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  1. Buy a whole new gun? Oh, twist my arm! Lol.
  2. For me it looks like the breakeven on money is at about 7 mags vs. a new, dedicated 9mm lower. Hmm.
  3. xtian999

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    I was recently taught that the way to shoot an AR is where you put the butt of the stock under your chin and right off center of your breastbone, stand facing the target, head up, and look straight ahead at the target. The elbows are down and in and the hands are both held higher and closer to the face. It is almost like holding a trumpet, really. If you have body armor on, you would be directly behind it and the length of pull would be even shorter to compensate for the added layers. Better for combat, moving through obstacles, close quarters, multiple targets. This is very different than how I learned to shoot rifles and shotguns, where the feet and body are turned, the gunbutt is in the shoulder pocket, head is forward and down, and the hands are spread out. Maybe more like a violin. L.o.p. was considered correct if it matched the length from your second knuckle to the crook of your elbow. I still do this for skeet, trap, and hunting. I do not wear armor, but my l.o.p. is way shorter using the modern AR stance. Whereas my collapsible stock normally would be full extended and even wearing a buttpad, now it is about the second or third click. Still getting used to it. Hard to break old habits.
  4. xtian999

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I got it. EGW mount and Vortex Viper. $210.00 plus install. I’ll post results when it is all done.
  5. xtian999

    Red Dot for Rock Island?

    I found a mounting plate by EGW that fits both the Novak low mount dovetail (49.95 Amazon) and the Vortex red dot (157.00 Opticsplnt w/12.5% coupon.) I’ll call Aaron at HCG and ask if he can do the install.
  6. May be out of print, but if you can find it: “How to Live Cheaply with Style” it is a great book. To add to that, I would say: Before you buy a new gun, look into the same steps as preparing to buy a home. In other words, pay off credit cards ( high interest and bad debt-to-income ratio), sell non-performing assets, sell any car that is on a note (also bad debt/income ratio) and buy a beater for cash (used Volvos are a popular choice), and address any credit issues like slow pays, no pays, judgements, old school loans, etc. (bad debt). Then re-finance your mortgage on a 30yr. if you have one, and if you don’t, then buy a home before you buy a new gun. After that, your credit rating will go way up and you can buy a newer car at a lower rate and your new gun with a clear conscience.
  7. xtian999

    Red Dot for Rock Island?

    Has anyone put a slide mounted Vortex Venom or similar on a Rock Island 2011?
  8. xtian999

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    So, my question today is: Has anyone put a red dot on their RIA? If so, please do tell.
  9. xtian999

    Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    Check the inside of the slide release where it contacts the mag follower. There is a little flat shoulder on the follower. If the follower is hitting too soon, it locks the slide before the last round. I trim down the follower with a sharp blade in small increments until it engages after the last round. Usually about 2-3mm of material. I have never trimmed too much yet, but the part is replaceable anyway. I have done 9 Remington RP9 mags that way and they all work fine now.
  10. xtian999

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    I like the sound of that. Been looking at the Kentucky State Police trade-in gen4 G35 plus a vortex venom for steel and paper, and a G40 plus venom for ranch.
  11. xtian999

    Turkish Prices Coming Down

    The SAR9 was $400 8 months ago, now it is $268.
  12. xtian999

    Turkish Prices Coming Down

    If I had bitcoins, I wouldn’t care about prices.
  13. xtian999

    Turkish Prices Coming Down

    What else would I pay for a gun with, colored beads?
  14. Are the prices of Turkish pistols coming down lately? Seems like there are some good deals out there right now.