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  1. I was getting ~3000 fps from AE in my 16" JP. XM in the same barrel was low 3100s. XM out of my Nordic 18 was around 3300 fps.
  2. I have exactly that, a large pin SSA-E in a Colt with sear block. Works great.
  3. For guys who like New Balance, there are a couple trail running shoes in this Black Friday sale: http://m.slickdeals.net/f/6479432-joe-s-new-balance-outlet-black-friday-sale-with-shoes-from-17-free-shipping? I ordered a pair of 810s for $30 + tax.
  4. Sorry I should have been more clear -- I had already removed the grip and was trying to remove the safety. Bagdrag, thanks! That did the trick. I had actually tried pushing down on the hammer before, but in my late night haze I forgot that I had removed all the pins already, so I was just pushing the whole thing down. I reinstalled the trigger pin, pushed down on the hammer, and the safety came right out. Thanks again!
  5. Does anyone have tips on removing an AR Gold trigger? Installing it involved jiggling the trigger while inserting the safety in order to clear the trigger tail. Removing it seems an exercise in frustration... Trying to jiggle the trigger assembly while getting the safety turned to just the right magical position to pull it out...? Is there a specific position to turn the safety where it's easier to get out? Tips on how best to jiggle the trigger to get it to clear? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Yeah, Facebook seems a good way, they're active on there: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mid-South-Tactical-Network-MSTN/165188826838328
  7. Fantastic video review! Don't own this scope but spent a little time behind it, a couple of my thoughts: 1) I would characterize the illumination as if you had a TAC-30 that goes one click higher. It does not compare to the Meopta's illumination. At high noon, it was reddish but not bright. In the same conditions, my TAC-30 would look blackish with a red tint to it. 2) Glass was definitely nice. 3) As mentioned in the review, the eye box was super sensitive to eye placement.
  8. Do I see a BAD lever on your rifles? And is the top one a Noveske lower? Try removing the BAD lever, it seems sometimes they can cause some issues, such as the bolt catch binding against the bottom of the BCG - thus causing FTFs. In particular, I've heard of two instances of Noveske lowers that didn't like BAD levers.
  9. thanks for the report. How did the brightness of the Vortex's center dot compare to your Meopta?
  10. How bright was the Bushnell illumination? They mention FFP and RFP versions, were you able to look at both? I'm wondering if there is a difference in brightness between the two. Also, how did the reticle look? thanks
  11. Which reticle did you guys see in the Leupold VX-6 model? At SHOT, I only saw plain cross hair type reticles in the VX-6 and nothing with hold over references. Did I miss something? This video has the Leupold product manager describing the reticles available in the new 1-6x VX-6 and he only mentions duplex and circle dot reticles: thanks! The Leupold Mk 6 model on the other hand has the two CMR reticles to choose from.
  12. Hey bro, I have a 16" JP. It has a mid-length gas system, I don't think JP will do a rifle-length gas system on a 16" bbl. You can check it out if you like before you order. I do notice the difference between it and their 18" rifle gas. If I were ordering one today, I'd get the 18" lightweight with rifle-length gas instead.
  13. If you get a 16" mid gas: Mid tube will expose the gas block (9") Rifle tube will cover the gas block and some more (12") Extra long will extend basically just about to where the muzzle brake starts (15") I run a JP 16" mid with light BCG and buffer. It shoots pretty flat and soft, but an 18" rifle gas is noticeably flatter and softer.
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