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Browning Hi Power Holster?


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I use my 1911 holster, happens to be a Blackhawk, but I think just about any kydex 1911 holster will work just fine with a little adjusting of the tension screws. A leather holster I don't know if it would work though. I definitely have to tighten up the screws just a bit to use my HP. That's been my experience.


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For those that are using the BHP, what holster/s are you using?

I used to use my .45 holster (1911) but finally realized that

you can't secure a full grip on the gun while the gun is

holstered, right before the draw.

I just got a BladeTech and it fits perfectly.

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I started shooting USPSA with a 9mm BHP in Limited 10. I used the forerunner to the Safariland Model 568 Holster for my first holster. The Model 568 can be adjusted to fit a BHP or a 1911 among other pistols. It's a very nice holster.

Later I switched to a CR Speed WSM II holster. The WSM II can be adjusted to fit the BHP just fine. I've long since retired the BHP for competition use but I'm still using the CR Speed holster.

Hope this helps.


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