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  1. My notifications appear to be working too. Thanks Brian. Rick
  2. What the.......? I just received notification of your reply to this thread. Rick
  3. I'm having the same problem. Notifications for posts and PMs stopped last Friday. Tried that too, no go. Rick
  4. I started shooting USPSA with a 9mm BHP in Limited 10. I used the forerunner to the Safariland Model 568 Holster for my first holster. The Model 568 can be adjusted to fit a BHP or a 1911 among other pistols. It's a very nice holster. Later I switched to a CR Speed WSM II holster. The WSM II can be adjusted to fit the BHP just fine. I've long since retired the BHP for competition use but I'm still using the CR Speed holster. Hope this helps. Rick
  5. I have a CED Professional range bag. It's very well made but I needed a bit more room. I'm currently using a Shooters Connection Tournament Series Ultra range bag. With the additional space the SC Ultra works better for me than the CED. BTW the gun rug that comes with the CED Professional will hold a full size open gun with slide racker. And I'm with you on coordinating colors. I get tired of black being the only choice available for a lot of our gear. Rick
  6. Excellent choice, get both! Please keep us apprised of your progress. Rick
  7. I believe the OP is looking to build a 1911. The STI Short Block Kit is a 2011. STI offers a 1911 frame with pre-fit slide and frame. According to the description it's for a .45 ACP non-ramped barrel. I may be wrong but I don't think STI offers a 1911 frame with pre-fit slide and frame for a ramped barrel. I'm a big fan of STI and own several, but those Fusion kits look like a hell of a deal. Marv Z: If you're looking at the Fusion Scout Kit with the barrel already fit and the plunger tube installed I agree with raz-0, you're looking at fitting the parts he listed. If you feel comfortable doing that level of work you should have no problem with the Fusion Scout Kit. Beyond that you need to decide what level of cosmetic work you want to do. I like to blend the grip safety to the back of the frame and blend the MSH to the frame. I'm not familiar with the bare STI/Fusion frame but a Caspian frame benefits from some smoothing and blending in the trigger guard area. I also like to break all of the sharp edges and smooth them out. Kind of like a carry bevel but almost imperceptible where you really have to look to see that it's been done. Good luck! Rick Back of slide and frame blended after barrel was fit. Grip safety blended to frame. Funky lighting, the colors of the various parts do match. Trigger guard on Caspian frame.
  8. Thanks Eric. I have some SVI tubes so I'll give it a try. Rick
  9. Since Dawson no longer makes the +2 base pad, which base pad would be an appropriate substitute for this configuration? Thanks, Rick
  10. coldchar, Was the RO assisting the shooter with trying to clear the malfunction? Rick
  11. Julie, Here are some threads that may help you with your decision. How much advantage is there in a red dot? Best Open Red Dot Sight Red Dot for IPSC non Aimpoint/CMore Rick
  12. I've owned a 9mm 5-inch Trojan for several years and I've been very pleased with it. Nice looking and pleasant to shoot. But the Spartan looks like a great pistol. Is there any advantage to the ramped barrel in the Trojan vs the non-ramped barrel in the Spartan? I thought the conventional wisdom was that a ramped barrel was preferred in a 9mm 1911. With the Trojan you're also paying for the STIppled front strap. This is like having no texture on the front strap IMO and I've covered mine with skateboard tape. The Trojan is available with slim grips but it is built on a government model sized frame. It does have an undercut trigger guard. Rick edit: spelling
  13. Yeah, I'm not buying any, still hurting from the last 5K I bought from them. But if you need some....... Rick
  14. Natchez has Winchester LP, SP, SPMag and SR in stock. Rick
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