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  1. Recently sticked to those artists: Chvrn, The Classic Crime, Emancipator, God is an Astronaut
  2. if you can, pick up some range brass in the same calibre that you want to reload and practice on that first. Clean it and experiment with your full length resizing die so you get to understand how to measure and bump back the shoulder, this might take some time before you get it right. Goes without saying - do this without inserting live primers, leave that for later when you can resize your brass properly. You will need a caliper (I suggest digital) and comparators that screw on to the caliper blade eg Hornady, Sinclair with inserts to measure shoulder bump and later, bullet seating depth. Search this site using key words, you will find all the info here eg "seating depth"
  3. Blake drill is more better. Train them transitions > split them triggers I agree with what DKnoch recommended . Besides being a a much better drill and charger it also has the newest XR brushless DCF887 3 speed impact vs the DCF885 basic model in the 9 tool kit. This would be a great starter kit and you could add the wanted bare tools as needed probably for around the same price.
  4. LaraBully

    Shooting with music.

    Backwoods Boy by Josh Turner is a good one. "Pass it on" aka "The Mossy Oak Song" by Tracy Byrd is another. Especially for a father/son type deal.
  5. Hi. I will share my experience with you. I purchased a Keller dovetail jig. It was a nightmare that no person should experience. From the start it was a horror show. I could not make the thing work. I have a friend that is realy good with jigs (making and using them) who came over to "show me" how to use it. He is a very religious guy. He swore, swore some more and then took the wood out and fired it into the wall of my workshop. I paid a lot of money for the thing. Although I didn't buy it from him, my local tool store gave me the full amount I paid for it against another purchase. The porter cable units are very good. That will be my next purchase.. Good luck.
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