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  1. I have a 8 moa and haven't had any problems with bot seeing it
  2. Rts2 is working good for me. I do lose it every now and then,which more dryfire will help. I do wish the screen was bigger like the original c-more
  3. Thanks for info everyone. Now to find one
  4. Im sure some fitting is required. Someone told me they give up on trying to fit one because there was to much involved. Doesn't seem that complicated to me but i dont have one to look at so wanting feedback before spending that kind of money for something that might not work.
  5. Has anyone installed a PT grip on a CK frame. Was told it wouldn't fit and would need a considerable amount of work to make it fit
  6. Very detailed analysis but a very good explanation of how you cant work on 1 thing but many things go hand in hand
  7. Anyone have a Mitchell mag release for sale. There 4-6 weeks out on orders
  8. I love shooting limited also. I have a shadow 2 that i dont shoot near as good as my Tactical sport orange in .40. Im going to shoot the S2 for a few weeks just to shoot 1 particular match that is prod. and SS only then it goes back to the safe. Shoot whatever division you enjoy shooting. As far as shock buffs, myself and most cz shooters i know remove them. Cajun gun works also recommends removing them for reliability. Ive seen them fall apart in 100rds then pieces are floating around inside the gun jamming up the gun. Running light springs i keep a eye out for any slide- frame peening. If i only get 100-150k rds through a gun then so be it. Its like a race car its going to need rebuilt at some point.
  9. .40 is only way to go if you want to compete in limited. Major power scoring. 9mm in minor scoring. A = 5pts major - 5pts minor B = 4pts major - 3pts minor C = 4pts major - 3pts minor D = 2pts major - 1 pt minor
  10. Cz,s are great guns. I have 4 tactical sports. For uspsa get a .40 cal. One good thing , these are not picky, they will eat anything you feed them and not picky about mags. A very solid gun if you you dont go the 2011 route
  11. I fellow shooter that gives me training advice, asked me that same question
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