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  1. For me Jp gmr 13 Roughly 7 firing pins 1 bcm charging handle, the latch pin sheared 2 hammer springs in the 24c 1 non cotter pin style fp retaining pin (won't ever use this style again) General maintenance I changed the extractor, ejector and scs o rings. This is all through 3 seasons and a lot of rounds down range. So I would say i have had really good luck with mine. Haven't trashed any mags or optics either.
  2. That is a nice feature I always do everything on my phone and didn't notice that. It works on phone also thanks.
  3. Overall it's pretty nice but uploading and paying for results isn't an improvement and they took away the stage name guide that corresponds with the number.
  4. I'm at 9.3 gr aa7 with. 356 125 coated rn and at 9.6 gr as7 with .356 plated rn. Both are right at 171 pf and oal is at 1.170 for both.
  5. I’m in the rf 100 boat as well, you really can’t beat it. Really does save a lot of time. At ten minutes per 1000 every 5k costs you 50 minutes that you could be doing something else.
  6. I currently run with an offset, I keep it with the same zero as my primary. I wouldn't run a match with out it, if there are more than 2 targets that you are hard leaning for there is a good chance that being in the gun will be faster with transitions and better hits then counting on a laser, especially if the targets are at any distance. I don't see how a larger window would assist in hard lean situations. Also there will be a time that a laser and an offset won't help and you will need to be able to transfer to the week side so I would recommend being proficient in that as well. Like said above though every shooter and stages are different so try it all out if you can and see what works for you.
  7. Anymore I just take the trigger parts out and clean, it's super quick. Also gives you a chance to inspect the springs, I found a broken one that hadn't caused a malfunction yet right before area 1 last year doing this and now make it a routine.
  8. Ah I get it now, well good luck on your pursuit. At least you are going the extra mile to get it right so good on you.
  9. Just curious but what is the need for a sensor on the stop plate? Are sound actuated timers not reliable or accurate enough?
  10. I've had good luck with the vortex razors, not a real popular choice due to window size and price but I've been really happy with mine. Use them on my co, open, ar offset and pcc's.
  11. IF you are looking for a good light the Streamlight hlX protac rail mount is really good and at about $110 it doesn't kill the bank either. It also comes with a pressure swith that has a standard on/off button as well as the momentary switch. I haven't shot that particular night match but the ones I have shot with a PCC a good light like that was plenty. I did run into issues when using a head lamp and red dot, the dot was washing out from behind as well as a reflection on the lens.
  12. I regularly shoot Open, CO, PCC, RFRO. and RFPO. Will sometimes throw in the iron sight divisions. I rotate each through out the year because we shoot a 4 stage match twice a week for 26 weeks straight every year. I do buckle down for a few weeks on my more important divisions when WSSC and larger matches come about. Changing it up helps keep it interesting for me. I only really setup and practice RFRO, PCC, and OPEN outside of the weekly matches. I don't believe it helps or hinders me to shoot this many different guns throughout the year.
  13. I don't ever run the big sticks but sometimes ifI'm shooting co and pcc back to back I'll take my limited mags and load them to 22 then I only need to take 5 mags instead of 11 which is nice. Otherwise I usually load prod mags to 10. If you are in the moment and doing a simple in between string mag change screws you up, you definitely have bigger problems then a mag change. But at the end of the day everyone has their own routine and does what works for them, so who am I to say they are wrong.
  14. I run once on both my co and open 9 major gun without any problems yet. Have 5k+ on co gun and less than 3.5k on the open so only a small sample size but no issues yet.
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