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  1. I have the plastic semi rimless, they work fine but is a bit “tricky” to insert into the frame. They are pretty sturdy though.
  2. jester121, thanks for the excellent review, this is very good information for clubs wanting to get the right hardware the first time around, and at a very good price as well!
  3. If you are living outside the US......nobody wants to ship you any parts or accessories any more, maybe because of regulations?
  4. jwhitten is now touching on the real issue here! The way I have been doing it for the last 30 years is a little different that his method, but it boils down to almost the same thing. A day or two before the match I always shoot 5 rounds over my chrono. I then delete the lowest and the highest velocities and use the remaining 3 to calculate my power factor. The power factor should then be at least 5 points higher than the minimum required, but does not have to be higher that 8-10 points using this method, and using this method I have NEVER failed the chrono at a match. So yes, your standard deviation is very important, my method just needs a little less calculations!
  5. Weigh your bullets to know the real weight. Fire 5 shots over the chrono, delete the highest and lowest velocities, get the average of the remainging 3 and calculate the Factor. If you are between 5 and 7 points above minimum you will always be fine.
  6. Ok guys, I will leave the deep technical stuff up to you!!! I am also searching for a Nook look alike e-reader with touch screen and Android, but up to now, no real success here. The Asus 7 inch tablet that we can purchase over here still looks like a very good option, though somewhat on the expensive side. I will keep you posted on my progress and purchases. While we are talking hardware, any suggestions on a wireless router? Will any type do? From what I could gather here is that we do need a wireless router to do at least the printing of the stage results to a wireless printer? In IPSC rules the stage results need to be posted for one hour before the match results can be printed/displayed. This is so that any queries/faults in the scoring could be investigated/rectified. Thanks in advance for your informative comments.
  7. euxx, thanks for the info, I will look into the ASUS 7" tablets, we do get them here, and they are reasonably priced. Ken N, thanks also for your input, very informative about the % power used per stage, I will keep that in mind also. I personally own a relatively new iPad which is amazingly easy on the battery, but over here they are just sooo expensive, so our budget would force us to look at the Android devices, which are almost 10 times cheaper here than the Apple products. From your information it seems as if you can "hot swop" the iPad's battery with a spare? Can you do this easily on the stage?
  8. Our region wants to start using Practiscore for our Level II IPSC matches(40-60 shooters, 7-8 details), and I would like to get some idea of the expected battery life of a standard 8 inch Android tablet, of which we have to purchase at least 10, one master, one backup and 8 for the stages, from what I could gather here on the forum. Would it last for about 6-7 hours while it is being used to enter the different squads as they come to a specific stage? Your inputs in this regard would be appreciated, since we have to decide on what hardware to purchase. Just a remark, we cannot purchase Nooks here in our country, South Africa, so we would have to go the more expensive Android tablet route, the question is which one?
  9. EUXX and Ken N Thanks for the information, I have tried it the way you suggested, and it seems to be a workable solution. Will score our next club shoot here at the very Southern tip of Africa this way. Hermans
  10. I just got a new Apple iPad and installed Practiscore 1.652. When I create a new match and want to select the match type as IPSC I cannot see it in the list....what am I doing wrong?
  11. fxdc, I have the same problem, and found that dedicated shooting glasses works for me. The left lens is normal for seeing the targets, the right one also, except that a small lens is fitted in the left upper corner as well, this one specifically for focussing your right eye on the front sight when you shoot, and this is when we normally drop the head slightly. When you look up again, this little lens does not bother you at all. It did take a week or two to get used to, and works fine for me. Have a look here http://www.hansenseagleeye.info/eagle-eye-brand.html The second one down on the list, is for our sport. Make a copy of the page, take it to your local optician, and have him make you a pair. Happy shooting!!!
  12. Finally got to the range to try it. My average after adding the time all that C's.......7.37 sec. Pm in bound for part two.
  13. Got one for my Para P14, dropped in without any problems. Shoots very nice, but as Dr Phil said, the chamber is on the tight side.
  14. Many years ago being an IPSC RO and having many doubles called in each match, I decided to tell the detail that if anyone calls a double and I have seen him miss the target, I would DQ him for the stage as being "unsportsman like".......well that was the last of the double calling business! In fact, as an RO you never watch the targets, you watch the pistol and the shooter....but mostly shooters do not want to take that chance?
  15. Yes Chuck, we have read about the problems that could cause more strict gun control, but it still seems odd that there would be a shortage of reloading components in the USA, the companies that manufacture primers for instance, did they down scale in production, or is everybody just stocking up like crazy in fear of running short? Herman
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