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  1. No response to my email either. Yes, if they're having issues with the mags, it would be nice if they kept their customers in the loop. The website says in stock and ready to ship
  2. The 1st time you're shooting a tube-fed gun in open and the stage briefing says "unloaded start", the disadvantage really sinks in.
  3. We had our 1st local match allowing PCC's a week ago, and while I was skeptical about how this was going to affect the flow of the match, it had little impact. The folks at Custer Sportsman's club did an excellent job specifying a separate start position for PCC shooters (every stage had a pink dot spray painted on a wall that the PCC shooters aimed at for the start position). Sure, it took a few seconds longer for the PCC's to unload and show clear, but it had little impact. PCC is the 1st division since Open/Limited to allow more than 10 rounds. Not only that, there are NO restrictions on mag length or capacity, and dots and comps are allowed. It's a very cheap way to try out what is essentially Open division with a rifle.
  4. I've been loading 4.0 clays with 180 grain Bayou bullets at 1.170 for years. Gives me a 168 PF, and is very, very soft shooting with no pressure signs (gun is custom built STI). If only I could find clays right now....
  5. I just switched to 165 M.G. hollow points. I'd been using 155 M.G. hollow points for years, and cant really tell the difference between the two unless I'm shooting really slowly. Gun: Custom built 5" STI Winchester 1x fired brass WSR 6.0 Winchester Autocomp 1.150" OAL. This isn't 100% reliable for feeding, and I'll be going to 1.200" At the last match, I chronoed exactly 1000.0 FPS, and my weighed bullet was exactly 165.0 grains. I think I should have won a prize or something..... Swede
  6. Do they ship these from th office in Sedro? I thought they came from whatever printer we hired. i.e. they could have been mailed FROM anywhere. I'm only 10 miles from Sedro, and mine's been thoroughly violated. Oh, the humanity!!!
  7. I put one in mine 3 or 4 years ago. It gave me a 1.5lb trigger pull with drop in parts. I measured the pull recently and it's stayed right at 1.5#. I definitely won't hesitate to buy another kit when I get a MKIII Swede
  8. swede

    Ricky Bobby

    When I get up in the morning, I piss excellence I'm a big hairy American winning machine
  9. swede


    Most of the once fired brass on Gunbroker has a starting price higher than retail for new brass. I'm hoping Ebay decides not to go through with their ridiculous plan. Remember, they're definitely not gun people (i.e. bullet tips), so it should prove difficult for them to police these items. I'd say let's try to weather the storm before we abandon ship. Swede
  10. Couldn't agree more. I had to watch this movie with my girlfriend. It seemed like an OK movie until the twist of which you speak. After that all I could think was "there's part of my life I'll never get back". Swede
  11. Women will like what I tell them to like. ---Homer J. Simpson
  12. I agree. It makes no sense to dismantle factory ammo. My advice is to buy a good supply of high quality once fired hulls. The best in my opinion are the Reminton STS hulls. You can get them from Precision Reloading as well as other places. As far as lead goes, I just use recycled wheel weights. If they were going to be used for hunting, it might be a diiferent story, but these are just for punching holes in targets. I use the Lyman sabot slug mold, and they're right around 500 grains when cast. I use the same load as I do for my 1-1/8 ounce trap loads and it works great. If you're unfamiliar with loading shotgun shells, I would definitely get a manual and read it before attempting to load. Substituting one item for another can dramatically raise pressure levels. Swede
  13. I've got a fever and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL
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