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  1. Harbor Freight, look for coupons! https://www.harborfreight.com/apache-protective-case
  2. All guns are different. You would need to slug your bore to find out. https://www.starlinebrass.com/articles/Slugging-Handgun-Barrels--Identifying-Proper-Bullet-Size/
  3. The high primer concerns me! That should be your first and foremost situation to resolve. After that you can move to case gauging. Once you find what caused your high primer, you may also find why you may have a sizing problem. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Wait, I just re-read your post. I think you are changing powder drop when you change oal, that is not what you want to do. You get the right powder drop for your gun to work (cycle) well. If you are competition, then you go by power factor, once there you work your oal for great accuracy. You should not be changing both at the same time. You always work from lowest powder drop to highest and for oal you work from longest to shortest. Always be safe in what you are doing, if you get an over pressure situation it will be hazardous!
  5. So please tell why you are starting at 1.125? You start at the longest then proceed to best results. My load max was I believe 1.165, so I started 1.160 (10 rounds each) 1.150 and 1.140. I saw the best with 1.140. So I really do not want you to go low, then go back up. What were the load settings for the load you are working? There should be a range for oal.
  6. We cannot really tell you how to shoot, you need to be comfortable with that one. I shoot m&p and I feel quite good with my results freestanding at about 25feet. I recommend no more than 10 of each oal. .010 is also the spread I recommend. My load was max 1.165 (i think) I went to the range with 1.160 1.150 and 1.140. I expected 1.140 to be the worst and it was the best. I have three mags, so I was able to load and test fairly quickly. I would not recommend shorter than 1.140 unless you do not have good results. Absolutely do not make more than one adjustment at a time, I.e. do not change powder drop and oal at the same time while testing. Change one or the other, then test! BE CAREFUL, that is the best advice any of us can give!
  7. The books I have usually have a load for flatpoint, that way you can see the oal you need. Please refer to your load manuals! Use more than one and if they do not agree, then work out a load carefully. At 1.170 I would suggest you try a plop test on your barrel, as a flat point may be hitting the rifling at that length!
  8. What you should do is look in the book you got your load from. It will say, max/min, work in that range, your gun will show you what it likes. I was truly surprised when I tested at the range. You want to shot close enough to be able to shoot tight groups, you will then see the results. One oal for me produced very tight groups, while others slowly opened the groups. BUT STAY WITHIN THE LOAD OAL YOU ARE WORKING! It is very important for pressures. My lee and mixed brass do not stay exactly at that oal, but are very close. I aim for 1.140 as that is the oal that worked beat for me. I get between 1.138 and 1.145. Good luck and be patient, you will get great results!
  9. Oal has much more, you need to watch your books, too short and you will possibly make an over pressure situation. Too long and your round could possibly hit the rifling in your barrel. I would need to look it up, but I think my best was at 1.160 in my stock m&p. the groups got tighter. I run hp38 at the moment with cci spp.
  10. Wow, I really like these, looks like they only have glock though! If they had m&p I would have to have one!
  11. I only use sonic. You need to use hornady one shot though! I ruined brass with the Internet solution. I have however done about 900 in about 45 minutes with the hornady one shot! I love it. (I use the harbor freight ultrasonic cleaner.)
  12. So does anyone prime off press? I am considering to use Tula for price and would like to prime off press. If off press do you remove the pin that presses the primer? Seems like the right thing to do just so you do not press it in further. Oh I am talking pro 1000 9mm set up.
  13. I see you have stated hand press. Do you in fact mean the hand press or a bench press? Is it possible that when you get a crooked one you have the hand press crooked and the bullet does not get seated correctly? Look after seating and see if they are crooked or if after the fcd. I saw where the fcd is not really necessary for 9mm unless you have severe bulging. Definitely start inspecting each process! I would also make sure you only flare just enough for the bullet to barely sit on the case not in the case!
  14. It looked like precision delta had stock. Not sure though.
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