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  1. Thanks guys, I sorted my brass and ended up with 90% R-P brass. A few mixed (FC,PMC, HMC etc). The rest being LC 97. I trimmed/deburred/chamfered a few hundred of the R-P and will do some accuracy testing in the next couple days. I'm not new to case preparation, my precision rifles (408Cheytac based 338, 338-300RUM, etc) prefer perfect reloads and I spend a lot of time getting them that way. Hopefully, simple sorting/trimming will be enough for this little 223. I wish I could find a bucketful of LC brass! Thanks again, AJ
  2. Thank you all for the information. I will definitely sort my brass AND trim them all. I use single stage presses for my precision rifle stuff, but have been using my Dillon 650 for the 223. I use the dillon dies, including the crimp die. So, I'm going to do the following and see what the results are. 1) sort brass. 2) trim the brass. (I'll just use my Forster classic trimmer) 3) use LC for some 69gr loads (24gr H4895) 4) back-off the crimp die so it just touches the brass, just touch the corner of the brass. 5) use the rem/r-p brass for my 55gr loads. 6) set the PMC and other brass aside. A friend of mine knew I was building an AR, so he contributed 2x3lb coffee tins full of empties. That is where I got the brass. Thanks everyone, AJ
  3. oops, I meant 1.75 Just missed the 7. Thanks, AJ ps: I'll edit my error if possible.
  4. Might have found my answer. Some of the brass is as long as 1.77" and others are nominally 1.750". I'm going to trim a batch and see if that fixes my group issue. Thanks guys, AJ Edited: 1.50" to 1.750"
  5. Guys, I recently finished my first AR-15 build. Seekins upper/lower/free float handguard Giessele 3gun trigger JP LMOS BCG, JP Captured buffer. 18" lightweight JP ultramatch barrel. Syrac adjustable gas block UBR stock. I have 2 scopes setup for the rifle (both on Larue QD 104 mounts). 1-4x20 Leup 3.5-15x50 Nightforce NXS I've loaded 55gr V-max with 25gr H335 and it shoots under 1" I've also used the SMK 69gr with both H335 and H4895. I'm getting around 1" with the 69gr, but am seeing distinct groups about 3/4" apart depending on the brass. I have a few thousand mixed (LakeCity, Rem and PMP). Would you guys recommend sorting them and using one brand at a time? I never mix brass with any of my 'accurate' rifles. Before I started sorting, I thought I'd see if my OCD was kicking in ;-) or if I should treat the AR just like it's big brothers. Thanks, AJ
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. I went ahead and ordered the UBR stock and the Geissele 3 gun trigger. I haven't decided on a brake yet, figured that could wait. I was going to get a thread protector in the mean time, but then orderd a flash hider instead (Phantom) for $25. The flash hider will work for all my shooting for a while and if I decide I need a compensator, it's easy enough to grab later. Thanks, AJ
  7. Nothing earth shattering here, as I've read this same type of stuff on other posts. I just thought I'd share my experience with you all. Although I haven't done much IDPA or other 'semi-auto' type competitions. I did compete in Cowboy Action Shooting for several years and I took it serious. One of the last big matches I shot (2005 Midwest Regionals), taught me an important lesson about firearms competition and what to concentrate on. In preparation for the shoot, I took a week of vacation, so I could hone my transitions, practice my first shot pistol drills, shotgun loading technique etc. On the first day of the vacation, before I went to the range, my daughter asked me to help her practice her post up moves (basketball). I proceeded to injure myself (second degree calf muscle tear). The doctor told me to rest / ice/ elevate/ pressure bandage for 3-4 weeks. So I elevated and iced it for 6 days, no practice, no dry-fire no nothing! I was able to move around a bit (hopping on one leg, or crutches), and decided to go down to the regional since my wife, son and daughter were also shooting and we'd already paid all the entry fees. We got down there and I decided that if I iced my calf between stages and focused just on where I placed my foot, I could at least shoot (no expectation of doing well), I even joined a posse of average shooters instead of my normal 'fast' posse. So, I didn't concentrate on the shooting AT ALL. During the walk/limp through, I paid attention to how even/uneven the ground was, which foot to start moving with etc. I barely gave a second thought to the stages/ shooting scenarios. The main match was 2 days long and I didn't miss a shot and finished 3rd overall out of 400+ shooters (maybe 120 serious shooters and the rest 'women, children and socializers'). I remember knowing where every shot was going as it broke, I had great technique with my transitions and actually shot the shotgun part of one stage while standing on one foot, because my calf was hurting so bad. If/when I start competing again, I'm going to try to use the memory of that shoot to keep my self talk under control. Have a Merry Christmas everyone, AJ
  8. I don't know about the internet, but my youthful vigor (stupidity) did win me a few scars and the ability to forecast the weather without a smart phone! Merry Christmas, AJ
  9. Love the stories boys. I think I could right a book about things NOT to do again. 1) I will NOT accept a ride while hitchhiking, by a car full of roughnecks (oil/gas well drillers) that are all high on pot and have NO room in the car. BUT, there IS room in the trunk and you can keep the trunk open! This is a long long story, includes getting 2 4x4's stuck 10 miles from nowhere while hunting and while I had a cast on my leg. I walked to the road in the dark (midnight) in the snow and had blisters under my walking cast when I found the road. I accepted the ride and road in the trunk of that car down dirt roads at 40-60mph for 25 miles! We where airborne multiple times when we crossed cattle guards! I can still see the red glow of the tail lights as they shown into the boiling dust that was kicked up and swirling into the trunk. BTW, there was NOTHING soft in that trunk (tools, jacks, spare tire etc. 2) I will NOT be naive enough again to take a walk at 8 mile and I-75 (Detroit) while wearing my cowboy boots and hat. I was fresh off the farm (Colorado) and had just started my first job out of college (EDS). 3) I will NOT amuse myself by mixing Acetylene gas, gun powder and garbage bags. (ended up in the hospital getting my eardrum repaired). 4) I will NOT blow up an entire primer tube full of primers on my Dillon 650 again! 5) I will NOT ride a Motorcycle that a friend has just changed the oil on, without making sure that the oil plug is more than 'hand tight'. A motorcycle is hard to ride around a corner with hot oil spilling out in front of the rear tire. 6) I will NOT try to face down 5 angry dogs again. I've always been able to make a single dog back down. I'm still not sure I know what I was thinking. 7) I will NOT shoot a deer/elk at the bottom of anything called 'Hells Hole' again (unless I have a horse with me). 8) I will NOT let a horse pick me up by the skin between my nipples. I was only 10yrs old, and I beat the hell out of that horses face/eyes until she dropped me. I had the prettiest 6" diameter purple blood blister after that! 9) I will NOT kill a rattlesnake by jumping and landing on it's head with the heel of my boot again. Nor will I kill one by holding it's head down with a highlift jack and cut it's head off with my knife. That one was nearly 3' long and my mom nearly passed out when the snake wrapped it's body around my leg as I cut it's head off. I'm still amazed I survived childhood. 10) I will Never again ride on the open window of the door of a pickup, shooting anthills across the hood of the truck while my best friend drives 40mph down the backroads in Western Colorado. I was 15 and he was 14, we had rescued the truck from his grandads junkyard. No insurance, no licenses, loaded guns in the truck and the fun was shooting anthills from a moving vehicle. I was actually really really good at it. It was a LOT of fun. 11) I will Never stop a lawnmower by sticking my left foot underneath it again! Good thing I hadn't sharpened those damn blades. Drove myself to the hospital before taking the shoe off, afraid I had loose parts in there. I broke several bones (including the tiny little one under the nail of the 3rd toe). Got some pretty good cuts too. Sure ruined that shoe. 12) I will NOT accidentally step on a sleeping porcupine while elk hunting in a wilderness area again! I'm not sure which one of us was the most surprised. I do know that I'll NEVER have a heart attack from being surprised, I've passed that test! 13) I will NOT launch my salmon boat into Lake Michigan without the plug installed. 3/4 of a mile out into the lake is NO time to figure out that you have so much water around the inboard motor that you can't get on plane. We made it back to the dock and the bilge pumps cleared up the problem. 14) I will NOT hit my middle finger on my left hand, full force with a framing hammer. I never knew a finger was actually full of stuff that looks just like hamburger! All my uncle told me was "Stand on the Grass! We'll have to clean up all this blood from the concrete" I'll stop here, I just barely met you guys AJ
  10. That is the part I am referring to when i say trim it down. When the face of the safety is flush with the rest of the trigger then all pressure is distributed equally. If it is not smooth then most pressure is on that small nub. As tightly as you can grip a gun you will still experience a bit of movement during recoil. All that pressure in a small area will create a blister. Yep, your previous post got me to focus on that a little closer, thanks. What do you use to shape it? I think if I gave the lower 1/4" a larger radius, it would remove the pressure point. Thanks, AJ
  11. OK, So I spent a little time with the Glock and decided I'd try to take some pictures of where my finger is engaging the trigger. I noticed that when I pull the trigger, I can still feel the safety above the face of the trigger, that protrusion may be part of the pain/blister issue. Pardon the pictures, it's awkward trying to take a picture of your grip with a phone in your other hand. https://www.dropbox....22 17.59.01.jpg https://www.dropbox....22 17.59.09.jpg https://www.dropbox....22 17.59.36.jpg https://www.dropbox....22 17.59.48.jpg Let me know what you think, Thanks, AJ
  12. Funniest response to one of my posts EVER. Of course my daughter looked at that and said "Solid response, Helter Skelter!" Have a merry Christmas. AJ
  13. Thanks guys for all the great info. I'll try to use less trigger and see how it works. Have a Merry Christmas, AJ
  14. Whenever I shoot a few hundred rounds with my G23, I end up with a blister on the side/end of my trigger finger. I've studied my grip and am at a loss to fix my issue. I take a high grip, which makes my trigger finger knuckle actually start a touch higher than the trigger, so my finger angles down to reach the trigger. My finger thus reaches the bottom 1/3 of the trigger, which causes the tip to drag slightly on the trigger guard. I have small/medium hands, so there is almost no space between my finger and the frame of the pistol. When I shoot a lot, I end up getting a blood blister where the tip/side of my finger drags on the guard, I think it's pinching me during the reset of the trigger. To add to the situation, I broke the last joint of my finger playing softball when I was a kid, so it bends a little bit away from my thumb. I never had this problem with my previous pistol (Sig P226). I've been shooting/carrying this Glock for 7-8 years and I shoot it well, I just don't enjoy shooting it, which is a shame. I could live with this issue, except I plan on doing a little 3gun next summer, which will certainly include a bit of pistol practice. Thanks for any advice. If my description isn't clear, I can try to take some pictures of my grip and the situation. I have a 3.5 Rocket disconnector on the Glock. Thanks, AJ
  15. Hi all, Over the last several years, I've browsed this site. I've always been able to find my answer without needing to join and ask! I've shot a lot! and have done a bit of competition shooting (Cowboy action mostly, but a little IDPA as well). Here is a link to a video of me winning the 2005 Midwest regional CAS top ten shootoff. I shot somewhere around 30k rounds in practice/competition that year. Shot 2k in drills with my pistols the week before the shoot. I ended up shooting 4 days without a miss (finished 3rd overall, won some side events and the top ten shootoff). Now I want to learn to shoot the AR. I've been planning to build an AR for the last 10 years or so. About 2 months ago, I finally bit the bullet and started ordering parts (good thing I didn't wait until this current scare!). I figured I'd build it this winter and maybe try a 3gun match or 2 next summer. Anyway, I've got almost everything in hand (or on the way), with the exception of the trigger, buttstock and compensator. The parts I've got are - Seekins Lower/Upper iRMT-3, Seekins SP3R rail, JP LMOS Bolt Carrier (black), JP enhanced bolt (black), JP captured-silent buffer/spring. JP 18" Lightweight barrel (black teflon) (rifle length gas) LMT LPK (without trigger group). Syrac low profile adjustable gas block BCM Mod4 gunfighter charging handle Buttstock, leaning towards Magpul UBR, but LMT SopMod is running close second because of the weight issue. Trigger - Giessele super 3 gun ??? Compensator - completely undecided (might even make one myself). My other 'race' guns (the rifle/pistols/shotgun in video) have what other people call 'too light' of triggers. The rifle/pistols have around 2lb break (rifle is actually a touch under) and the shotgun is somewhere between 3 and 4 lbs. In fact all my firearms have what I'd say are good to great triggers (my long range elk hunting rifle wears a Jewel Benchrest trigger set at 1.5 lbs), my lightweight M700 has a timney set at 2lbs. My G23 has a 3.5lb rocket disconnector. So, would the Giessele super 3 gun trigger fit right in? If not, I'm open to suggestions. Also, given my list of components, which stock do you think would most likely balance the rifle correctly? I'm 6'1" and 230+ if that matters. Thanks for the great forum and thanks in advance for any help with these last couple items. btw: I have all the 223 parts for my Dillon 650, so it's just a matter of time :-) Thanks, AJ
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