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  1. The reason for shooting a 725. Is that the new 725 is that they are back bored to .742 and the forcing cone is done already. Just to see how it feels. if me memory is correct the k32 does not have any of this done? Please correct me if I am wrong jb
  2. Here is how I would suggest you know if you want to do this. find some one with a new Winchester or a browning 725. That you can shoot These Guns already have alll the stuff you want done But from the factory. If you notice a big enough difference to your liking get it done. If not welll your dilemma is over jb FYI imho spending money on getting a gun to fit properly. Is better spent, For sporting clays
  3. I agree, fit is best choice. If you buy browning or benelli auto they come with shims to change fit. These shims help dial it in,to you. Left or right handed.
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