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  1. I shipped mine a couple days before the hurricane from NM to the range.....it got delayed 3 or 4 days because of hurricane but I got notification that it arrived Friday so all is good
  2. My Ammo is boxed and ready to send......what is the official word on shipping Ammo? I just want to make sure I didn’t miss a email or something.
  3. I AirBnB a place in Winter Heaven..... I am shooting in Optics nationals then I am spending the next 7 days riding roller coasters and going to the beaches
  4. Question for those of you that have actually shot at Frost proof......what is the ground like, meaning I have a couple different shooting shoes and depending what the range is like decides what pair I wear. I only want to bring one pair so should it be my Salomon shoes or my Under Armor cleats
  5. Tag....I’m interested in this info also. I can not ship it to my motel because I have a ABNB and I am not going to ship ammo to someone’s house.
  6. What is the best way to shoot this over the 3 days I wonder AM/PM/AM or PM/AM/PM....I'm thinking the second choice so I picked squad 131 on Optics day
  7. I figured it out......Had to word the search differently
  8. I got my slot info but how do I register? I can not find where to go to enter my slot code and resister? Anyone got the link..
  9. This is my plan but I just wanted to make sure it was a firearm travel friendly airport with all the families with kids that go through there I just wanted to make sure the airport was cool with that. Same here....first time with a firearm....A rifle at that, it is in a Pelican case so people really don’t know what it is but still you know how some people are nowadays. I use it at all of my out of town matches no matter where they are, like I am headed to Houston this weekend to shoot in the Space City Challange. Texas is a gun friendly state but I still use it to get rif
  10. I was looking at Airbnb and found some rooms for as low as 30 a night for one I’m willing to stay at in the Winter Heavin area that’s a pretty cheap nights stay.
  11. I just found out I got a PCC slot....my first USPSA Nats....first time to Frostproof also.... So where does everyone stay? Where does everyone fly into? I plan to shoot the PCC Nats then spend a few days at the local amusement park because I have never been to that one and it is on my bucket list. Any inside info on the Nats or the amusement park would be much appreciated.....
  12. saw one today at local shop, Electronic controlled and monitored with electronic clutch stops operation if anything goes wrong. Unit worked real well he likes it a lot also has several 1050s with same system.
  13. Even the Boogyman looks under his bed for Chuck Norris before he lays down.......
  14. Rocky Road Monster or Red Bull
  15. Lily Munster Well done or rare
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