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  1. Quick answer: Cut one coil off the spring that sits under the ball bearing under the shellplate. This is what many do and it works well enough. Another option is the shellplate bearing kit. Available on Ebay for a reasonable price. It is what I use on my 650. http://cgi.ebay.com/Shellplate-bearing-kit-Dillon-XL-650-/300359068964?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45eecbad24 Tom
  2. Well, tried some of the loads today. Weapon - Beretta M9 Chrono Dist, 15ft Temp 80 degrees Cases - Mixed Powder - Clays 3.7gr Primer - WSP Bullet - MG 124gr fmj OAL - 1.14 10 shots - Hi 1034, Lo 1000, Avg 1021, SD 9.9 ES 34, MAD 7.4 Power Factor - 126.6 Notes - Soft shooting, pressure signs from primer, would not lock the slide back on the last shot. Factory recoil spring @ about 2K rounds Cases - Mixed Powder - N320 4.3gr Primer - Rem 5 1/2 Bullet - MG 124gr fmj OAL - 1.14 10 shots - Hi 1083, Lo 1053, Avg 1064, SD 10 ES 29.9, MAD 7.9 Power Factor - 131.9 I shot 100 rds of the Clays load. Too much signs of pressure to try and bump it up anymore. It appears I have about 2lbs of N320 left. I think I'll just load as many as I can from that and try to get some more. Thanks for everyones help.
  3. Hello All, Well, I'm out of N320 and I have to make about 4K rounds for an upcoming tactical class. These will be primarily shot through a Beretta M9, but what I don't use will be run through a G19 or CZ SP01. Which of the three powders should I go with? I have Bullseye, Blue Dot, and Clays. I also have Unique, but I think only a couple pounds. What is a good OAL for the MG 124 FMJ's? I just got these as well. Had been using Zero 125 JHP's. Thanks Tom
  4. Interesting, I was thinking of doing the same thing. Who was the retailer, if you don't mind? Thanks
  5. I've heard good things about the montana gold bullets and thought the price looked good in the case lot, but I definately don't want to mess with Moly coated bullets. The picture on the website shows a black bullet, but i don't know if this is some propriety coating or just a different picture. Looking to order on Monday so anyone who has some, please let me know. Thanks Tom
  6. Well, just as a little test I took the mainspring out of my Benny Hill limited gun, which has a 2lb trigger pull. I have no idea what the weight of the main spring is, but just using that droped me down to a tad below 4lbs. I'm going to shoot that and see how it feels, as well as test for reliabitiliy. When I added the sear spring from my limited gun, the pull went to 8oz's, so that obviously didn't work. I'm still going to see what the SA custom shop has to say. Again, thanks for the advice. Tom
  7. oops, just missed your post. HK's can take some time to break in. My friend and I both bought P2000's when they first came out. We also split a case of some non toxic ammo. His ran fine with it, mine acted like yours. What I had to do was run about 500 full power rounds through it to break it in. Worked fine after that.
  8. I would say you are probably fine with what you have. Make sure to try some weak hand, with a loose grip with one round in the mag, if it functions fine and locks the slide back, then your good to go. Try this with the gun in the normal way you shoot, ie if you shoot 200rds at the range and then shoot a match without cleaning, do the same with the test. As mentioned, a recoil spring change can fix this if you want more postive ejection, but on 9mm your power factor is pretty close to stock ammo and I would think it should throw them a little further. What pistol are you shooting? How many rounds do you have through it? Might just need a little more break in. Well, those are some thoughts anyway.
  9. Ok, Seems the consensus is to leave it to a pro. I'll talk to SA's custom shop on Monday and see what they charge to reduce the weight. It probably won't be that bad since it already has the tool steel sear, which is something they require for weights below 4lb. I just moved to this area recently and haven't networked with any local smiths, plus since SA built the gun and warranties it, I would rather have them to the work in the event there are any future issues. Thanks for the advice. Tom
  10. I recently purchased a Springfield Armoy Professional to replace a Kimber I had. The kimber had a nice 3 1/4# trigger from the factory. The SA Professional has a 4.5# trigger and I'm wondering if a spring change can get me down to 3.5# pull. I don't want to send it back to the SA custom shop if I can avoid it, just due to down time and shipping costs. If thats what it takes though, I will do it. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? Thanks
  11. Well, I guess the majority are shooting 230gr over clays so there really isn't any reason to change. I like the 230gr Zero but they are getting harder and harder to get. Might just have to order some Montana Gold and get a couple thousand 55gr fmj in .223 as well. Thanks for all the input Tom
  12. Hello All, I've been shooting 230gr fmj and 3.8gr of Clays forever, but mostly for recreational, non competive shooting. I've been shooting limited for a while but I'm thinking of going to single stack with my Kimber Gold Combat. Since I've got to order some more bullets soon I thought I would see what weight most are using. I'm not really interested in shooting lead, so I want to stick to fmj or coated. Too many problems with leading, lube in dies and smoke for the cost savings to mean enough for me to go back to lead. Also had issues with LSWC with feeding. Currently running a 16lb spring, but might go to 14lb if I move to 185 or 200gr. Please let me know make and weight you are shooting. Thanks for your thoughts. Tom
  13. I don't recall seeing half moon shapes of copper. Its been awhile since I broke out the SVI in .38super. I've been shooting .40 in limited. I really liked the soft feel of Viht 3N38, but I couldn't justify the price and it was not readily available. I found I had to place an order with powdervalley.com, just to make some rounds. Much easier to go to the corner store and pick up lb of 7625. Definately worth trying if you like to experiment a little.
  14. How much did you open up the ports? What other mods have you done? Thanks for the help
  15. Trapr, Did he have to open up the ports at all? I've heard of port sizes needing to be opened up pretty large. Something like .140. Is there a minimum shell he runs, like 1 1/8 at 1200 or up? Thanks Tom
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