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  1. I’m running this exact same setup. Mixed cases, RMR 124g FMJ RN bullets, CCI 500 primers, titegroup powder. I’m shooting these out of my Glock 19, 17 and shield. I started at 3.6gr and moved up from there. They all cycled fine but felt like powder puffs. Knowing I was at the low end I moved up gradually and now I’m at 3.9 gr and am happy with the results. My C.O.A.L. Is at 1.14”. I have not put these over a chrono yet but I do have one on order and will hopefully test these next week. Depending on the results I’ll make some adjustments and probably seat the bullet deeper.
  2. This is from the IDPA instructor course with the latest updates and instructions of the box. Carry optics provisional rules
  3. We reviewed this question yesterday in a SO class. You must start in DA condition but once the buzzer goes if you can shoot as is in DA or cock the hammer to SA. I can’t imagine anyone actually spending time cocking the hammer unless the first shot is a very long shot on a small target. closer targets are more forgiving and you could still make a good shot with a long and heavy trigger pull.
  4. I got a baby stroller from Facebook yard sale and set it up with Rhino clamps. I still need to put a new platform on it. one of the biggest recommendations I was told is get one with large wheels for going through sand.
  5. Your screen name is George but the cooler says Lucas, are you secretly training for a new Star Wars film?
  6. I had a similar situation yesterday as the OP. I just built a 16” upper to change out with my 5.5” upper. Tested and ran fine with factory Fiocci 115 grain and 124 grain. With my reloads I had some that ran ok and had a normal ejection while others sounded very slow and almost squibish. Ejection was only about 1-2 feet on those. My components are... 124 gr FMJ RN from RMR, 3.9 grains of Titegroup COAL is 1.145 CCI 500 primer, mixed cases. unknown velocity as I don’t own a chrono yet. These Reloads worked fine in my G17/19 and my 5.5” SBR with no noticeable felt recoil or sound. I’m on reloading on a Dillon XL650 and measure the powder every 50 rounds or so.
  7. I’m picking up a M3K and want to outfit it with an extension. Anyone know what’s going on with Nordic Components? All distributors are out of stock on most tubes and components with no timeframe of availability. This seems to be going on for the past year or more according to their Facebook and forum reviews. MOA precision has some parts but their +6 tube is also out of stock. I havnt contacted them yet to see Whalen they will be available. Do you guys have any other sources or recommendations?
  8. I bought a XL650 for a few reasons. 1. I value my time and I am young, recently married and soon to start a family. I want to be able to load a lot in less time so I can be with family. 2. My wife and I both shoot regularly and while factory ammo is cheap right now, it won’t be when the next election comes around. 3. I went with the 650 so I can change out parts to virtually any caliber I want, pistolor rifle.
  9. Facebook. 1)dillon reloaders - the blue group and 2)dillon reloaders - the exchange. The first group is everything about Dillon presses, parts and accessories. Good place to read and learn. The second group is for buying and selling parts and equipment. Presses come up all the time and several reputable dealers chime in as well.
  10. Any chance the buffer spring is too stiff for the low mass BCG? Maybe not allowing it to travel far enough back.
  11. 3-4 per month. Those are mostly Idpa, some USPSA and 3 gun is only one match every 2-3 months.
  12. If you get to know people in a free state, have them buy mags for you. A lot of people will get mags for you to use and keep for you when you go home. (That is if you wanted to stay completely legal). Or next time you visit a free state just buy whatever you want.
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