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  1. Man, that is so groovy. I can totally dig it. Far out. And I've got the gear left over from a couple decades ago. A S&W Model 19 Combat Masterpiece Miami/Dade police trade in revolver, an 870 pump 12, and an iron sighted SBR AR-15. Perfect for Poly-Blend? I'll have to go to the thrift shop and look for some bottom bell trousers, I don't fit into mine anymore. I hope the spirit of this match survives, it'll be a hoot.
  2. Last shooter, last squad, on a backed up jungle run stage in the woods of North Carolina just as the sun dipped below the tree line. Paper IPSC targets were almost not visible to the naked eye. Thru the scope they could be made out if you sort of knew where they were. A black reticle was invisible against the dark back ground and targets. Low illumination saved the day. Other than screwing around, that was the only time in 20 years of 3 gunning where I actually used it. It's like a seat belt. You don't really need it, but when you need it, you really, really need it.
  3. Smokecloud, I agree with your choice with the 300wm. Especially since I heard on the very hush hush not so top secret rumor line about how the military is getting it's precision 300wm ammo loaded to above SAMMI specs to the point where the pressures make it a no-no for sale to civilians. The scuttlebutt is that it out performs the 338 Lapua at distance. Or did I only have a wonderful dream about that?
  4. It's an interesting question that should be addressed if not only for the fact that more and more of them are being offered by manufacturers. In Law Enforcement I see the value of being able to change from buck shot to slugs to less than lethal and back with just a rack and mag change. Same for running the gun dry. Or stowing the SG in the car, empty, mag out. Out here, ranchers and farmers with kids and grandkids like to keep an unloaded handgun handy with the mag nearby. That would work with the mag fed pump for those nites when a pack of coyotes raid the chicken coop. In 3-gun where it's mostly birdshot with a couple slugs thrown in there may not be much value. So if somebody wants to run a mag fed pump with the same ammo capacity restrictions when everybody else is running an auto, I'd say fine. I'd stick with the auto. It would be an interesting comparison I would like to see. A skilled mag fed pump shooter and a skilled tube fed auto shooter. Let the U-Tube decide.
  5. For sure C Products mags have worked well in my x39. Mine is one of the old surplus, Colt made, 16" x39 uppers I got from CDNN. 1moa shooter. 17 years ago it was $500. If you can build one for less and get the 1moa go for it. How do you know it's going to be a 1moa gun? Get the best barrel you can find.
  6. So I went ahead and answered my own question. Put together an upper using this barrel, slapped it on my JP lower and went to the range. 5 consecutive 3 shot groups at 100 yards off sandbags shooting my handloads with 55gr. Nosler ballistic tips. Smallest group was 1/2", largest group was 3/4". Not bad I'd say.
  7. This is a good time shootin match. Just bring what you got and do the best you can. Good folks and good shootin fun. The Todd AK guys were a hoot.
  8. Prize table pickup, really nice looking barrel, but I wanted to ask if anybody has any experience with it. It is the 16" carbine gas, fluted, stainless, heavy barrel. Light weight seems to be the go to barrel for 3 gun these days so maybe not ideal for that. Anybody get sub moa target accuracy out of one of these? Before I get into building something with it I'd like to get some opinions on a direction to take. Thanks.
  9. Anybody have a link to or know where the stage diagrams and descriptions are? I can't find them.
  10. Now that RM3G is over and everybody has had a chance to decompress is there any word on this one. Check and written app went in the mail weeks ago. It's going to happen in about 48 days. I'm signed up for Tac Heavy but if there won't be enough shooters to make a division I'll jump to Tac Lite or Limited Lite. My buddy is shooting He-man and the same goes for him. It would be good to get a heads up and start making plans. When can we sign up to be on a squad? Geez, Per Practiscore, I'm not even approved to shoot yet.
  11. HM goes back and has a lot of history, today's 3 gun is a late comer. It didn't start out as Heavy Metal, it started out as He Man. It got changed later to Heavy Metal, for whatever reason. 308 rifle, 45 pistol, 12 pump shotgun. As Wynn says, it is what it is. That is what it is. I like it. RIP Eddie. We still think about you.
  12. I think I'm with 1chota, barrysuperhawk, Kurtm, Stealthyblagga and Hrider. Heavy Metal or He-Man. It's still .308, .45 and pump 12. Am I wrong?
  13. Down in Corpus Christi at the Starry range they shoot a division called "Todd AK". There were 5 of them on our squad with various configurations of AK's I didn't even think were possible. The rifles handled like .223's even though they were 7.62x39's. Pretty impressive. Hopefully one of them will chime in. If not, contact the match director for some info. It's the Pirates of Texas annual carbine championship.
  14. If future returns are based on past performance, yes, it's gonna be a great shootin match! It takes 10 to make a recognized division. Hope there's 9 more in Tac Heavy. Anybody else?
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