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  1. I've gotten absolutely insane levels of accuracy out of the Volquartsen rifles and pistols I've shot. I'm building a Volquartsen 10/22 in a Victor Co Titan stock because I've been so blown away by how well their guns shoot. I'll be using it in rimfire tactical matches.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. Once he got in there with an allen key, he found one or two of the bolts were only snug, and once he tightened them down, the behavior went away. So it was the simplest fix possible, which is nice. I was surprised that it was a loose mount, given that it felt rock solid to my hands, but as my00wrx1 suggested, it could still be an issue even when it feels firm. Thanks to all who helped with suggestions!
  3. I use the Frankford Arsenal lube when I load 6.5 Creedmoor match ammo. I put 50 to 100 pcs in a Zip Lock bag, spray about three sprays in three, and gently roll them around. I keep the bag rubber-banded to the side of the lube bottle, so I don't go through all my wife's 1-gallon freezer bags. :-) I believe the Frankford Arsenal lube is the same as the Dillon, but I'm not 100% sure. I do usually spray one spritz of it inside the die before I start, making sure to get the expander ball lubed up before I start, since the one thing that does not get lubed in my above method is the inside of the case neck.
  4. I'm writing this for a friend who is not on this forum. The other night while I was there, he was evaluating a used CZ Czechmate he had come across. He had two 9mm major loads worked up for it, and chrono'ed them both. The gun was running well. After chrono'ing the two lots of ammo, he went about accuracy testing the gun, and the targets consistently came back with two groups on them - one in the center of the target, and one 4-5 inches high (this is at 30-40'). We transferred to shooting off a bag, and the same thing happened. Both lots of ammo did the same thing. So I took the gun, and it repeated for me off the bag. I tried shooting offhand standing, and it did the same thing. I tried a lot of my 9mm minor Production ammo, and it did the same thing. Interesting, when we watched more carefully, the impacts alternated from "true" POA to a few inches high *EXACTLY* every other shot. It's the craziest thing I've ever seen. We shot over 100 rounds through the gun on paper, two different shooters, two different positions, three different ammo lots, and EXACTLY every other round goes high. The C-More *feels* firmly mounted, but we did not have metric allen keys to confirm. Everything felt rock solid though. Slide lock-up felt good. The gun ran great. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever seen this kind of issue?
  5. The more I shoot mine, the more I realize that my gun does not fit me well. When I first shoulder it, I see too much of the top of the rail, so putting the dot on a target and pulling the trigger will always send the shot high. I've dropped the comb as much as the stock spacers allow, and it helped A LOT, but it's not enough - I need more. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for asking. Yes, the gun shot flawlessly. The driver? Not so much! :-) Seriously, it fed just fine. I put a chamfer on the follower, but it's so thin you can't get too aggressive with it. I'm planning on buying an aftermarket follower that I can put a generous radius on. And of course, that helps the follower move freely but does not keep a shell from hanging up on the lip, so after the match I took it apart again and chamfered the magazine tube a bit more and polished it. It's far from perfect. It's amazing frankly how bad the inside diameter mis-match is between the magazine tube and the extension tube.
  7. Well, I've never had an issue with this before om live-fire, but tonight while servicing my shotgun, I realized that my follower does not drop freely down all the way. It stops at halfway (the joint between the magazine and the extension) and usually "bounces" the rest of the way down. Obviously, not ideal. I can't tell where the bind is coming from. I've slightly polished the leading edge "corner" of the follower, and cleaned up the leading edge of the magazine tube, with no improvement. I've also played with different "torques" on the locking nut. Looking down the tube, I can't see anything obvious. Any ideas? I have a match on Saturday... and I'm a little concerned how it's going to run. -Scott
  8. I'm getting ready to my CZ cerakoted. It's being done by a reputable shop, and I assume they know what they're doing, but I hate not knowing myself. So if you're going Cera-kote a CZ75 SP01 Shadow Custom, what needs to get done to it before hand. What do I need to talk to them about, or make sure they are going to do? Obviously a detail strip, but are there any special precautions I should take? Anything specific need to be masked off? What about surfaces like the rails, the frame where the disconnector rides forward and back, or the underside of the slide? I plan on removing the front sight, but leaving the rear sight on the gun. Or can I just pull the fiber on the front sight and leave it on too? Thanks. Scott Whitehead
  9. +1 for Scott's detent springs!
  10. I shoot with a group of about a half dozen production shooters. All of us shoot CZs, and we have a mixed of Shadow Customs, Modified Shadow Customs, and Cajunized Decocker Guns. One interesting thing is that the trigger pull SOUND is much different between the them. All the safety guns have a springy, bouncy, reverby sound when you pull the trigger in SA. The Cajun Decocker guns have a much more solid thud sound. I'm not sure what accounts for the difference, and I'm even less sure that it matters at all. But in dry fire the difference is very pronounced. Scott
  11. swhiteh3

    Rear Sight Moving

    I struggled and struggled with this. Finally last night I went with the nuclear option. I removed the rear sight and cleaned the dovetail and sight. Then I put the slide on the mill and put a smal drill point cut into the dovetail exactly where the set screw sits. So now the set screw has a tapered hole to sit in, and it positively can not move without the set screw backing out. I used Loc-Tite Green, #609, in the dove tail, and Medium / Blue Loc-tite on the set screw. I also went with a slightly longer set screw - 1/4" long. (Be careful of choosing Loc-Tite based on color. There are multiple green formulations, including, for instance, the Wicking Green. The #609 is the press fit Loc-Tite. I did NOT use the Loc-Tite surface prep - I didn't have any handy. I just cleaned the surfaces very well in a parts washer, then went back over them with brake-clean to remove all oil residue.) Hopefully, I never have to think about being at a match shooting left again because my sight was walking. (My sight **ALWAYS"" moved left.) Scott
  12. I already have +10% springs from CZC in all my mags. I assume these springs are the same, and I could just get the follower? That follower looks like it would be really prone to tipping. Is it as reliable as the stock follower?
  13. INERTIA- The matches we have locally do not use normal 3-gun rules, and have no mag length limit. That said, I COMPLETELY agree with you about running out-of-class-gear. My main focus is USPSA, and I see it there often. I have not fully researched "real" 3-gun gear rules, but if they would require a short base pad, then I might just get the short basepads because I do eventually plan on competing at sanctioned 3-gun matches.
  14. Thanks for the replies! I was a little confused about how the CZ Custom basepads work, but after re-reading their descriptions, I realized that the lengths and capacities they quote are for two different magazines, which is why they seem to conflict. When you say Long Base pads and "18rd tubes", do you mean the SP01 factory magazines (not the Mec-Gar) that come with the small extended basepad? So, for those of you who have been there, done that, it looks like I need ALL of the following to make this work.... http://czcustom.com/cz75-extended_base_pad_long.aspx http://czcustom.com/czctsand75follower.aspx http://czcustom.com/CZ-75-SP01-9mm-19-rounds.aspx http://czcustom.com/cz75magwellidpa.aspx http://czcustom.com/CZ_75-CZ_85-thin-silver-grips-short.aspx http://czcustom.com/cz75fullsizemagwellplug.aspx
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