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  1. Thanks! It is shooting amazing, just finished nationals without a single problem. It is a KKM mid-length hybrid barrel, and I like he configuration of the build, feels like the right amount of weight in the right places. I really like the Cheely E2 agressive grip!
  2. Thank you Sarge for helping me share the photos of my new blaster!
  3. Don sent me some pictures of my finished gun today, but I can’t seem to post any pictures on here due to file size. Anyone care to help? (I’m technologically challenged)
  4. @tanfoglio1911 beautiful build! If it was cerkote and if so what color? Might just be the light but is it two different colors? Don should be finishing mine in the next couple weeks!
  5. @SSGJohnV You mentioned that AA7 ruins barrels and chambers relatively quickly but you still use it. On average what is the life span of your barrel?
  6. So I had an experience like this with coated bullets out of a p320x5 with W231 behind it. In less than 5000 rounds the barrel had severe “flatening” of the lands at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position at the muzzle end causing 9 out of 10 bullets to tumble and I was unable to group the gun at even 7 yards. With that being said I suspect that it was barrel related as I have never had that problem before putting tens of thousands of rounds through both factory and aftermarket Glock barrels.
  7. @Fo0 the Binary CFD 3 port is 2.4” long, and the 2 port version is 1.55” long.
  8. @IDAHOAASHOOTER I pre-paid for a 5” KKM Hybrid Barrel from shooters connection, a few weeks later it was at my doorstep. I guess I was lucky to get my hands on one. Im planning on having the same configuration as @B_RAD with the mid length 5” barrel and Binary CFD 3 port comp.
  9. All my parts are ordered and should be here by next week, then it’s off to Don!
  10. @thormx538 I have the Romeo 1 6moa on my X5 and after trying multiple micro red dots this is my favorite one! I would not recommend in its stock configuration for anything but competition due to its known lack of duribilty if dropped, but if you do feel like that is a possibility, Sig does make a protective shroud for it as an upgrade. It is the brightest dot I have ever seen, like staring into a laser pointer bright on its highest settings, and the window size is big enough. For the price point you can find them at I reccomend getting one now and enjoying it. We don’t know if Sig will actually have these new Max optics available in July and you may be satisfied with the Romeo 1 for your X5. Now with that said I will be looking at these new Mac optics for a Open Gun build I am in the process of if they do come out on schedual.
  11. Trying to decide between this and the original 3 port version for a mid length island barrel build.
  12. @Jfitz427 beautiful! My fiancé and I are planning to leave the crappy state we are in and do the same as you! Land and our own private range, plus some animals
  13. @B_RAD beautiful gun! Don spent an hour on the phone with me yesterday talking about my first open gun build and we came to something very similar to yours. Tentatively 3 holes and the binary 2 port comp with a full length dustcover. Can’t wait to hear how it shoots and to see some videos! @Jfitz427 sounds like the dream living situation, what state?
  14. I have a feeling that any after market company that could produce a steel module would likely charge as much as the gun itself. Sig would probably be the only ones who could produce it more economically priced.
  15. I asked Max dietectly about it and he said that he wishes that he could have revealed it, but was told not to show it too closely just yet.
  16. If you can get your hands on one of the original P320 take down levers it has a bit of an angle on it. Not quite as extreme as the *thumb rest [generic]* but it will give your thumb more of a purchase than the completely flat takedown lever on the X5.
  17. Some of us like or like the idea of a heavier grip and talk ar SHOT Show is that SIG/ Phil Strader eluded to possibly having a steel grip module coming out as an answer to the new Q5SF...
  18. Eros

    P320 X5 Thread

    So I found out the pricy way that I prefer the curved Gray Guns PELT trigger over the straight one that they offer. Needles to say I have a Straight PELT triggerup for grabs! DM me for info.
  19. I can’t even find a dovetail mount to put the Romeo 1 on my Glock
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