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  1. Thanks Tonka......I have an Xfive with the straight trigger....stock.....straight from the LGS.....seems like this is causing some concern on other posts about its inclusion in CO and Production classes
  2. Medicaptain

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ok...so I'm am now kinda confused....I just bought a brand new X5 from my LGS...WITH a straight trigger....and I have to switch it to the curved trigger to shoot USPSA Production and/or CO?.......well that sux
  3. I bet that looks "Sick".....I will find him on Fbook and check into the Tiff/Black one.....I do not necessarily need the mag pouches but I may just buy an additional belt dedicated to the X-five......thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  4. Nice catch.....ordering one of those for sure....Thanks How in the haaayeck did you find that?.....well, I was totally on board until it said "Tiff Blue".....two and half C notes later would sting for that color combo.....But I sincerely thank you for finding that....
  5. Medicaptain

    X-five holsters

    Wow....I picked up a great deal on a new X-Five today and really looking forward to shooting it this Thursday in USPSA and Sunday in a 3 Gun event....BUT....I can't diddly for a decent holster. I picked up a CompTac on Amazon out of desperation.....any suggestions out there besides waiting a month for an RHT (ordering now), Springer is "out of stock".....I travel a bunch so I don't mind multiple holsters....
  6. Cool thanks...P320 RX or X5 look like a nice entry to CO too
  7. I thought you could not do any trigger work in CO? vortex is a great company....just not sure I’m willing to chance it on another viper....too many bad stories and with my experience...just not confidence inspiring even though they fully support their products
  8. Odd that you would mention the TP9SFX....I think I am on my 15th YT video on that exact pistol. How about a range report after your done tomorrow?......I would be very interested to hear your thoughts. From two of the YT vids....the TPSFX looks like it ONLY likes to shoot 115g ammo...which isn't necessarily a bad thing Thanks for the comments...I am a tinkerer so I am leaning away from milling a CZ P-10....even though I still will get one
  9. for a very brief time I had an M&P CORE with a Viper Vortex RMR.....the glass flew out on my 6th shot. So I have a 6 shot experience level with Optics on pistols, sounds like they all have their weakness's....Vortex was awesome to deal with but I sold the entire gun/package as soon as they replaced it....I was in the middle of building my AR at the time and did not wanna mess with it anymore.
  10. +1 on the SP01.....been there, sold that.....it is THE 1 gun I regret selling...... DPP....DeltaPoint Pro?
  11. I am just getting back into USPSA regularly for the last 4-6 months. I made a huge leap and picked up a DVC 2011 (in 9mm....like a dummy I forgot about minor/major) and while I do love shooting the DVC in Limited....I am seriously interested in starting over in COptics. I am considering a few pistols...Canik TPSFX, CZ P-10C milled (for some reason I really like this size of pistol G19's etc). However, I am also considering a G17MOS or G34 or 35 converted to 9mm with the ability to go back and shoot Major in Limited. Any suggestions or comments out there??......throw em at me, I have thick skin. EDIT-I did have a G34 before and I just couldn't stand the flip it produced...I should have kept it and played around with the springs more...but I really did not like it at the time. I shot a G19 for my first 3 matches and liked it, but we have a lot of 25yd plus shots thrown into our matches and I was just not accurate enough with it at that distance.
  12. Any suggestions on where to get those 40% off coupons? Thanks
  13. Just changed out my extractor on my M3K....250 shells today without a hiccup. I shot my first match with it three weeks ago and it was %$#@ near every other shell FTE......Hopefully the trend today continues.... Thank god for this website and YouTube.....game changer
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