is giving malfunctions after you shoot more then 50 rounds trough it. As soon as it gets dirty it just stops and is giving half feeds (looks like not enough gas) Even though i open the gas more up it is still not working. I tried JP Low moss red buffer with spring and i also tried JP silent capture spring with white and black spring. The way i see it the problem is in the coating ,it is just not ''slick'' enough and when you charg
  12. I have a Aluminium carrier from Uronen Precision it weights 107 gram (or 3,77 Oz) this is with the carrier key but no bolt
  13. I would go for the Larue LT104 or the one that JP makes , but those are hard to get in Europe. You can also buy the mounts we make in the Netherlands , but they are currently sold out . I expect new ones in about 6 weeks ready and they cost € 165,- http://www.3gun.nl/images/MJB302.JPG
  14. Go for the Meopta , the true 1 x is very good for hosing stages and on matches you can attend in Holland you would appreciate the reticle of the Meopta better then de Accupoint from Trijicon. We use a lot of clays on 100 meter ranges because we only shoot indoors (max 100 meter) thats why we shoot smaller targets , but the size of the dot on the accupoint is way to big and will cover to much of your target. Also the Meopta is one of the best scopes in that price range that is not so picky on the head position before the scope gives you ''black'' My other advise to you is to search for a use
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