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  1. nontactical

    best semi

    Over the time that I have been shooting sporting clays seriously (15 years or so), I have seen a migration away from "B" gun o/u's and toward Beretta 391s (and now to some extent A400s). Now what I see is most of (but not all of) the pros shooting Kriegoffs and Perazzis (as they always have) and more and more other hotshots shooting Berettas. There are some pretty good reasons for this, with recoil mitigation and the longer sighting plane topping the list.
  2. Yeah... It would be so much easier if the gun wasn't so darn pretty. I got kinda depressed today when I was taking the pics to post it online for sale.
  3. Yeah, I did check the poi, and I was bummed when that wasn't it. It's not the light gun issue, cuz I shoot my little 28ga as well as I do a heavy 12 within about 30 yards. Oh well, s several have said, it will soon be on my guns I once owned list.
  4. I traded for this beautiful 20ga Rizzini sporting clays gun. When I shoulder it, the beads are lined up perfectly. It feels great in my hands, has a great trigger, etc. Yet somehow I can't hit anything with it. I have now shot three games of clays with it on different days, and I'm shooting a good 10-15 birds below my average with it! It's going to be a shame to get rid of the thing because it's so pretty, but I'm at a loss. Anyone else ever experienced this?
  5. nontactical

    Trap Gun

    At $275k, I can't believe you didn't get two!
  6. I'm beginning to think we should all start out with a double-action .22 revolver with a dot... It is amazing how much half an hour on a DA revolver points out to the shooter.
  7. nontactical

    Trap Gun

    You will be a lot happier with something that has an adjustable comb. You'll be amazed how much it helps at the longer ranges to be able to adjust your POI a little bit. My first choice (in your position) would be an 1100 TRAP or a BT99, and you should be able to find either one with a moveable comb for under 1k.
  8. nontactical

    best semi

    If you go to a league shoot or sanctioned tournament nowadays, you see the field fairly evenly divided between o/u "b" guns and Beretta 391 variants. Of course, there are Remingtons, Benellis, and exotic O/Us all the way up to Krieghoffs, but the vast majority of shooters are shooting either a Beretta or Browning O/U or a Beretta auto loader. There is a reason for this.
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