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Revolver Wieght reduction

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Hi all,

Just a little overview. Basically were I live England in the UK we cant own short barreld guns. So All our revolvers have a 12" barrel and a wrist brace or rod to make the gun 24" overall. Unfortunalty this make them weigh a lot and tend to be front heavy. So far I have had the wrist brace on my Taurus Model 456 swapped out for a rod with an interchangable weight system. Trying to counterbalance the heavy front end.

Recently i have been looking into the idea of getting the barrel replaced with a custom light weight sleeved barrel. However someone suggested having the cylinder sorternd at the same time. I was wondering if any of you guys knew how it effects the balance of a gun altering the cylinder legnth. I was sent a couple pictures for Ideas.




I cant decide if this kind of midification would shift the weight forward or back. This is the .45acp that Im going to get worked on


Any info or Ideas welcome



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Shorting the cylinder is ok but you will have to run hotter loads

In all my testing (I own a performance center 625 with short cyl.)

you have to increase the powder charge to run the same power factor as the production cyl.

seems that all the presure is created before the bullet hits the cyl. gap.

hope this helps


you won't notice much in the total gun weight

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Is it legal to have the barrel cut back to say 4-6 inchs and thread the end and add say an aluminum sleeve to the barrel to make it the proper length. Sort of like a flash hidder on a rifle. Just a thought. Good luck.

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Offhand match rifles have been "bored back" for years to lighten the muzzle while mainting OAL competiton rules. Mostly in 32 caliber lead bullet cartridges like the 32/40. Some with effective barrels as short as 12 inches and barrel leingths as long as 24 inches.They work fine and some think the shorter barrel time is an advantage offhand. Cleaning is an issue.


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10mmdave has also done some weight reduction on 610s Send him a PM also. He is a pretty helpful guy.

Naw....I'm a cranky old coot these days :angry:

Gary's the King of helpful :cheers:

But, back to topic...I've seen pic's in the past of what you folks have to deal with for

revo's over there, nasty.

Sleeving is possible but at what cost ?

You could do like the old Nowlin conversion and maybe even think about a 2 pc "shell" type

shroud but the machining cost would be considerable. Making the 2pc shell type could remove

more metal from the inside but again, the cost.

What about a new barrel in a taper contour with a front sight rib ??

Strange looking tall-ish front sight but would loose a lot of weight.

Search "pencil" barrels here on BE....The late, Great Bud Bond used those a few years ago.

If your using a dot and don't need a front sight it should be a lot easier. (but it's never that easy)

I attached a pdf of what I did to a std 610 barrel, all milling machine cuts.

But looking again at your revo you might be at the minimum wall thickness out at the front.

Dang this looks tricky !!

What brand of revo is this ??

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Its a Taurus. I spoke to a gunsmith today who is working out a price for me for a light weight barrel. To remain UK legal the barrel must be 12". His suggestion was to make a new barrel from a section of .45 Walther loather match barrel. Then sleeve it in carbon fiber. He's working out some Ideas for me

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I'm sorry, no offence but seeing that revolver really pisses me off!

We'd better never let it come down to that here in the USA.

Yup it pisses me off too. Up untill 1997 we could have any Revolver or pistol. There were loads on the market Smith and Wesson, Colt, Dan Wesson, Ruger ect..

Then the ban came in. For a few years Ruger imported long barrel Redhawks. Then they stopped :( . All we got now is Taurus at £700, Alfa Bruno at £650 and JTL at £4000 :surprise:.

I would much rather go back to the good old days but its never going to happen :(

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