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  1. I was wondering about the new rifling. Is it traditional rifling? I wonder how it will handle cast bullet reloads.
  2. I loaded up some .356" Xtreme plated 147's with 3.1 gr Titegroup for starting load, couldnt produce a group at 15 yards, some of the bullets were tumbling. I am going to bump it up, hopefully that will work with these bullets.
  3. What is the overall length on this belt please.

    1. dhollis51


      I will let you know when I get home and measure it.



    2. dhollis51


      wife was home.  it is 52.5" from end to end.


      Hope this helps.



  4. What does the holster fit? 

    1. MQW


      2011 full dust cover guns

  5. Nope.This classifier, and a couple other 13 series have already been adjusted (at least for limited). See my post above. When I shot it a couple months ago, my math from nats HHF, put me in the lower 90-93%ish range .... when it posted, It was in the low 80s. Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever know why, how, or when the new HHFs were established. cool huh? Well when I shot the classifer Roscoe Rattle in November, Open division my classification percentage came back exactly what it was compared to the HHF from the 2012 Open nats results. I believe this is where they start, but as they get shot obviously the HHF will change, and everybody is shooting the hell out of the new 13 series, so look for constant adjustments on these.
  6. These classifers come from the nationals, some of the 13 series were shot in 2012 and some in 2013. If you find the stage in the nationals results you can see what the high hit factor was right there. The stage winner is the 100% score, at least until enough people better it. It seems to me like the HHF is lower on the 13 series for some reason, maybe the guys were shooting it more carefully because it was at the nats and they didnt want to go all out and risk crashing? I am almost to M in Single stack, I just shot this stage yesterday, 72 points in 8.47 seconds, should be about 93% and change. High hit factor for the Limited nats was about 9.1, usually the lim 10 and single stack HHF is about the same.
  7. Thanks, ill try to get ahold of Jim at Sailors, I like the sound of that. I have some old style mags I can send him to work with.
  8. I have the mag bodies. I was hoping someone here could steer me in the right direction for getting a big stick done up for my caspian. Who does a good job and how do I get in touch with them? Thanks
  9. I always did the same thing gunracer described. I used to shoot Bianchi cup minor loads with cast bullets for practice and then I would just run a mag full of major PF jacketed bullets out and it would blast the lead out of the comp.
  10. If you all went to the revolver nats with your six shooters and one master class shooter showed up with an eight shooter and they said, we are going to allow him to use this. Tell me how many of you guys would be crying foul play? If you say you wouldnt then you are full of crap!
  11. Its not a matter of the sky falling. Because it will not. The game will change and it will go on. Maybe participation will increase, to what degree is yet to be seen. Hopefully alot. It just seems rediculous to me that some of you maintain that the eight shot revolver will not be an advantage. If it changes to eight shot legal, tell me what gun is used by the top shooters at the nationals. I understand there are many guys enthusiastic about using their 8 shooters in USPSA revovler division, thats great, maybe its the birth of a new revolver craze. But for you to say there is not going to be any equipment advantage does not pas the straight face test to me.
  12. That is exactly what makes this sport great. God bless you Bob.
  13. Why dont you just say if it has a cylinder anything goes? It seems like you want a place to be able to play with your open class revolvers. So since there arent enough current revolver division shooters in the USPSA, just throw out that divsion and start a new one, Open revolver. Maybe you will have better participation, maybe there are more ICORE guys out there than there are USPSA revolver shooters. I think many of your USPSA revolver shooters play in both sports and perhaps many would rather use their ICORE guns for USPSA, that is what it sounds like to me. Maybe the gain in new ICORE guys coming over to play will offset the number of die hard USPSA 6 shot guys you will lose. I think it is transforming revolver division from a fairly stock gun division like production to a more specialized equipment divison like open. But if the current revolver division is DOA, then I guess something needs to be done. RIP revolver division, it was fun. I am going to have to keep my eyes out for a good deal on an 8 shooter now, I'm glad I didnt just buy another 625.
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