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Found 7 results

  1. After 6 years of multigun my 18" Noveske Rogue Hunter upper is shot out. I decided to build an upper with a CMT billet upper, Ballistic Advantage 18" fluted barrel, Seekins adjustable gas block, and low mass RCA BCG, This is mated to the existing Noveske lower (which was very reliable with the 18" intermediate gas barrel) and has a Magpul UBR stock (carbine length), standard carbine buffer spring and Spikes ST-T2 buffer. During assembly I realized the old 18" Noveske barrel was an intermediate gas system, NOT rifle length. The new Ballistic Advantage barrel is a rifle length system and it is short stroking. I opened up the Seekins gas block all the way, swapped in an H buffer and eventually went down to a 3oz buffer. With relatively hot 77gr loads the rifle cycles, but with normal 55gr ammo it short strokes to the point where it rarely grabs the next round. I'd prefer to keep the UBR stock if possible. I read that the JP captured spring buffer system may be a solution, but before I invest that cash I am curious if there's a better solution. Although it is a dedicated competition gun reliability still matters. It seems opening up the gas port may be the other solution, besides converting a rifle length buffer tube. Is there anything else I should consider?
  2. I just picked up some Noveske QD flush mounts and want to do a Benelli M2 forearm install and a Versamax forearm and stock install. Can some of you please post pics of your flush QD mount installs in order to sling your shotgun?
  3. February 8th, 2014: Noveske Shooting Team 3-Gun Training Class Cawthon Cartridge Club http://www.ccctactical.com/find-us/ $350 Contact Cat@cccshooters.com or 214-422-7793 to sign up February 9th, 2014: Noveske Shooting Team Shotgun Course Cawthon Cartridge Club http://www.ccctactical.com/find-us/ $350 Contact Cat@cccshooters.com or 214-422-7793 to sign up The Noveske Shooting Team 3 Gun Training class is unlike any other program currently taught. This course was developed entirely by Jansen Jones and Rob Romero as an interactive class to improve a shooters match performance and enhance their match finishes at multi gun as well as rifle and shotgun matches. The class was founded on the concept that it would be a class they would want to take themselves. Through the use of their unique micro block curriculum, small class size, personalized attention and most of all, attention to detail, students will see improvement within the first few hours of the program. Participants are expected to treat the class like a match; the class will be broken down into 3 gun stages, micro blocks of instruction focusing on key 3 gun concepts (shotgun reloading, barricade/port shooting, stage breakdown etc.), a man-versus-man shoot-off session and more. Students are paying for a class that costs as much as a major match and the goal is to provide each student with as much of a match experience as possible all while improving your 3 gun game. This class is for the novice to intermediate level student and will deliver focused instruction on specific skills, strategies, and stages of 3 Gun Competition. Team Noveske will also discuss in depth Immediate action drills, unconventional shooting techniques and barricades . Steel, paper, flippers, Texas stars and plates are all engaged at contact distance out to 100 yards. Students are expected to arrive with rifle zero known at 100 yards, as well as point of aim/point of impact at 5, 25 and 50 yards. About the instructors: Instructor: Rob Romero is a USPSA Grandmaster in Production. He won the 2010 FNH USA3 Gun Nation Shoot Off back in May. Rob was selected to represent the USA at the 2010 Pan American Shotgun Championship and is currently ranked top 5 in all Pan American Countries in Standard shotgun. Rob is the 2011 Heavy Metal Division winner based on the 3 Gun Nation points series and holds titles from Rocky Mtn, Ozark 3 Gun and FNH USA 3 Gun Championships in 2011 alone. In 2012 Rob was named the USPSA Heavy Metal National Champion and the 2012 Tactical Shotgun Champion in Standard division. Instructor: Jansen Jones was selected to represent the USA at the 2010 Pan American Shotgun Championships where he took a Gold Medal in the team event shooting alongside his teammates on the US National Team at the 2010 Pan American. Jansen is the 2011 and 2012 Tactical Shotgun Championship Division winner in pump shotgun and placed 3rd overall in Heavy Metal Optics in 3 Gun Nations points series. Jones is selected to represent the United States in Standard Manual division at the 2012 World Shotgun Championships in Debrecen, Hungary where he placed in the top 15 in the world . Jones is currently in the top 48 shooters on the 3 Gun Nation PRO SERIES tour for 2012. Instructor: James Casanova is the latest addition to the Noveske Shooting Team. Joining Rob and Jansen in 2013, James brings his amazing shooting skills to the NST class by focusing on the load two program with shotgun reloading. As co-owner of Carbon Arms, James has been instrumental in advancing shotgun reloading, especially with getting new shooters up to speed in reloading fast with his methods. James is currently in the top then on the 3GN Pro Series and is the 2012 Hornady Divisional Money winner in tactical irons. James placed 2nd overall at the 2012 Tactical Shotgun Championship and holds numerous titles in tac irons during the 2012 season. Equipment List: Ammo: 200rds each – Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun (Birdshot) + 15-20 Slugs Belt based load out preferred: (5-6) 4rd or 6rd Shotgun carriers or what you use in a match (the means to carry 20 shells on your person after the buzzer) or any of Carbon Arms Load Two/ Reloading systems. Strong side Kydex pistol holster (non race type preferred) (2-3) Pistol magazines and pouches for belt Extended / Coupled / Singles / 20s-30s-45s (whatever you use in regular matches) (2) Rifle magazine pouches for belt Clothes and Protection: Eye protection / Sun glasses ( clear lenses and dark lenses if possible) Ear protection (electronic if you have them but not necessary) Baseball hat or cap / Sun block Pants (you will be shooting from various positions and surfaces) Boots / Cleats (ankle support is more important than grip) Elbow and Knee pads (elbow pads are needed and knee pads are optional) Appropriate weather shirt and or undershirt (long and short sleeved) Tools/wrenches that work on your firearms and optics Rain Gear Leather gloves/outdoor work type gloves Notebook and Pen (means to take notes and AAR) Lunch/snacks Treat this class as a match, bring whatever extra parts you would travel with to a major multi gun event. This includes match clothes. What you don’t need / Please leave at home: 1. Tactical Vests 2. Chest Rigs 3. Lasers 4. Goggles 5. Suppressors 6. Helmets 7. Armor 8. Flashlights 9. Camel Backs 10. Shemaghs 11. Ghillie Suits 12. Throat Mics 13. Face Paint 14. MREs 15. Camouflage 16. Flash Bangs 17. Smoke Grenades 18. Hand Signals 19. Radios 20. Thigh Rigs (unless you actually use one in competition)
  4. 2014 Tactical Training Course Schedule Cawthon Cartridge Club 9000 Bob Moore Rd. Navasota TX 77868 www.ccctactical.com To register, click here: www.ccctactical.com/services/ Jan 18th, 19th 2014 Green Eye Tactical, Night Vision Operator Feb 8th 2014 Noveske Shooting Team 3-Gun Course Feb 9th 2014 Noveske Shooting Team Shotgun Course Feb 28th-March 2, 2014 Magpul Dynamics Carbine 1 Steve Fisher March 28th 2014 Counter Ambush Training, Todd Rassa March 29th, 30th Extreme Close Quarters Battle Long Gun, Todd Rassa May 2nd-4th, 2014 ECQC by Shivworks with Craig "SouthNarc" June 21st, 22nd 2014 Dark Angel Medical, The Tactical Aid Course Sept 12th, 2014 Realistic Combative Shotgun1 (RCS1) Todd Rassa Sept 13th, 14th, 2014 Extreme Close Quarters Battle Pistol (ECQB) Todd Rassa Oct 17th, 2014 Ladies Intro to Pistol, RedBack One, Jason Falla Oct 18th, 19th, 2014 RedBack One Low Visibility Combat Pistol Operator Course, RSS Level 2, Jason Falla Nov 8th, 9th 2014 Pat McNamara, TBA To register, click here: www.ccctactical.com/services/
  5. I need some help with a build I'm researching. I want to build a 300 blackout with a 14.5" barrel, pin and welded AAC muzzlebrake. This gun will be run suppressed mostly, but I want it to function unsuppressed too in case I'm ever in a pinch. This is going to be my home defense, hunting, farm, hard use carbine. I want a set-up that's extremely rugged and reliable, but also reasonably short and handy. Quality components but reasonably cost effective. My dilemma involves the decision between an adjustable gas block and non-adjustable. What I've decided so far: 13.5" Noveske NSR handguard, Ranier Arms Upper combo with BCG and Raptor charging handle, AAC 51T Blackout flash hider. Barrel: I'm torn between the Noveske 14.5" lo pro or the Ranier Arms select 14.5." That being said, I have been researching these barrels and am having trouble deciding between an adjustable gas block and a standard that's pinned. I prefer the pinned for reliability, but in talking with a sales rep today for Ranier Arms he recommended an adjustable gas block. I've read that a 300 blk out won't function with a carbine gas system under 16". I've also noticed Noveske offers their barrels with a pistol length gas system. I tried to find one but they are $455. Ranier Arms has a good looking Select 300 Blk Out barrel coated black for $259. It's guaranteed sub moa with match ammo, but it has a carbine gas system. Is it incorrect to not want an adjustable gas block on a hard-use, defense carbine? I'd prefer to just have the standard gas block, but if the adjustable gas blocks are reliable, I guess it would be the better route? Has anyone had this issue, and if so, what did you choose and how did it work? I'd like the shorter 14.5", but the AAC 16" upper with knights rail for $1,080 is looking better and better everyday.
  6. I want to build a 14.5" barreled 300 Blk out rifle with the NSR rail (pin and welded muzzlebrake). Unlike most companies, Noveske has an 11" and a 13.5" rail instead of a 12". Can someone tell me how much clearance I will need between the Handguard and muzzlebrake to easily attach and remove a suppressor? I like to have as long of a Handguard as possible, covering as much of the barrel as possible, so if I could get by with the 13.5" NSR, that would be preferable. However, I'm guessing that won't be enough clearance so I guess the 11" will probably be the route to go? Anyone else already running this setup, and if so, what length Handguard could I get by with? The can I'll be running is an AAC Sdn-6. Thanks in advance
  7. I've acquired a couple barrels and I can't decide which one to use. My goal is to build an 18" rifle that will be used for 3-gun and shooting (just among friends) from the bench. I want it to be lightweight and shoot flat. I have... Light contour Noveske 18" NST barrel (intermediate gas length, factory fixed gas block) 32oz White Oak Armament 18" SPR barrel in rifle length gas 41oz Dilema comes here... I also have a Young Manufacturing super light BCG. Love the weight on the Noveske but with the non-adjustable gas block and intermediate gas length, will I even realize the benefit of the lighter BCG? I am considering using the White Oak Barrel and sending it to Adco for fluting or re-profiling. This way I will have the rifle gas length and I can run an adjustable block. I also have a standard semi-auto BCG I could use. What do you guys think? I'm using a Lancer XL carbon handguard and would like the gun to balance with the CTR stock i have for now.
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