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  1. Safariland.com with the code safsale2020 that's on the home page.
  2. I don't have a 17 to compare but I do have a Gen 5 19, 45 and 34. The 34 is noticeably softer and flatter with the same ammo and I find the size difference to be insignificant in transitions and drawing. I'm considering trying a threaded barrel to see if I can eek out a little more PF with the extra length.
  3. I love you. I had one on order somewhere else for about $175 shipped but got that canceled and got it from Safariland direct for about $112 shipped. Do you know how long the promo is good for. Thinking about getting some other stuff I don't need.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. How does the size compare between the two and how are the included accessories?
  5. Does anyone miss having a backlit display with the AMG timer? I'm currently using the CE Pocket Pro 2 and the backlight is nice when I'm at an indoor range and the lighting is less than desirable.
  6. I'm looking for a range backpack and the DAA medium backpack and newish Safariland backpack are at the top of the list at this point. The DAA is about $170 shipped at the moment and it seems to have decent feedback. The Safariland is almost $200 and what little feedback I can find seems to be good but I'm not sure if it brings much to the table that makes it worth $30 more than the DAA. Any feedback would be appreciated, especially if you've seen both in person. I searched the boards for info on the Safariland but not a lot came up. Thanks.
  7. Good luck. Mine took 3 months.
  8. I just got a tracking number today for an order I put in 12 weeks ago so best of luck to you all.
  9. Has anyone received anything (or heard from) Gallant recently? I've got an order that just turned 12 weeks old that's still unshipped. I sent them an email looking for an update last week and haven't received a reply. Their website now says they're shipping in 6-8 weeks although I'm pretty sure it said 4-5 weeks last week.
  10. Thanks for the info. I don't mind waiting but they would do well to communicate the status as it evolves and update the website to reflect reality.
  11. Has anyone received anything from Gallant recently? I ordered 1k on July 15 to try and the confirmation email mentioned 4-5 weeks. I ordered from RMR at the same time and they arrived weeks ago and were great about communicating any delays.
  12. I don't have experience with many dies but I did just go through this process myself for my 1100 and figured I'd share what I went with based on hours of reading here. Lee U sizing die (a lot of people like this over the standard Lee sizing die) Lyman M expanding die Mr Bulletfeeder funnel (Alpha dropper would be a good choice too) Redding Competition Seating Die Lee Factory Crimp Die By no means is this the ideal setup for your press but these are all dies worth considering.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to put that all together. I'm sure a lot of this info can be found in previous posts if you know what you're looking for but it's great to have it all in one place, especially if you don't know what you don't know. I'm sure other newbies will find it helpful going forward. I appreciate the granular detail on reading primers. I've noticed the firing pin wipe on cases I've picked up at the range but it never occurred to me what it was. This all did remind me of a recent video on the Atlas Gunworks YT channel where the owner explained how ha
  14. I was chatting with my buddy about this topic and he pointed out the Vihtavuori has load data with 3N38 and a 147gr projectile that meets major pf. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=89#content:~:text=3N38 0%2C41 6.3 357 1171 0%2C45 6.9 368 1207 My understanding is their load data meets CIP specs so that's not even plus P pressure. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. Thanks for the follow up. I'm looking to optimize the performance of the comp. Per my original post though, the priority is on safety and reliability and not necessarily making major PF. As I mentioned originally, I'm more interested in the process and metrics of working up a "beyond book" load as you called it. I wouldn't be surprised if the returns started to diminish on the performance of a smallish comp on a G19 before major PF was reached anyway. Based on what's been mentioned, is it expected that I'd start seeing primer flattening and flowing well before making major? I
  16. Thanks for the feedback on diminishing velocity. I do own a chrono, thanks for asking. Do you have a lot of experience working up 9 major? I only ask because you seem to be classified in Prod and SS but not Open?
  17. Thanks for the reply and I appreciate the direction. This should be a great starting point now that I know what I'm looking for.
  18. I'm interested in developing a load for a 9mm "carry" comp for fun but I'm looking for feedback on how much I can or should load it up. I'm not necessarily looking to make major pf. It would be great if it did but I'm not looking to push the limits of reliability or safety to do it. Without being able to measure chamber pressure are there other limits I should stay within? Can I guesstimate chamber pressure with other metrics? Based on a few of the threads I've read through I was going to start experimenting with VV 3N38 powder. I'm more interested in the process t
  19. Off the top of my head your best options will be Zev and Dynamic Weapon Solutions for Gen 5 slides.
  20. Thanks for the additional feedback. I played around with the setup last night and was able to get it dialed in fairly close to the suggested numbers. Hopefully I can get to the range this week to try them out.
  21. Thanks for the additional detail. That's helpful. I wasn't looking close enough apparently because I didn't notice that the starting load was actually only 10% under. It just didn't sound like enough when I read it and I guess my inexperience was leading me to believe the window would be bigger. Thanks for the detail. There are a couple great tips I wouldn't have thought of.
  22. Thanks for the feedback. Can you clarify that 10% below their max load data is a low enough starting point? I was going to start at or below their starting load and work up but maybe that's a waste of time. Here's the data I was using as a starting point. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/handgun-reloading/?cartridge=89
  23. I'm brand new to reloading and I've got my press (RL 1100) all dialed in for the most part. I think I'm ready to do some load development and testing but I'm hoping to get some feedback on the actual process before I try and fumble my way through it alone. My first question is how many rounds should I make for each test load? I was thinking 20 but maybe that's too much. I've got some N320 test data off the Vihtavuori website that I was going to use as a starting point. How far below their starting load data should I start if at all and how many grains should I space
  24. I don't know why I didn't think of putting the lock nuts on the bottom. Thanks for the tip. I'll check out the Dillon lock nuts too. My crimp is at 0.3715 and my bell is about 0.384 so I'll dial them back a bit. Are there official specs for these dimensions somewhere? Thanks for all the feedback, @ddc @SnipTheDog @iflyskyhigh @RickT
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