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  1. West Texas Granny

    Weak hand shooting

    Warmers work. Our Janurary match was 29 degrees with a 20mph wind. The gun felt like it had been left overnight in the freezer. Next year there will be electric blankets for the gun,mags and my back.
  2. West Texas Granny

    What is everyone doing about ammo ?

    We have a gun show this weekend. The cost for 9mm once fired brass was $8.00 per hundred. The 40 s&w was selling for $10 per hundred and 45ACP was selling for $11.00 per hundred. The brass was unprimed and in need of cleaning.
  3. West Texas Granny

    How much time do you spend doing this ....

    Before ammo shortage Matches Pistol matches: 3 per month Rifle matches: 1 per month Trap matches: 1 per month Practice Sessions Pistol: twice a week. No limit on ammo consumed Rifle: once in a blue moon Shotgun: Skeet: twice a week ( 2 rounds) 5stand: once a month (1 round) Trap: 4 times a week. ( 2 rounds of doubles. 2 rounds of wobble Trap, 4 rounds of Trap from the 27 yard line and 8 rounds of Trap from the 16 yard line each week.) With the ammo shortage Pistol match : once a month. Practice is limited to 100 rounds a month. Rifle: none 5 stand: none Trap: one match per month. Practice is once a week. 3 rounds of Trap from the 16 yard line and 1 from the 27 yard line Skeet: no matches. Practice is one round of skeet once a week.
  4. West Texas Granny

    Do I Need a Big Butt?

    I replaced my Pau Ferro grips on my 610 with a big butt from Dillion. I like it so much I'll be getting some all wood big butts for the 610 and my N frame revolvers. My 25-2 and model 58 would really look good with those grips on them. Heck my Anaconda would look presentable with these grips.
  5. West Texas Granny

    What is everyone doing about ammo ?

    Keep in mind that this shortage may continue and possibly accelerate due to the 2014 elections. I expect that shortages will continue through 2014 and possibly beyond depending on the outcome of that election.
  6. West Texas Granny

    Whats up with MG Bullets?

    Don't feel bad I've been waiting on a reply for weeks.
  7. West Texas Granny

    Which CZ to get

    What, no one likes the TS.
  8. West Texas Granny

    Club Match Shooters - Consumers vs Helpers

    What rule in the rule book allows the non reporting of scores because someone didn't help out setting up. It's human nature with groups that a small percentage does the majority of work. Not ever going to change. While it would be nice if 100% of the group pitched in its simply not going to happen. One also has to ask if you have 50 shooters show up do you really want all 50 running around throwing up stages without supervision.
  9. West Texas Granny

    How many club matches do you attend each year?

    USPSA- 12-15 iPSC-12 Trap 12-20 Conceal Carry 6-12 Military Bolt action 3-5 Long Range rifle 2-3
  10. West Texas Granny

    Wondering something about you guys

    Yeah... But have you seen the amount of marketing plastered on the side of dragster and its trailer? Even the army has its own drag racing team: And shooting team... 4 sec may be a nice run but it won't win you anything. 4 seconds is slow these days
  11. West Texas Granny

    Wondering something about you guys

    1. Any day at the range beats any other day. 2. I don't have to cook. 3. I don't have to clean the house. 4. No laundry. 5. No work. 6. No intrusions So the more range time I get the better my disposition.
  12. West Texas Granny

    Female GM"s

    We are the ones at home holding things together so our husbands can go play. We seldom have the time to put in due to taking care of the home. By the time the husbands and children are gone we are just no longer young enough to play the game.
  13. West Texas Granny

    Eliminate divisions from classification system?

    Yeah - I guess. We often have women around for roadtrips. In either case, if your match staff would permit it - and I don't see why they wouldn't, run your guns through the classifier. It might cost an extra 9 or so dollars a match, but you'll get each one a score. Typically they just require you shoot your match gun first, then time permitting your others. Not going to happen as on Sunday I was confronted at a non USPSA match while setting up for said match about my posts here. A match I didnt get to shoot. Seems someone managed to match my online ID to my real name and passed that info along with posts from here to the very people I shoot with. This is what they call cyber harassment. It's a class A misdemeanor here in the State of Texas. The name calling can be overlooked but not this. Someone crossed over the line here and in doing so put my personal safety at risk.
  14. West Texas Granny

    Eliminate divisions from classification system?

    You guys are running around 20 shooters a month. Bring all your gear and shoot the classifier and record it, send the extra classifier money in and you'll be done in 4 months - or better yet, make the trip to the other range for two months (hint - ride with someone, split the gas costs, we do it all the time). You're golden in 2! The 4 is there to get an average. It works... I'm a 60 year old grandmother so jumping in a car or truck with a bunch of guys is to say the least improper. Then drive out past nowhere is asking a bit much. So no ride sharing.
  15. West Texas Granny

    Eliminate divisions from classification system?

    I couldn't agree more..... Using your own words in quotes if you place first then you have "beat all the other guys that aren't very good" There is only room for one winner in the system you support. That system will cause the our sport to wither and die. At the least the major matches will become GM only affairs and matches will be few and far between each other.No advertising, No USPSA. That's what you will get if the classification goes away. Anyway hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday. Now off to the range.