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  1. dstein

    9 Major

    Hello, I just purchased a Trubor that has only a few hundred rounds through it. Stock configuration with the good ole C-more on top and in 9mm Major. I'm saving up to purchase a reloading press, so I can't load 9mm Major now. I'd like to run stock 9mm Luger loads in the gun. I just replaced the recoil spring with an 8lb ISMI spring. I purchased a 7lb spring as well. Hoping one of these will allow the gun to run stock 9mm Luger ammo. Have you had any luck shooting 9mm Luger factory ammo in yours? Thanks!
  2. Good to know. Did you shoot their 124gr minor ammo in a Trubor?
  3. Thank you! I want to shoot SCSA, so this is very helpful. I am aware of the Everglades ammo. Looks like it's really good stuff, especially for 9mm Major. But holy cow...the cost!
  4. Good to know! Looks like I'll be ordering both a 7lb and an 8lb spring and try them both.
  5. Thanks for all the different pointers! Looks like there are lots of options to help make this gun ru well. I appreciate your advice.
  6. Stove pipe every round. Fired casing would not fully eject. Had to manually cycle to clear it. Factory spring, which I think is 9 #.
  7. Thank you! Yeah...just bought it and even with the major loads the owner had, still had some cycling problems. Slide action did not feel as smooth as my Edge. I’ll strip it down and clean/lube it to see if it helps.
  8. I recently purchased an STI Trubor in 9mm Major. If I want to shoot a minor load, do I just need to replace the recoil spring with a lighter weight one? If so, do you recommend adding a buffer to the guide rod? Thanks!
  9. Good deal. I appreciate your feedback! Darrell
  10. Thank you. Looks like many folks here run this setup. Appreciate it. Darrell
  11. Thanks, Bill! Seems to be the consensus.
  12. I remember reading somewhere here that a user replaced the stock recoil spring in his 40 S&W STI Edge with a lighter one to prevent it from nose diving after each shot. Has anyone done this? If so, what weight of spring (how many pounds) did you use? Did you have to add a buffer to the guide rod? Thanks!
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