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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, as a new shooter (started last year) i will have my first IPSC classifiers this summer. I am therefore studying the stage set-ups, even reproducing some for dry fire practice. Classifier 69 (see attached diagram - credits: ipsc-tech.org) puzzles me as regards how to shoot it. Stage begins with 3 far open targets, 23 meters/75 feet, to be engaged from position A 'with a minimum of two round each', then reload and proceed to position B, same string, and so forth up to position D. Total rounds to be scored is 8 per target. Based on my skill level, sho
  2. I started this sport a little late in life at 49, and now 5 years into it, I can see why they set the age for senior at 55. I can definitely feel old age starting to creep up… Honestly, I always thought it would be great to make Master I but never really thought it would be possible. Last year I made production A class and spent a day and a half with Shannon Smith, and I think reaching Master just may be possible. Although, the recent updates to the classifier high hit factors really hurts… I know it’s generally not recommended, but I’ve started shooting classifiers a lot in prac
  3. To get classified you need to have 4 on record, but as you accumulate more it averages your best 6. So when I shoot a 'classifier match' I have 6 classifiers submitted. USPSA takes the best 4 and gives a Classification. But then a week later the run the update and average the 6 and my % Drops but the Classification remains the same. Does that seem silly to anyone? Its happened to me were my percentage is a C but my class is a B. And another guy I shoot with mentioned the same thing happened to him. In my simple 8 round brain, if its a classifier match and I have 6 scores ente
  4. Forgive me if this has been asked before. In recent years, IDPA has allowed you to shoot a classifier in a more restrictive division (e.g., CDP) and automatically have your score applied in a less restrictive division (e.g., ESP) as well. Has this ever been considered for USPSA? I believe you could have a rig that would fit into both Lim10 and Production, for example, or both Single Stack and Lim10. Any reason why you shouldn't be able to shoot once and have your classification calculated for all applicable divisions?
  5. Strategic Edge Chapel Hill TN Saturday August 19 We will have 4 classifier stages and at least 2 field courses (maybe a bonus 3rd). Please come early to help with set up. Over the last few months participation has been great and has led us to be able to shoot more stages at a more efficient rate. We thank you and welcome the continued support. We we do have 60 slots for online registration, so please pre-register if possible. We will accept walk ons as well. This will be a single gun match. 25$ for non strategic edge members 20$ for strate
  6. West Shore Practical Shooters will host a classifier match on Saturday, May 20th, 2017. The plan is to have 4 classifiers, 1 field course, and 1 speed shoot for a total of 6 stages (run on 6 bays). Cost is $30.00 Good opportunity to move up in class! Our information can be found here: https://practiscore.com/clubs/west-shore-practical-shooters https://www.facebook.com/WestShorePracticalShooters/
  7. NISA is holding a special classifier match on Sunday, March 26 at Schultz Gun Club, which is just north of the Illinois border in Muskego, WI. http://www.nisa-uspsa.com/ https://practiscore.com/nisa-march-2017/register
  8. Ontario Rod & Gun Club is hosting the MINUTEMAN 3 GUN Match. If you ever wanted to get a valid 3GN classification now is your chance to do it at a single match at New York's only 3 Gun Nation sanctioned range. There will be four 3 Gun Nation Classifier stages: - 16-13 Long Run 1 - 10-13 Triple Play - 06-13 Crash or Burn - 04-14 Around the Horn-3 and an additional 5th (and maybe a 6th) 3 Gun stage. - 5 total stages - held only one day (Saturday) - max 50 shooters (5 squads) - 50yds max rifle distance - All divisions recognized! Including the new Pistol Caliber Carbine d
  9. Join the Deadwood Boys club on Sunday, August 7th for an "All-Classifer" USPSA match. Whether you are new to USPSA shooting, are looking to improve your classification, or are trying to get your initial classification in a new division, this match will give you the chance to knock out your classification in one day. The match will be six stages and will feature set-squadding and stage ROs to help keep the day moving. Competitiors will also be allowed to register to shoot in up to two divisions (and yes, PCC is available!). Preregistration for the match is now open on Practiscore: https://prac
  10. Looking at this what is the classifier score taken from? I know I need four shot stages turned into USPSA by the 10 of the month to be classified.(I have three now). Is it the 68.28%? Stage 3 - Paper Poppers- Pistol - Carry Optics Classifier 03-05 Place Name USPSA Class Points Penalty Time Hit Factor Stg Pts Stage % 1 Tom Thompson A63389 M 46 0 6.59 6.9803 50.0000 100.00% 2 Mark Prickett A95469 U 50 0 10.49 4.7664 34.1418 68.28% 3 Burton Marshall A91540 U 48 0 11.55 4.1558 29.7681 59.54% 4 Terry Bailado FY32906 C 43 10 8.77 3.7628 26.9530 53.91% 5 Ray Winkel TY62418 U
  11. Hi folks, I just released my iOS app for calculating classifier percentages while offline, so I thought it was worthy of a new post to sum up what I have available these days. The site and apps are all free. https://azshooters.org/- online calculator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.azshooters.calc- android app, works offline https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/azs-calc/id1053517805?ls=1&mt=8- iOS app, works offline If you run into any problems with anything, let me know! We have a FB group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1485056835140641/) and there's a feedback page
  12. This Saturday my local USPSA club is doing a classifier match. They've released which stages they're doing and I was hoping for help, suggestions, tips, tricks etc. I'm exceedingly new to competition pistol shooting, this being my second match. Any and all help appreciated. We're going to shoot CM 03-05, CM 13-06, CM 03-09, CM 03-18, CM 06-10, and CM 09-03.
  13. Hello All, There will be an all Classifier Match held at MCRC in Columbia (Gaston), SC on 14 March 2015. There will be six classifiers with a round count of approximately 80 rounds. Registration will start at 0900 and the first shots at 1000. Here is a map to the range: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mid+Carolina+Rifle+Club/@33.872427,-81.128195,15z/data=!4m7!1m4!3m3!1s0x88f8bfafdadb0987:0x83303406cf5fb9d1!2s3435+Fish+Hatchery+Rd,+Gaston,+SC+29053!3b1!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xd2f9556e0530c89d?hl=en This is a great time to up your classification or get classified in another division.
  14. Several USPSA classifiers require a "standard" table, or a "standard height" table, or a "standard card table." Are there specified dimensions or specifications for these, or do they truly mean any folding card table of dimensions that are unremarkable and common? Thanks in advance!
  15. I am trying to find how they calculate the percentage of one shooters time compared to the fastest time. I am having trouble finding the formula used for this. For example if the fastest time on a given stage is 15.78 seconds and someone shoots it in 23.58 seconds. How to you calculate that in a percentage? From what I understand this is how the 3 gun nation classifiers are calculated, then the last 4 are averaged to get your classification.
  16. This coming Saturday, June 7th is the next regularly scheduled USPSA match for the club. With the usual 4 stages including a classifier. The match starts at 7AM. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here. https://clubs.practiscore.com/june-uspsa-match-phoenix-rod-and-gun-club/register Afterwards, we will again hold the Rifle match starting at 3pm after we change the stages up a bit. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. Now that it is getting hotter outside, please also indicate your preference regarding the start time. Since 3pm is usually the hottest time of the day, we mi
  17. This coming Saturday, April 5th is the next regularly scheduled USPSA match for the club. With the usual 4 stages including a classifier. The match starts at 7AM. Please Pre-Register at the link listed here: https://clubs.practiscore.com/phoenix-rod-and-gun-club-uspsa-4-5-14/register Afterwards, we will again hold the rifle match starting at 3pm after we change the stages up a bit. This match contains 3-gun style rifle only stages. I found that this practice was not only fun but very helpful in preparation for the recent SMM3-Gun Match. You can shoot this match with any caliber of Auto or Se
  18. Remember this coming Saturday we will be holding our regular USPSA match consisting of Four Stages including a Classifier. Sign-up goes from 7:30 AM thru 9:00 AM This week we are setting up Friday Morning starting at 10AM. For those with free time available, helpers get to shoot the match for free and also get cash. Contact us here at azuspsa@gmail.com if you are interested in helping out. ****** ALSO ***** For those of you with rifles that want to have extra extra fun - We are going to shoot the stages with our AR's after the regular match is finished and we convert the stages to rifl
  19. Zombie Shooters Association-USPSA, NC29, will hold a Special Classifier match on Sunday 12 Jan 14 at ENC in Goldsboro, NC. 6 Classifiers; CM 99-09, CM 99-13, CM 06-03, CM 09-04, CM 13-02 and CM 13-05, there will also be a 32 round field course to keep it fun, 7 stages in all. As previously posted by John Z. since the last one was canceled due to extremely bad weather. Just did a copy paste and updated the dates.
  20. Thunder Tactical Shooters is happy to announce our first 3GN Club Series Match, in cooperation with Kidlat Shooters and Pacleb Ranch for September 29th, 2013. The match signup will be handled with www.matchsignup.org and is available now under Thunder Tactical Shooters 3 Gun Nation Match. The match will consist of six (6) classifier stages for ranking within the National Club Series, and the cost is $40.00 for the match, including range and classification fees. We will be limiting the match to 50 shooters, and entries are expected to fill up fast. The match will be held at Pacleb ranch, and
  21. Texas Carbine will host a 3GN All-Classifier match on June 9th at the Starry Range in Corpus. So, if you are a 3GN member and would like to get credit for FIVE Classifier stages in the Club Series competition, come join us. The five Classifier stages we will be shooting can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here. Round count is approximately: 28 Pistol / 24 Rifle / 41 Birdshot (no slugs) This is a great way to get a jump on the Club Series Classifiers so we hope some of you reading this can join us. See our website at www.texascarbine.com for our schedule, maps to the range, etc., and if you
  22. Got the results of my classifier today ... MM in SSP. I'm quite impressed, but I realise I have a very long way to go. Total score 189.55 with 73 points down. And I dropped 50 of those on the third stage. Suggestions? Slow down and get more on the targets? Conventional wisdom seems to be that you "cannot miss fast enough".
  23. The Palmetto Gun Club in Summerville SC (Charleston Metro Area) will run a Classifier match January 5, 2013. We are planning to run at least 5 classifiers (maybe sneak in a 6th).
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