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  1. My 682 has more than 100,000 through it, without a hiccup. I have a lot of shotguns, but I shoot it the very best.
  2. Slightly off-topic, but I shoot a lot of clays (with dedicated guns) and was pleasantly surprised at how well I did with my 18" 1100 3-gun rig. Its kind of cool to see how well muscle memory translated to such a non-ideal weapon.
  3. nontactical

    best semi

    Over the time that I have been shooting sporting clays seriously (15 years or so), I have seen a migration away from "B" gun o/u's and toward Beretta 391s (and now to some extent A400s). Now what I see is most of (but not all of) the pros shooting Kriegoffs and Perazzis (as they always have) and more and more other hotshots shooting Berettas. There are some pretty good reasons for this, with recoil mitigation and the longer sighting plane topping the list.
  4. +1 He covered all the proven competition shotguns for that price range. Excellent post. Couldn't agree more. Actually, in general the sporting shotgun market is in the gutter, and as a result, you can get a lot of gun for $1500 right now. Search the web and avoid the retailers, as they don't seem to have figured this out just yet.
  5. Even though I don't believe that they offer any real advantage, they work like a magic feather for me; I simply shoot better with a shiny silver thing sticking out the barrel of the gun.
  6. Out of curiosity, is anyone else aware of competitors dry firing a shotgun repeatedly in practice, or is the instructor that I mentioned crazy?
  7. Yeah... It would be so much easier if the gun wasn't so darn pretty. I got kinda depressed today when I was taking the pics to post it online for sale.
  8. I'd buy a 682 in a heartbeat. If you can't afford a krieghoff or a perazzi, browning and beretta are the way to go if you're going to shoot a lot of rounds. The fit and finish on a 682 is amazing.
  9. The only thing that stinks is 22cal flat based bullets are kind of annoying to reload since they arent as easy to stick in the case mouth.... It only matters if you are doing a whole bunch at once.
  10. Yeah, I did check the poi, and I was bummed when that wasn't it. It's not the light gun issue, cuz I shoot my little 28ga as well as I do a heavy 12 within about 30 yards. Oh well, s several have said, it will soon be on my guns I once owned list.
  11. I traded for this beautiful 20ga Rizzini sporting clays gun. When I shoulder it, the beads are lined up perfectly. It feels great in my hands, has a great trigger, etc. Yet somehow I can't hit anything with it. I have now shot three games of clays with it on different days, and I'm shooting a good 10-15 birds below my average with it! It's going to be a shame to get rid of the thing because it's so pretty, but I'm at a loss. Anyone else ever experienced this?
  12. Having bought and sold way too many guns across state lines, I find it fascinating that a good 10 percent of ffls believe that it is illegal to receive a gun from a non ffl holder. I didn't understand how such a large percentage of the population could be wrong about the same thing, and then I thought about our elected officials. Now I'm amazed that 90 percent of ffls have it right.
  13. My only problem with the arrangement is that you can't track the package all the way to the door, since USPS doesn't give you a number for it. Grrr.
  14. Hope you don't think this is a thread hijack, but have you thought about 9mm instead? I know 9mm is pricier than 22lr, but it's still cheaper than 223, and 9mm ARs are a absolute blast. One of the local matches I shoot has a pistol caliber carbine side match a couple times a year, and thats why I bought the thing, but now I take it out almost every time I'm at the range.
  15. I completely agree. I am usually an over under guy, and I have a citori special sporting that was my go-to clays gun... Until the first time I tried a 391 sporting. It's like pointing a magic wand. The only way I can describe the way they shoot is "forgiving". Sometimes I would swear that I flubbed a shot, but the clay still breaks.
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