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  1. Medicaptain

    P320 X5 Thread

    Ok...so I'm am now kinda confused....I just bought a brand new X5 from my LGS...WITH a straight trigger....and I have to switch it to the curved trigger to shoot USPSA Production and/or CO?.......well that sux
  2. I bet that looks "Sick".....I will find him on Fbook and check into the Tiff/Black one.....I do not necessarily need the mag pouches but I may just buy an additional belt dedicated to the X-five......thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  3. Nice catch.....ordering one of those for sure....Thanks How in the haaayeck did you find that?.....well, I was totally on board until it said "Tiff Blue".....two and half C notes later would sting for that color combo.....But I sincerely thank you for finding that....
  4. Wow....I picked up a great deal on a new X-Five today and really looking forward to shooting it this Thursday in USPSA and Sunday in a 3 Gun event....BUT....I can't diddly for a decent holster. I picked up a CompTac on Amazon out of desperation.....any suggestions out there besides waiting a month for an RHT (ordering now), Springer is "out of stock".....I travel a bunch so I don't mind multiple holsters....
  5. Any suggestions on where to get those 40% off coupons? Thanks
  6. Just changed out my extractor on my M3K....250 shells today without a hiccup. I shot my first match with it three weeks ago and it was %$#@ near every other shell FTE......Hopefully the trend today continues.... Thank god for this website and YouTube.....game changer
  7. Time to put my SPEEDCART to good use......loading up the Amazon cart as we speak....pics soon
  8. Thanks for all the 130 pages on great info guys....heading out to pick up an M3K right now....
  9. Yes...an update would be awesome...I am looking for an inexpensive functioning backup Thanks
  10. My DVC did not like any of the 147gr I shot and about half of the 115gr stuff was good to great but not as good as all of the 124gr I shot through it...
  11. Not at all. I found some S&B NATO 124g ammo from a local supplier and the DVC loves it. I bought about 10 different types, manufacturer, grain weight etc ammo and the S&B NATO 124gr runs perfect and very accurate.
  12. Any update on this?....I just picked up a DVC and am interested to find out what the solution was.. Thanks!
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