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  1. i would go for either the xdm 5.25 or the xd tactical in 40. i have used my xd tactical in 9 and i love it so i say +1 for the xdm 5.25
  2. Hi everyone I am planning on going to outbreak omega 6 and wondering if anyone has been to it and can tell me what it is like. I am also wondering about round count
  3. i was just at the range today and shot 2 of my 9mm's low right i grabbed my 40 and just shot like 2 in low
  4. is it weird that will the m&p 9c i hit how left but if when I shoot my m&p 40c i am just a little low it happens when i go from any 9 to a 40 or a 45. i just dont get it
  5. no i was thinking about it but idk which one to get
  6. mese341

    40 Open

    i would use a 40 over a 38 super but thats just me
  7. if you guys ever get up to duluth northwest gun club hosts idpa sunday morning and monday night there is uspsa matches
  8. if only i could afford an svi
  9. mese341

    3 Gun CZ's

    the guys at my range are starting to run more and more cz's
  10. those guns are so sexy but expencive
  11. i would love to shoot one of those
  12. no mine is not i carry a glock 42 and shoot a xd tactical 9 for limited 10
  13. okay thank you very much i cant wait to order it
  14. okay perfect i have 3 m&p's and love them but i think it is the trigger because i shoot my 1911 a1 loaded dead center so i am going to save up for a sti edge or executive in 40 because the guys i shoot with said i should go to major limited and limited 10 instead of minor limited 10
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