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  1. TTI (4.5?) and lightened striker has had absolute reliability with everything except for an occasional light strike on very old Tula.
  2. MRF

    Best Connector??

    Another fan of the TTI.
  3. I can’t remove the bolt. I’ve tried both a 13MM and 15MM deep well socket and they were too large. Every thread here going back several years says it’s either 13 or 15MM. Did the size change in the past year? I don’t want to buy an entire set of sockets if I can get away with buying a single one off eBay. TIA.
  4. Only can speak anecdotally, but lapping the receiver and bedding the extension appeared to tighten my groups by a modest amount when using a rainier super match bbl and an SSA-E.
  5. I saw past threads, but with the market changing so quickly, I felt a new thread would be appropriate. Aside from MOA’s adapter for the Magpul SGA, are there any other compatible stocks? The palm swell isn’t ideal for me and I’d rather buy a different one than break out the dremel. TIA.
  6. I have two +8 kits on the way from Optics Planet. They were backordered for a few months. If they’re out again, I can hook you up with the second one because it was added by accident.
  7. Sadly, I can only make it to the range a few times each month.
  8. After reading your reply I think I’ll just buy better ammo rather than trying to chase reliability with junk rounds. Would be a poor ROI. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, read all of this thread and just bought an M3000. Thank you all for the incredible wealth of info. Regarding mods, is the MOA heavybolt a good investment or is it just a nice to have?
  10. Not new to informal shooting competition, but have never done any organized shooting; trying to get into 3G with a few coworkers.
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