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  1. As others have said several things could be going on (hood a tad too long, sides of hood, etc) but you do NOT want to round the edges of the lugs.
  2. Tapered side toward the receiver, concave side toward the muzzle
  3. I'm trying to figure out how the recoil spring weight would interact with the slide stop and how it moves/is engaged in any way...........
  4. On a 5" 1911 in 45 I recommend that the recoil spring be replaced every 6-8K rounds and extractor tension checked at the same interval.
  5. ME! Josh Hamilton Hamilton Armory Hazel Green, Alabama www.facebook.com/hamiltonarmory
  6. I'll second this. I actually prefer the EGW as it's a .060" rod and Dawsons are .040". But I also drill the EGW through. The Dawsons are convenient in that they offer them in multiple widths and heights.
  7. I'm of the opinion that a FLGR is a solution in search of a problem. The FLGR should not improve the reliability of a 1911; if it does, it's likely masking a problem elsewhere.
  8. I think the EMP would be the best option for CCW as I wouldn't like the added width of the doublestack frame
  9. If you're only hitting the mag release very quickly and not holding it down, one option that may help is to snip a coil or two off the mag catch spring. Would make it easier to depress and the normal amount of pressure you use would likely open it further/longer.
  10. The set screw or the main screw to adjust elevation?
  11. Lightening will allow you to run softer loads with a standard recoil spring, but with a 5" slide you can usually drop down to a 9lb spring and still run decent reloads
  12. I've found that the Tripp mags are the only ones that will reliably run in EVERY gun. There are other mags out there that may run in some guns, but I've yet to see a 1911 that wouldn't run with Tripps (unless something was seriously wrong with the gun itself)
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