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  1. Yep, it happened to me with a STI Edge in 40 S&W. I was clearing a malfunction during a COF and I put my right hand (left-handed) over the ejection port (wrong, I know, but I was in a hurry and wasn’t thinking clearly) to clear the round, the primer hit the ejector and blew right next to my hand. I didn’t lose the hand or anything, but left it bloody and with some shrapnel. Lesson learned for life.
  2. Hi guys. I've been in touch with Mr. Beven Grams with several emails back and forth. The problem is that he can't send anything overseas, and doesn't have a european dealer at this moment. Great and helpful guy. He tried everything in his hands to help me out. To Grendel, thanks for the advice on the double alpha items. I'll check into them.
  3. Yep! Because of ITAR. I'll have to find some alternative in Europe...Oh well.
  4. Ok, I tried with Speedshooters but no reply so far. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone. Shooter from Spain here. Does anyone know wether the Grams Engineering spring and follower kit are ITAR regulated? Thanks a lot for info.
  6. Thanks Cheers623, that helps me a lot. Very clear cut answer. Just what I was looking for.
  7. Thanks everyone for the responses. I think I'll try the .170 tall one as a compromise.
  8. Thanks racknrider. I asked because the iron front sight is about .160ish tall, according to my not so accurate measure.
  9. Good day everyone. I did a search before posting and found nothing that could help me... I have an STI EDGE in .40 and would like to switch the standard iron front sight for a fo one. The gun came with a Bomar style adjustable rear sight. If I want to purchase a Dawson Precision fo front sight, what is the correct height I should get? .160, .170 or .180? Thanks a lot in advance people.
  10. Ok, guys and gals. I just came across one web, where you can buy spare elevation screws and springs for the Bo-Mar type sights. The company is called KenSight. I´m not too sure if I´m allowed to post a direct link. Take good care.
  11. All right. You´ve convinced me on the Tripp sight. Now the question is whether it would fit in a Bomar cut such as the one STI uses. And I mean without having access to a gunsmith, as they are in short supply around here. Thanks for the responses, guys.
  12. Thanks guys. The only problem is that I live in Spain. Waaaay too far from Texas, unfortunately. LOL. I was just wondering on the possibility of getting spare parts from somewhere. I guess that since Bomar closed shop, nobody makes spare part kits anymore. Take good care.
  13. Hello everyone. I was shooting my STI Edge last Friday with a friend, when suddenly, the leaf of my adjustable rear sight just popped out. After checking it out, I found that the elevation screw sheared in half and the sight spring flew out. I just ordered a complete new sight, but it seems a waste having to order a whole new sight just for a broken screw. Does anybody know who sells spare parts for these sights?. Just for confirmation, it´s a bomar cut STI adjustable sight. I would appreciate everyone´s input, especially shooters from Europe, since I live in Spain. Thanks a lot in advance.
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