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  1. In 1998 when I got my first Witness, I read it wrong and so I've always called it the "Mighty TANG-FOE!!!!" Always emphatically and while holding it up like Excaliber freshly pulled out of the stone.
  2. Thanks. Did you have them re-coat the milled area or leave it raw?
  3. Looks great! How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I just talked to Zach at Walther and he told me that now only the match and target pistols will come with test targets.
  5. A guy told me that his Q5 SF Match and Q4 SF didn't come with test targets. I thought all Walther pistols came with test targets?
  6. Following this thread because I also have a Kimber Custom Classic from 1998 that has a rear sight that won't move. Trust me, Thor's hammer couldn't budge this thing. It must have been forged from the MIM hinge pins from hell's gate.
  7. Jagerwerks has a vested interest in re-coating the slide. They left out a lot of information about that slide. But thanks for sharing that info. Fortunately I live in the driest place in the country and I don't sweat a ton.
  8. So I acquired a Glock slide that was milled for an RMR and it was never re-coated. I want to start carrying the G19 with this slide, but am a little concerned about rust under the optic.I don't care about aesthetics for the most part. Can I just spray the raw area with Aluma-Hyde II (or something else you guys recommend)? I'd rather not pay $80 to have my whole slide refinished and wait several weeks as well. I do like doing things right, but if a little spray-and-bake on the affected area will do the trick, I'm all about that.
  9. Thanks, jubi! You're the man!!! Have you found this setup to be comparable to the Redding Comp Seater (if you have used both)?
  10. Thanks, jubi...You don't need the lock collar and spacer? What are those for if they are unnecessary?
  11. From what I understand, it works with the 9mm roll crimp seater, but not the newer taper crimp seaters. And from what I can tell, Hornady doesn't sell the roll crimp seaters in 9mm anymore. Howdy, neighbor, BTW.
  12. Not yet. Just got it in. No one answers when I call (covid?), so I'm going to email.
  13. So I bought a Hornady 9mm seater with the sliding bullet sleeve and a Hornady micrometer (microjust) top seating stem, thinking they would work together. I wanted to have a budget Redding competition seating die essentially. Nope, the seating stem and/or the stem on the micrometer is too short to make contact. So either a longer seating stem or an insert so the two stems could abut would be needed. Has anyone solved this problem? Is Hornady or an aftermarket company making a longer seating stem for this purpose?
  14. I just tried some mags to see if they would lock in and hand cycle rounds. Small frame Witness mags? NO CZ75 mags? NO Grand Power XCalibur/K100/Q100 mags? Yes, but they sat proud of the magwell like a G17 mag in a G19.
  15. I ended up taking Valerko's suggestion of using a CZ75 SP01 front sight from Dawson. It took a LOT of sanding and fitting, but it worked and is really snug in there.
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