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  1. I run open and I kinda have the same thought. But I run a 1-6 still and I can pretty consistently make hits quickly and consistently out to 500 yds with my good ammo on a 60% target. I think a 1-8 would fare a bit better. I'd like to get a 2-10, mainly because I use the same rifle for shooting g coyotes and long range plinking in the winter. So the things I see are..... 1. Around my neck of the woods most stages you'll be shooting less than 100 yds, with most targets being under 100. Its easier and faster to use the "top optic" on 1x then to run the whole stage witht the rifl
  2. That's what the majority of the shooters in my area are using... or something very similar. Then you have the guys with way more money running VX-6's Razors, Khales, and SWARO. but most of the "fun shooters" that have a life other than shooting use the eagle, or something very similar. It will work just fine.
  3. Just FYI PSA palmetto state armory is selling surplus for $240/K i can barely load for that price !!
  4. I believe I have an old aimpoint that should work in that mount.. if you're interested PM me...
  5. Not sure the distance you're shooting this thing but I had a short ish barreled .308 that LOVED 125 speer bullets.. for plinking and varmints out to 3-400 yards it was a laser. With the short barrel a tad faster powder will make you a really nice load for a quick handling rifle.
  6. I've done this... But I have an even better one for you. An iPhone and case fit nicely inside the rifle mag carrier. A guy on our squad found out the hard way not to put stuff where it doesn't belong. In the middle of a stage he managed to stuff his iPhone into the magwell of his rifle....
  7. I've been a member for a little over a year and I have just reached "50" posts. It was somewhat difficult. Mostly because I dabble into many of the sports, not really an expert in any. There are a few things I feel like I could answer or give an educated guess on but a lot of times the threads are very old. So reading through the current threads I've been able to poke my opinion around, hopefully helping a few people. I know I've learned a bunch from here.
  8. I am shooting open and I drop loaded mags pretty much every stage, unless I don't have to re-load . Sometimes I drop a full mag (if I'm running too fast and it flies off my belt lol). All kidding aside I've had a few times my stage plan required me to only shoot 2-4 rounds before reloading. That resulted in some funny looks, but it worked out. Having a couple targets at the start position close to the 180* then the rest were hoser targets down the bay a ways. I took care of the close targets, put the big stick in then went to work.
  9. This might look silly but it's free and works just fine for me. Granted I don't shoot matches, I just do long distance varmint hunting and punch paper/ring steel. I use a large sock, usually a heavy winter sock that has seen its better days. Take a small garbage bag, stuff it in the sock and pour in the sand, tie up the bag then tie up the sock top it off with a couple wraps of electrical tape and you're good to go. I probably have a dozen of these in different sizes and they work well. The plastic keeps the sand from getting wet or leaking through the sock. If I were to shoot a match I mi
  10. I don't see a problem with it. A good friend of mine and I both shoot open. I am running a tanfo open pistol because it's my only option, but he has a DVC open pistol and a M&P core. When we shoot 3 gun vs uspsa his first choice is the m&p. No external safety to put on, much more secure holster (my opinion) and he can run 9 minor very reliably. I feel like the shotgun, and rifle are where the open comes into play. Even then, unless the shotgun is tricked out, I don't see a huge advantage on MOST stages around here.
  11. That's some pretty fantastic information and almost exactly what I was looking for. If I can get a barrel to last me 9-10k rounds and still give me exceptional accuracy, I wouldn't mind spending another ~$400 on a barrel. I think you made up my mind on the barrel I want . Thanks you!!
  12. At the beginning of the match I load my mags as soon as I get to my starting bay. After I shoot my first stage, I take all mags that were with me off my belt and any that I used and load them back up. Then they either go into a pocket on my gun buggy or on my belt, depending how long between stages. I jumped in and started pasting and resetting right after I shoot too many times, and ended up scrambling when there's 1 or 2 shooters in front of me. So I make sure all my gear is ready before I start pasting. Now on the next stage, I can paste and reset as I do my walkthrough and I don't hav
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