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    Just re-read your post and noticed it didn't reference my home state.  Somehow I thought your "event" occurred here.  

  2. SW,


    Are you willing to share the name of the airline that required one gun per box.  I fly a bunch in the islands and am having trouble with one of the commuter services regarding ammo and guns in the same checked bag (see my post from today (5-3-19).  I'm trying to get clarification from them and am awaiting a response.  It could be a real problem for someone flying in here from the mainland and then making their connection to a smaller island and having to deal with an obscure rule that makes them miss a flight.  How did you reconcile the issue...I presume you flew in from Virginia?

  3. I am running into a problem with a small "commuter" airline which is now telling me that I cannot have firearms (properly cased) and ammunition (properly boxed and packed) in the same checked bag...that I must now check two bags. Has anyone run into this. The airline is not subject to TSA authority (a very small terminal without any TSA personnel on site) and does not post their rules regarding restricted baggage on-line. I can attach a copy of their rules from their administrative manual and the rules from their parent company if anyone is interested. I'm not seeing anything th
  4. It does lend itself to that potential. Standing: The competitor’s body is fully erect with both feet planted firmly on the ground or other designated position. I'm going to read it as to include some natural bend in the knees and at the waste. I stand differently depending on what I'm doing. If I'm on a surfboard, it looks very different than when I'm standing to putt or waiting in line at the bank. I'm going to assume the writers of the definition were talking about standing while shooting at a USPSA match. As for the feet, I'm going with broadside72's interpret
  5. Sounds very logical. That's the way I'm going to interpret it. I also like the logic broadside72 used for "firmly planted". I'm happy the default and facing downrange issues are gone. If we want the competitor to have a lot of freedom in choosing his start position, we now have a simple description...Facing down range....no hand, arm, foot, shoulder or face requirements: competitor can be facing anyway he chooses (except uprange). Simple to do, and simple to write into the WSB. For a little more specificity, we can use (or add) "Standing". But, still no hand, arm
  6. You're right, but consider, This Sunday I will be shooting the new classifier, "No Need to Believe..." CM 18-05, which dictates the starting position, "Standing inside shooting area." Does the new definition change the way I can start the classifier? Can I stand on the fault lines? Apparently, no hunching over or bending at the knees? Can I have my right heel on the fault line and the other on the ground? Obviously, no more standing on one foot. It seems, by the fact that it had to be defined, that "Standing" may be different in 2019 than it was in 2018 and could be an area
  7. Although it wasn't addressed in the Rules Change Log, I'm sure most of you have noticed the new definition for "Standing" added to A3. I'm wondering how we will interpret it uniformly. What is meant by planted firmly, and fully erect? Even the term "ground" may have conflicting interpretations.
  8. Other than when under the direction of an RO, can a PCC be transported anywhere at a USPSA Match without a safety flag ? What if it's in a case or sleeve?
  9. Yes. A printed book should be available. Charging a reasonable amount would be appropriate.
  10. That was my thinking also but I wasn't able to find any applicable rule.
  11. Can any relevant information be gained by inspecting the backside of a target to verify a scoring hit on a non-moving paper target? My question is in regard to enlarged, irregular holes as discussed in 9.5.5
  12. Is the position expressed by DNROI in Down Range considered to be an official Ruling? or does it have to appear in the NROI Rulings before it is official? http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/USPSA100215.php
  13. Stick: It's the part you left off that made me question whether or not it could be shot your way. That's all moot now. I'm down wit DNROI.
  14. Here is the question I posed to Troy: I have a question about Classifier 99-41, Works for Me: Can the competitor engage the middle array (T5 and the PPs) at any point during the course of fire or does the WSB require that it be shot after T1 thorough T4 have been engaged. Could I shoot T5 and the PPs first, and then engage the the appropriate targets from the corresponding sides of the barricade? His Response: Troy McManus 7:58 PM (30 minutes ago)
  15. You are correct. I'll post his response here. We'll have something to go by with his opinion.
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