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  1. I have a 8 moa and haven't had any problems with bot seeing it
  2. Rts2 is working good for me. I do lose it every now and then,which more dryfire will help. I do wish the screen was bigger like the original c-more
  3. Very detailed analysis but a very good explanation of how you cant work on 1 thing but many things go hand in hand
  4. Anyone have a Mitchell mag release for sale. There 4-6 weeks out on orders
  5. If zipper case was a problem, than i see a lot of pcc guys getting DQ because most of those cases are carried horizontal
  6. Personally, i think whatever works best for each person is what you should. Just because shooter A does this does not mean thats the only way or the best way
  7. Definitely going to try this practice. I have plenty of grip strength, tree trimmer 38 years. Problem is once i start shooting i know im not keeping that strong ,weak hand grip, that i should be. Start thinking about aiming and all the other things thst are going on in a stage
  8. I used one before and loved it, unfortunately sold it and went to cz platform . Cz you can switch to either side and i always use right side. Going back to 2011 now i have to order another one
  9. I like the idea too, just ick it up, no trigger pull to work on grip strength, thanks
  10. I shoot 2 weekly club matches, every Tuesday and Friday night indoors. 2 outdoor local matches a month, with 4-5 majors in there
  11. Hopefully make A this year. Sitting at 71% now. Started a 30 day Challenge at Christmas to dry fire everyday, only hit about 90% but shoot 2 leagues a week. Shot 4 majors last year. Hopefully 5-6 this year. More than anything show stronger and more consistant finishes in local and major matches
  12. Good thing you can only go to a 0 score on a stage. Start going into a - score ,that would really hurt
  13. Great idea, guess im going to find a postal scale now to try this. Ive often wondered what the actual spring weight is after its had 2-5000 rounds shot, and when they loose there set poundage
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