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  1. i will see if i can find one and post it later
  2. There is a guy in my country that makes mag wells for them that you can ''clip on'' i do not know if he does this commercially but some of my friends use it and looks very nice
  3. thanks Guys , i shoot with an HK94 and also with a 9mm AR but really like shooting the MP5 . I noticed the biggest drawback is the reload but i think i just need to practice more.... I did add a Tac Latch from HK Parts and that already helped me out a lot because the push button is not ideal
  4. Are there guys here that use a MP5 for PCC ? i checked some on youtube and despite that most MP5 users will tell you that you cannot make a reload on a full chamber /closed bolt i see them making reloads on closed bolts. Do they do some mods on there guns ?
  5. I am a gundealer and have no ammo problem ? but i like having a very competitive gun
  6. I currently run a 9mm AR with mill spec lower and hahn toploading block but i want to switch to a glock mag lower. I can get my hands on a Critical Components or a quarter circle 10 lower (live in Europe so not many choices) At this time i also own a MP5 and a sig mpx but for competitve shooting i like the AR more.. which lower of the above would be the best choice ? The rest of the 9mm Ar is Odin 16” barrel , colt 9mm receiver and JP bolt and paper city handguard ,trigger i use is mill spec hammer with JP trigger since all my others (geissele , hyperfire, Elf9 ) seem to break...
  7. Hi Michael

    The proces off getting the rifles here is more difficult then i thought.

    I did make an initial order off 5 JP15 and 5 CTR02 rifles but the way it looks now it will take atleast 9 months to get htem here,sorry......

  8. That will teach me to think (and browse) before posting.. sorry about that.

    I am in the market for a JP rifle, and found your post with interest, hence the swift (and unconsidered post)

    Is it possible to purchase a rifle for a danish shooter?



  9. Hello Patrick,

    Any news on your shop ?

    "Where ?

    In my new gun store "

    A curious Danish IPSC shooter

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