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  1. Yup, you need a few essentials; an accurate scale to weigh things, weight set for scale calibration, a kinetic (hammer) bullet puller, a second scale to verify with, a set of calipers to measure things, a sturdy bench or three to work on, lots of bins to organize stuff, a tumbler and media to clean brass, a media separator, good sources of light so you can inspect things, a quality powder measure to drop precise charges, shell blocks to hold your cases when charging and inspecting, marking, counting and admiring your production. A place to reload undisturbed, undistracted and secure. Rel
  2. Since no ones mentioned it yet... Being able to see is key with the 550b: 1. Mount your press at a height that maximizes visibilty. Bench height is determined by if you are using a strong mount or not. (I do use a SM now on my new bench but not on my other bench set ups at previous locations). In other words the ideal height for myself is determined by the press operating handle up and down positions and how my arm and shoulder relate comfortably. (That applies to any press). This height must also allow you to watch what is going on while you use the press. 2. Plan on running the 550 sta
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