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  1. As I described, there was a stage that didn't comply with the rules; too many rounds required on a "standards type" stage beyond 25 yards. No issue other than the targets being nine feet too far from the firing line (or three too many rounds required; pick). As the MD was walking to the mic to announce, "We have a match" - after preliminary results had been posted, and after announcing that if there were no more appeals, the match would be considered final - someone stopped him and told him the stage was illegal. (As I went out to pace off the target distance) the MD then mulled the option of deciding that the appeal period had ended so it was too late to challenge the stage. Since he had not yet announced that no more appeals would be heard, he decided to "consider" the appeal. The MD then went on the PA and asked the assembled crowd if they wanted to go ahead with the results, or toss the stage and recalculate the results. That was a matter of expediency; do people want to wait another half-hour for results, or go ahead? I'd estimate that the show of hands indicated that 75% wanted to proceed with the illegal stage included in the results. After announcing that they'd proceed with the existing results, and about five minutes of animated pacing, the MD said, "We can't do that, I'm tossing the stage!", anticipating complaints about going forward when it was known that the stage was illegal. He did not confer with the stats guys, there was no, "How will this affect the results?", it was just a matter of integrity. The preliminary results are posted in a format that makes it difficult for people to know how they'd performed; listed alphabetically, with raw times and penalties. If someone wanted to know how well they had done, relatively, they'd have to do the math on all of their own stages, and then do the same for anyone else whose score they wanted for comparison. Lots of people dropped 10-20 points on the stage, so a lot of people would benefit from it being tossed; so many that it might not have any beneficial impact on shooter X vs. Y. The final results were not posted prior to the stage being tossed, so anyone who thinks they lost positions in the standings would have had to calculate it on their own, reintroducing a stage not included in the finals. It could be as easy as, "Hey, how many points did you drop on stage 13? Ten? I dropped two, so I would have beaten you if it hadn't been tossed!" I'm sure there was some of that, but there'd be no reason to ask prior to the stage being dropped. I do question why someone would wait until literally the last second to appeal, but that person's motives don't really matter if scores and standings are corrected as a result (right?). The rule book says stages may be challenged any time prior to the final results being "posted", which suggests that someone could challenge a stage even after awards are presented, if the final results had not been, say, stapled to a tree somewhere where competitors could see it. I commend the MD for doing the right thing in tossing the illegal stage, but it is interesting that there seem to be as many questions about motives for doing so as there might have been if he'd just said, "Screw it, I don't feel like being here for another half hour", and leaving the stage in the results?
  2. I don't know how funny it was, but yeah, I designed the stage; no more than six shots allowed at more than 25 yards, and it measured 28 yards. I'll take the blame for not pacing it off, but why wait for two days, two hours, preliminary results, stage tear-down, an "If there are no more scoring challenges . . ." announcement, and then mention it?
  3. I try not to, and have been doing that move for ten years; while I've often been asked what I'm doing, nobody had previously worried about the safety of it.
  4. The move where I tighten the screw that holds together the recoil spring/guide/plug assembly? I'd really hate to lose that screw, and it loosens on ever string. Trust me, the screw is tight when I'm done, so don't be concerned.
  5. Thanks to gunrobot for shooting/posting the video.
  6. This is one that I sold earlier this year, having not really shot it for four or five years. Gold Cup slide on Caspian barstock frame, Kart barrel, Wilson sight, matte blue finish. This is the gun I currently shoot in Single Stack, posed in its new suit. Colt M1991A1, Kart barrel, SVInfinity lockwork, Heinie/Dawson sights, DiamondBlack finish (Davis Leather Gunsite Omega rig).
  7. I called him about a year ago, and he said, "next year". Talked to him at Area 1, in June, and he said, "I don't know when". He did elaborate on the design, which uses a metal "collar" around the base of the tube, and a plastic basepad that would presumably attach via the patented pin system. I have three of the old, all-plastic pads, and two have cracked, so the metal collar is a good idea. Bevin said he'd have some sort of "arrangement" for those needing to exchange older, broken basepads - something other than a straight swap - but didn't have specifics. I can wait until next Spring, but will go with Dawson if nothing materializes from Grams.
  8. Old thread resurrected.... Never tried SPS, but I have had good luck with ACT-MAG, although those are P14.45 only. After the springs wear in, they hold 14 (when new the springs would not compress to hold more than 12). The Dawson extended bases fit, but I have not run the combo in a match. ACT are made in Italy. Lee I also bought some ACT-Mags, mostly as spare tubes for my older Para mags. The former appear to be of good quality, and a dimensional match for the Paras. I have Grams pads and followers on/in my Paras, and two of the pads have small cracks in them, so it is good news that Grams is going to reintroduce Para pads.
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