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  1. MGM targets is who our club has been using for at least the last 10 years. They will last a club a very long time. We shoot 4 stages twice a week for 30 weeks a year and they have been great. The hanger is really the only wear item and the new design they have makes it user serviceable without having to send the cap back in for warranty replacement. The stands also stack really well for storage. These targets also ring pretty well and we haven't had any injuries from splatter. I use the Shooting Targets 7 set for my personal use and they seem to be a pretty decent value as well. I have only had them for a year and a half so they don't have near the rounds our club steel has but I don't think I would purchase them for club use as they don't seem as durable. I use the MGM stands instead of the ST7 stands though. These also ring pretty well and I haven't noticed issues with splatter either. Pretty big difference in overall price but I believe MGM will have a discount for clubs getting new supplies.
  2. Not sure how long the mbx stock is not there is not as length restriction
  3. Sometimes my +10/20 will do that, like you I will compress my lula and smack the mag base on the bottom of a table and that seems to fix the issue. I also have shot it both ways without issue.
  4. Kind of like everyone else I have used them just fine. I buy whatever small primer variety I can that is the cheapest at the time usually.
  5. Good to hear I've been looking at getting some of these also
  6. I use the new safari land back pack and I really enjoy it now. I had previously been using the ced deluxe for 4 yrs and it was great also. I really prefer the backpack now though.
  7. What are the malfunctions that she has? Changing bolts out on my wife's has made it basically 100% reliable. My factory bolt was sent off years ago to que for his bolt work and that rifle has been 100% for a long time but there are alot of good aftermarket bolts out there now. Would be easier to change that out then get a new rifle.
  8. I haven't had feeding issues with it, I shoot CCI Blazer and Standard Velocity out of it. Only issues I had were a few of the older bdm mags needed some of the casting marks knocked down with sand paper. It will need cleaned more often than the 10/22 though so expect that but the bolt pops right out like all ar platform bolts which makes it a breeze.
  9. I use the complete rifle from these guys but you can also build around your own parts with their barrel and bolt. https://www.2a-arms.com/category-s/197.htm
  10. It's definitely nice to see the times get lower, for some reason there seems to be a lot of people bent out of shape about it. Scsa classifications are relatively new still so it only makes sense for the classifications to progress as we get larger sample sizes.
  11. For me Jp gmr 13 Roughly 7 firing pins 1 bcm charging handle, the latch pin sheared 2 hammer springs in the 24c 1 non cotter pin style fp retaining pin (won't ever use this style again) General maintenance I changed the extractor, ejector and scs o rings. This is all through 3 seasons and a lot of rounds down range. So I would say i have had really good luck with mine. Haven't trashed any mags or optics either.
  12. That is a nice feature I always do everything on my phone and didn't notice that. It works on phone also thanks.
  13. Overall it's pretty nice but uploading and paying for results isn't an improvement and they took away the stage name guide that corresponds with the number.
  14. I'm at 9.3 gr aa7 with. 356 125 coated rn and at 9.6 gr as7 with .356 plated rn. Both are right at 171 pf and oal is at 1.170 for both.
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