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  1. Hey, thanks for the welcome. Michigan city rifle club is the club I am referring to for the Wednesday shoots.. I shoot at NPCCC and BORCC also. I shoot their uspsa and 3 gun matches. I used to shoot steel at Npccc, although they are fun I found it more beneficial to save the money time and ammo and just practice at home. It was hard for me to swollow spending $20 entry fee, being there for 6-7 hours and looking at the scores and seeing I spent less than 30 seconds shooting. Not to mention someone there has sticky fingers, they snagged 4 of my mecgar mags for my old open pistol. Ill have to look at it again if they’re found a sanctioned steel shoot though. I haven’t looked at the others before but I will do, thanks for pointing them out.
  2. Yep, every Wednesday. And if the month has a fifth Wednesday, they do a fun shoot. Bring a backup gun, PCC, etc. They’re pretty loose with the rules as far as equipment.
  3. Thanks fellas , I’m in the northern part of the state. Michigan city rifle club holds indoor match every Wednesday, I used to go there religiously but my wife’s work schedule put a stop to that. I’m not a huge fan of shooting indoors but I dry fire a bit and shoot the rifles a lot in the winter..
  4. I run open and I kinda have the same thought. But I run a 1-6 still and I can pretty consistently make hits quickly and consistently out to 500 yds with my good ammo on a 60% target. I think a 1-8 would fare a bit better. I'd like to get a 2-10, mainly because I use the same rifle for shooting g coyotes and long range plinking in the winter. So the things I see are..... 1. Around my neck of the woods most stages you'll be shooting less than 100 yds, with most targets being under 100. Its easier and faster to use the "top optic" on 1x then to run the whole stage witht the rifle sideways. 2. Weight and bulk. The more magnification you add the more weight per se. Not to mention most of the 2x and up scopes have a larger objective lense. Which MIGHT get in the way rarely. Shooting through small ports etc. This is my experience and my opinion only.
  5. Hey josh !! Welcome to benos. where about in Indiana are you from? I'm also from Indiana and if you're somewhat local I'd be glad to let you tag along and even use some gear if needed. But beware, I come from the dark side so I hope you'd be ok with running some open gear !!
  6. Welcome , we have a section here just for that!
  7. That's what the majority of the shooters in my area are using... or something very similar. Then you have the guys with way more money running VX-6's Razors, Khales, and SWARO. but most of the "fun shooters" that have a life other than shooting use the eagle, or something very similar. It will work just fine.
  8. Very good points made here, and I did think about from that perspective. After the I finally got ahold of him and discussed my position with the situation, we came to an understanding and apologies came from both parties. In the moment I was in a pickle since the amount of money on the line and I had my wife ready to strangle me and the smith. I wanted a custom gun, she thinks buying one "from the store" factory gun would be better . ( silly lady). Thankd again for your story story and the different perspective.
  9. Thanks ! Crayons are leftovers from desert, I like to eat them. The table, well that's a conversation you'll have to have with the wife..
  10. Alright, so apparently my last reply with the update didn't post. About two weeks ago I posted the rest of the story and some pictures. So, short version is: Communication got way better, better ban I expected. He finished the build, but a couple weeks after the second promise date, BUT he had problems with the barrel and had to send it back and get a new one. No big deal, because of the communication. He kept me informed pretty regularly after our "conversation". I have had the gun a few weeks now, put 500ish rounds through it without a single hint of problem. The gun is super tight and I can't find any problems at all. I do think that he took his time and did everything correct. I don't know what the story or reason was for the poor communication at first, but everything went very smooth toward the end. At least one other member here is currently having a gun built by him and says everything is going smooth. I do think I would have another gun built by him if the funds allow. ( and this one holds up to use) I've received many PM's asking who the smith was and wanted to keep it quiet, but I feel like it was handled pretty well after the original upsets. So, Blackdog Gunworks was the smith (Brad). Like I said before I would have another gun built by him, and I don't want to run anyone off from choosing him. Maybe just mention up front that you'd like some good communication. Thanks for all the replies and help along the way. Sorry my update didn't post a couple weeks ago.
  11. I've had terrible luck with hornady 68 gr. But great luck with nosler / Sierra 69.. now I do have good luck with the 75 from hornady. As far as anything under 200 yds I use 55 FMJ from Rocky Mountain reloading $67/K right now with code. Or 55 gr SOFT POINT from hornady. They shoot WAY better than the FMJ stuff. I zero the rifle at 100 with the 75's and learn my drops out to my needed distance. Then just double check my 55 gr loads out to 200.. generally they shoot to same point of aim within a couple inches. If there is a tight target, or small target on a stage I'll either count and stage the 75's or just use 75's the whole stage.
  12. Just FYI PSA palmetto state armory is selling surplus for $240/K i can barely load for that price !!
  13. I second everything tony said, especially the adjustable gas block if you're running a low mass carrier. I will add to this, maybe get yourself a variable optic, maybe a 1-6 or 1-8. They can be bad for just a little bit more cash, but will probably be more versatile for ya.. muzzle brake, I use the Jerry miculek comp by DPMS, it's $30. Another decent option for a GREAT price right now is the "NADA" brake/comp over at primary arms. Black Friday deal it's going for $20 .. can't beat the price.! hand guard, I like the 15" models myself. I doubt you'd notice the "extra weight" since it'd be a fraction of an ounce but gives you just a hair more real estate for your hands. I have long arms and I like getting way out there..
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