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  1. Can’t wait. Any idea how stages 3 and 4 will be set so they are legal? Stage 3 appears to require 10 rounds from the outer 2 positions. Stage 4 doesn’t seem to fit inside any type of course of fire. If it’s a speed shoot, it needs a mandatory reload.
  2. June 9 and 10, 2017 - half-day format FB: https://www.facebook.com/gasteelchallenge/ Register: https://practiscore.com/georgia-steel-challenge-championship/register Site: http://strongpointshooting.com/competitionmatches/ USPSA Steel Challenge Shooting Association Sanctioned Georgia State ChampionshipBenefitting the Chattahoochee Valley Land Trust and Team Red, White and Blue, Strongpoint Shooting Complex will be hosting all 8 stages of USPSA Steel Challenge on June 9 and 10, 2017. Thanks to Team Red, White and Blue, competitors will not be required to paint or reset stages. Just have fun! Cash Payback (commensurate with entries, but guaranteed top honors): $1,000 for Steel Master (1 Rimfire Pistol, 1 Centerfire Optics Pistol, 1 Centerfire Iron Pistol) $500 for Rifle Master (1 Rimfire Rifle and 1 PCC) $1,000 for Centerfire Pistol first place $500 for Rimfire Pistol first place $500 for Rimfire Rifle first place $500 for PCC first place Additional cash and plaques for division and category winners based on participation. A minimum of 5 completed competitors for a first place, 10 for second place and 15 for third place. Entry Fees: First gun/entry: $150 Additional guns/entries (max of 4): $50/ea 4-Gun Package (includes shirt): $275 Match fee includes one ticket for the catered banquet on Saturday night. Additional tickets can be purchased for $10. If you plan to shoot more than one gun in the event you must register all guns. Once you've registered all of your entries we will set the match fee for payment. Once payment is made you can squad. You may shoot a maximum of two guns per session. We will be using 1/2 day sessions. If you have questions or problems completing your registration contact Zack Jones at zack@uspsa.org for assistance. Hotel Info: http://strongpointshooting.com/hotel-info/ The Chattahoochee Valley Land Trust’s mission is to protect land in the Chattahoochee Valley for present and future generations. Nearly 26,000 acres in our 16 county region are forever protected: urban green space, farms, forests, and open land for hunting and general outdoor recreation. CVLT hosts interactive events and programs to raise awareness to promote the importance of land conservation and protection of our natural resources. The local/Fort Benning chapter of Team Red White & Blue is nearly 2,000 members strong. Team RWB has an ethos that is known intimately by each team member who puts on the widely-recognized red shirt. The ‘Eagle Ethos’ is: passion, people, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and community. While there are certain principles that all nonprofits should adhere to, these are the things that make Team RWB special.
  3. PCC is extremely fun and I look forward to it becoming a division at regular handgun matches. We've been trying it out at a number of clubs in Georgia and it's met with lots of smiles and support. It's up to the MD's how they want to see it played out. Once it's an official division, I hope that people are only allowed one entry. It does slow things down when people are trying to load mags and shoot for 2 guns. Course design seems to work very well for both handgun and PCC. If you don't think so, give it a try. I believe most nay-sayers would become believers if they just went out and tried it. Way too much fun!
  4. If you want a factory gun that is pretty close to ready to rock, the STI Trojan is hard to beat. It's a good platform that lets you improve parts as you go and learn what you really like. I've shot all the ones you mention and they will all be similarly accurate (very). For reliability, the STI, Wilson and Baer are all solid. If you have a little time to wait, and you have the cash, I've never shot a better gun than my Akai Single Stacks... About 20,000 rounds into my first one and it's just as tight, accurate and reliable as day 1. Mine are built on STI base frame/slide and I've heard equally great things about the ones built on Caspian bases.
  5. If Matt builds it, I'm sure it's a quality item. I've seen his work and it seems solid. I have had an Akai gun since well before I joined the shooting team and am always impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. I'm about to so shoot my original single stack and can't wait. After about 25,000 rounds it is still super tight and accurate.
  6. I'd be happy to take it off your hands. I won one at the prize table of the Pro-Am SE Regional and it's very impressive. Extremely solid craftsmanship.
  7. All I can say is that it's worth the wait. I've seen guys get into off the shelf guns that always need work to get 100% reliable. For the difference in money and time, a full-custom gun that's had lots of love is totally worth it. For a specific gunsmith recommendation, I'm extremely happy with my Akai guns. I've completed 2 full seasons with my single stacks and they have been flawless. I recently got an Akai limited gun and it's even better. Yes, I'm on the Akai team, so I'm going to recommend them even more, but it's only because I believe in the accuracy, reliability and bad-ass looks of the product. As we all know, the community of shooters is very helpful and generous, so ask around locally and try to shoot as many different guns as you can try out. Then, you'll know which one felt the best to you. If you're in the Atlanta area, I can round up a number of different guns from different smiths for you.
  8. Definitely one of the best matches I've had the pleasure of shooting. I can't thank the crew enough for taking on this venture with relatively short notice and pulling it off without a hitch. It was a really comprehensive test of all USPSA shooting skills. Stage 4 was just about the perfect stage. Well done! Here's my match video:
  9. Sad news, indeed. Great family. I'm sure many will rally around the family.
  10. Great match! We had a blast. Great to see all the shooters and hang out with my kids.
  11. Check out the number of shooters in Major vs Minor at this match: http://1911ssc.com/news/Pistol%20Finals%20%20Single%20Stack.txt Clearly there is a preference for Major (even the guy in 2nd place wanted to shoot Major). -ivan- As many have stated in this thread... it's very match specific/dependent. Single Stack Nationals is a bad match to try to compare anything. That match has always and will always be run by 1911 purists that think anything other than a .45 is an abomination. So, the match will never have stages that break down into 10's nicely. There will never be an advantage at that match for minor power factor and 10 rounds. If you could convince Dave Sevigny and Rob Leatham to shoot a more balanced Level 3+ match at major and minor power factor, you could get a better feel for where any advantages lie. Looking at the Florida Open this year, you see 3 similarly skilled shooters shooting major and minor (Ted Puente, Todd Jarrett and Angus Hobdell) finishing very close to each other. On the surface, that match should have provided an advantage for 10 rounds and minor, but Angus was only able to stay with the pack and not pull ahead. Lots of other factors go into it, but I still don't see minor being a real advantage for anyone.
  12. Good topic. I've done lots of research and run major/minor guns side by side for whole matches. For me, I turned out to be about 6% faster with the minor gun on larger field courses, but had similar hits. So, the 5-6% bump in points was almost a wash. I agree with Scott that a .40 is the best way to go because you can use the same gun and same mags and choose which ammo to run. Mine even run perfectly with a 13lb recoil spring with either power factor ammo. That being said, I agree with Corey that I've only seen a handful of stages that would truly be a significant advantage shooting minor. Some of the unloaded table starts that require 8 rounds at each position sure would be nice, but after shooting enough Major power at big matches, you get the confidence to make every single shot. Could a minor gun win some big matches, sure. Once you get fast enough with your reloads and confident enough to make your hits, Major power is the only way to go (at least for me). -R
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