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  1. I have been reading everything I can find on .223 and .308 reloading in an AR platform. I want some opinions. I getting ready to do rifle for the 1st time. I've run a ton of pistol, but no rifle, yet. I'm getting mixed results on how the different powders will meter in a Dillon 650XL. From what I gather H335 and IMR 8208XBR will both meter ok. Which one meters better. Which one is a more universal powder?
  2. I have been reading .223 reloading threads for a while. My eyes are crossed. Lot of info. I have reloaded a ton of 9, 40, 45. This is a new animal. Thanks to all for the info.
  3. I have a hard charging personality. I ran stages with gravel flying when I started. I heard people make comments like "that guy will be good when he figures it out". That comment made me feel good, but i didn't win jack squat. Fast forward 4 maybe 5 years later and a buddy of mine told he was talking to a local GM and he said "We better look out, he figured it out. That really made me feel good. The more deliberate I move the better I do. It is still a wierd thing for me to wrap my brain around and I find myself backsliding. I shoot fantastic when I feel (in my head) that I'm the best shooter there. There are a few GM's and one M that i shoot with that get into my head. I screw things up trying to go fast instead of just doing what i can do. Makes me furious. If I shoot in a squad without them, my scores are right with them. When I'm squaded with them I get whipped up on. Work in progress
  4. A buddy of mine just purchased a new CZ accushadow. Neither one of us could get a group off a rest that was very good. Ran some drills at speed and the gun groups just fine, actually better than fine. It was great. I don't get it.
  5. It's getting your brain out of the way and allowing your subconcious to take control.
  6. Ok... Ben Stoeger started a thread I was reading about how much do you practice. I see a lot of people practice a lot. It got me to thinking about things. What i'd like to know is how good are you shooters that practice a lot. How much do you practice and what Class are you? I know we can all improve with practice, but are there a bunch of M or GM's out there that don't practice?
  7. I understand how you felt.... As an overagressive high school athlete that was pretty full of themselves, I was running late for the bus to go to a state playoff football game. I got to the bus just in time and an old man was on the steps of the bus in front of me and would not move. I thought I said quietly under my breath, "get the hell out of my way old man". As it turns out, he could still hear very well. The elderly man was Yogi Berra who had come to give wish us good luck. That was 23 years ago and I remember it as it was yesterday, I still feel like and idiot.
  8. MC1

    Fiber optic front sight

    I looked again. There was enough meat on it. I drilled it, mission accomplished!
  9. MC1

    Fiber optic front sight

    OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks Cublaser
  10. MC1

    Fiber optic front sight

    No "meat" on the Dawson sight, it would be unstable if I drilled it. I did just that on my Kadet .22 upper for it.
  11. MC1

    Fiber optic front sight

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a larger diameter fiber optic sight for a CZ SP01? I currently use a Dawson front, and have for years. I'm finding my splits are much faster with my S&W M&P Pro and I think it is because I'm running a larger diameter fiber optic rod on that pistol. I prefer the CZ, but may switch just because of the sight. (I know accuracy decreases with the larger front sight and I'm ok w/ that).
  12. MC1


    Plug for the Springco. I run them in in my TS and SPO1. I have pretty bad arthritus in my wrists. I would not be able to shoot without them. They don't "reduce" recoil, they change perceived or felt recoil. I love em'.
  13. MC1

    New CZ owner

    I know several people that run you set up in 3 gun. Different set of rules.
  14. I just bought a heavy recoil master off this forum for $40.00. I'm going to switch to a springco. If you want mine, it's yours for $40 shipped
  15. Felt recoil changes. There is no arguement over that. Weither you like it or not, well that's a different story. I have arthritus and can not shoot any pistol without one. I think they are amazing, they allow me to shoot without pain. I have never had any wear on a gun from one.
  16. I think it may restrict your fine muscle movement. It looks to me like all muscles are "flexed" or under tension which over powers small movements that allow for faster sight picture
  17. Looks like I've got some work to do
  18. I think the bottom line is math. You do not want to drop these points. These points are "free points". I don't think most people can shoot fast enough to make up for dropped points in this situation. Especially if you are scoring minor power factor.
  19. I was reading the thread titled above that started in May of 2012. Everyone said it's a good thing to switch from a recoil master to a FLGR. No one said why? Can anybody help me out with the pro's and con's for this move. I just got a 2011 pistol that had a full length guide rod and I ordered a recoil master for it. My reasoning is to reduce perceived recoil. I have arthritus in my wrists and this has helped in my CZ's using springco recoil reducer's.
  20. Wow. That's some good use of your cranium. I'm going to give it a go myself. Just got an new 2011 and want to know the trigger pull. Thanks.
  21. MC1

    Who to do the work?

    Canyon creek did my slide.. They did a good job.
  22. Pictures and links would be helpful
  23. I'm looking for some info. on a project. I'm wanting to have the slide on my 2011 lightened. I'm basically looking for 1) who does really good and cool work. 2) price is also a consideration. 3) what is the cost to have it hard chromed?
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