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  1. What does the back strap fit/blend look like? As for my likeness on the grips,lets do something like Johnny Knoxville tattoo on his back but of me .
  2. Need to come up with some cut outs for that solid handle, I got it!! My initials
  3. I have heard that your barrel angle during reloads cannot be higher than the berms.
  4. I had the front detent removed,the real lock up is sufficient .when doing a standing reload as little resistance is better,moving reloads are a little more "forcefully " due to the nature of running and stopping your whole body..
  5. When I run my 22rounds thru the tumbler with just rice,I get rid of all the wax that likes to build up in my cylinder.A light spray of one shot case lube and my 617 loads and reloads. Slick
  6. Competetion of course! One cannot improve unless judged. The GA Precision "Templar V 2" action is sick. 6.5 Creedmore caliber puts the 1000 yard range up close and personal. But the "can" or suppressor is needed for follow up shot in the timed stages,so retool that CNC mill for long range .besides between the two of us we can't haul all our pistols in a wheelbarrow
  7. If your done with the pistol stuff,i need a CAN for my new 6 mill rifle.seriously need to call shot,must reduce felt recoil and barrel jump
  8. If I have to explain it to you,you'll never understand
  9. Straight Up,went to Prescott for the Yarnell Fire victims benefit,wow what a great showing for the shooting community here in Az.all other club shoots were cancelled and everyone was encouraged to go to Yavapai match.100 plus shooters,seven stages all around 30 round counts ...a hose fest,so much fun. These weekend matches here have more talent than State Championships in all other 48 states combined.
  10. 8shot for sure,the comp issue can be decided after you find a soft load behind a 124 no recoil issue
  11. The Berrys 9 mil thick plate 124 hollow bottoms work great
  12. The Montana's are great when available,the Berrys 124 thick plate 9mm are .356 and group well in my short colts
  13. I agree with the post above,the 6 major will live on! I will be a participant to see this happen.The 8. Minor is a necessary addition to the division,"more is better" when talking about overall participants. USPSA is showing the proper action when addressing the needs and wants of their members.
  14. I shoot both,as a 6 major shooter I understand and experience the MAJOR brings to the table,power speed and accuracy must be balanced and executed.That is the foundation of revo shooting ,the foundation as it exist. Shooting the 8 minor is fun ,fast and it brings into play more variations of the stage execution,for a lack of better term "gaming " .i am a A division shooter in revo,when competing I have few options in target sequencing with the importance on hit factors.The 8 shot game is more suited to out think and out perform the competition . The two divisions 6 Major 8 Minor will suffice in USPSA, no optics,ever
  15. I too have embraced the 8 shot minor wheel gun variant,and I am really having fun.i was lucky enough to acquire 38 short brass and put the 38 size die in and followed by the 9 seat and crimp.the Berrys 9mm 124 thick plated hollow bottom bullets are .356 and have been very consistent with good groups at 17 to 20 .im using my 9mm load data with my Autocomp powder because if have a bunch.the crimp is tight to help the entry to the cylinder . I am dropping 5 grains below the 124 with a federal primer and a PF of 128, the 627 has the ridge back spring replaced as well as the short fire pin,I also removed the detent ball that was up front of the cylinder for lock up.i bought the .025 moon clips and have excellent results. Thanks USPSA for getting the 8 shot issue off the talking stage and got it in the game,I will also add 6 shot major 8 shot minor is all that is required in the USPSA Revo division, it needed fixing and they fixed it.
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