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  1. JohnN

    P320 X Carry

    Does anyone know if the X5 adjustable sight plate will fit the X Carry?
  2. What month did this article appear?
  3. You might want to check with Randy but he advised me not to use an extra power spring with his extractor.
  4. JohnN

    Which barrel?

    Had a Storm Lake barrel and couldn't really see the difference in performance.
  5. Thanks for the reply Mike. I have had great luck with my M&P's and they seem to shoot well enough for IDPA but I wonder why there is so much accuracy difference in individual guns?
  6. Maybe my reading comprehension is off but did we decide that 5/64"x1/2" is the correct roll pin for the extractor? I found though that once the factory pin was removed from the slide that it was fairly easy to remove succeeding times.
  7. So, your just as well off welding up the stock barrel and not spending the extra cash on what is essentially a replacement barrel that needs to be modified anyway. How much accuracy do you generally realize on a modified stock barrel? How is reliability effected?
  8. JohnN

    M&P Pro

    I've got over 1000rds of S&B, WWB and Fiocchi through my 9L without the first glitch.
  9. JohnN

    9mm 158gr

    Has anybody tried the Fiocchi 9mm 158 gr subsonic loads? If so, do they make power factor and is there any advantage due to less muzzle flip?
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