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  1. I ended up taking Valerko's suggestion of using a CZ75 SP01 front sight from Dawson. It took a LOT of sanding and fitting, but it worked and is really snug in there.
  2. I did contact Dawson tech support last week and asked about sights for the Q100 and this is what he wrote back: "Hello, We used to make a front sight for the STI GP6, made by Grand Power. It was listed in the STI sights, but it was dropped. There are Grand Power models that it does not fit and I'm not sure which those are. I don't know if they would fit the Q100." Since he didn't bring it up, I didn't know they'd make one for me. Thanks for the info.
  3. Glock24, do you have a Q100 or a different GP? Would the sights for you be because of a red dot optic?
  4. I checked Eagle Imports. No longer carrying the line. Checked Dawson Precision. They don't have anything other than rear sights. Checked Global Ordnance. I'm too dumb to find sights. I'd just like to get at the minimum a fiber optic front sight. Where should I look next?
  5. Look at Global Ordnance.
  6. I would totally trust my Stock 2 in 9mm to everyday carry. But it's a heavy brick for CCW and I'd hate to get it taken away if I were involved in a self-defense shooting. I wouldn't cry if my Glock got taken away though.
  7. I have a KKM 40 conversion barrel for my G20. It runs like a champ and is very accurate. I also load my 40s long in it (like 1.225") for better feeding and safety margin. No throating necessary with my KKMs (I've had 2 of them but sold one). I have also loaded long 40 that equals or exceeds hot 10mm loads safely. Do it bro. P.S. HCH is correct. You CAN run 40 through the stock 10mm barrel and do it all day long.
  8. I call BS on Gen 5s being more accurate than previous gens. I'm a group-shooting junkie and have (5rds at 25 yd for pistol and 5rds at 100yds for rifle) tested every firearm I've ever owned for the last 20 years - with load development. Don't ask me why - it's just one of my neurotic quirks. The latest 3rd gen (like with 4-letter serial prefixes) and 4th gen Glocks (9mm, 10mm, and 45acp) will all shoot under 2" at 25 yards with Zero JHPs, a stiff charge of VV N340, and good bench technique. The Gen 5 Glocks I've tested are indeed decently precise shooting, but not better than the aforementioned gen Glocks. As a matter of fact, I've noticed that the breech lockup is looser on the Gen 5s than on the late Gen 3s and Gen 4s. On every Gen 5 Glock I've handled, you can push down on the barrel hood when in lockup, and it springs down. The 3s and 4s I have don't yield as much and some not at all (almost as tight as when you fit a Barsto to it).
  9. I'm not saying it will damage the gun. But I do consider it a major faux pas if someone is examining my pistol and they thumb the release on an empty chamber. That is the last time I let said person handle one of my firearms. That said, Bill Wilson recommends against the practice of dropping an empty slide in his book, "The Combat Auto". Springfield Armory warns against doing so also. Check out page 20, #4 of their 1911 manual: http://www.springfield-armory.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/1911Manual.pdf Those guys know more about building a 1911 than I do, so I'll take their word for it.
  10. I'm surprised a guy that builds 1911s would drop the slide on an empty chamber (especially without holding the trigger back).
  11. The biggest problem with your gun (I have the same one as yours made in 1999 but with Wonderfinish) are the sights, especially with that integral steel front sight. I wish I had the skill to somehow drill/machine mine to accept a fiber optic rod. I've shot mine in a couple IDPA and 2 gun matches but the pistol certainly isn't ideal for USPSA if you're the type that wants every competitive edge. But it certainly can be used to decent effect and allow you to have fun! About all that's left to do is improve the trigger. Maybe some polishing, a lighter hammer spring, XL firing pin, and a lighter recoil spring?
  12. I haven't shot a factory round of centerfire pistol ammo through any of my guns in almost 20 years so I can't answer your first question. I haven't fiddled with the pistol at all. Last time out was the only time I've ever had a light strike with it. I'm loading on a 550.
  13. Thanks. Unfortunately I have a boatload of CCIs and no one seems to want to trade CCIs for Feds or Wins.
  14. Did you ever get this resolved? Last time out, I had a couple of light strikes that went off after a subsequent DA pull or two on my loads with CCI primers. Never happened before. About 1500 rds through the gun.
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