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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys.
  2. Thanks for the input. I was mistaking about bolt/buffer weight. It's currently 17.7oz for buffer and bolt(weight removed). Adding the weight will take it to 21oz. Powders on hand are 231, WSF, HP-38, Clays and of course TG.
  3. 5.5" barrel, QC10 bolt(weight removed), JP 308 Carbine spring, BK hydraulic buffer, bolt/buffer mass is ~17.7 oz. Load is 3.0gr TG under 147gr Xtreme(I plan on running 4.3gr TG under 115gr). I wish I would have done a vid without the suppressor. Do you think the suppressor helps or hurts recoil impulse on a std AR 9mm? Based on what you see in the video, do you have any recommendations for me? Change in technique, stance, install bolt weight, load, etc?
  4. CMC sells a 2 stage now. You might have received one by mistake.
  5. I have had excellent results with Remington 1200 fps slugs in boths of my m3000's. Both guns have stock parts but do have slicked up actions. I haven't had to shoot enough buck to justify testing any low recoil.
  6. I also suggest using a cable to lock the hard case to the bars inside the suitcase just in case the suitcase busts open. Just a little bit more piece of mind. This would only apply to a pistol case locked inside a suitcase.
  7. It is important to satisfy TSA AND the Airline regs that your flying. As mentioned in several posts here, they are not always the same....err on the side of the more strict rules. I had an experience last year with Delta. The x-ray machines can certainly tell if a mag is loaded or not(inside a metal box). TSA site says OK, Delta regs say no. With Delta the ammo "must be in ammo boxes". The x-ray machines are good and don't assume that your going to get away with anything "stealthy". Think about how your equipment will look when it goes through the x-ray machine. If it's obvious that things look in order, there is less of a chance you'll hear "Mr Smith, please return to to the ticket counter".
  8. Sub'ed to see the outcome of this. I'm very interested in the 8" barrel/BCG combo. Are all you guys running the 16" version?
  9. I replaced one of my M3000 extractors with the M2 at 1400 rounds. It never gave me any trouble, but I did it as a precaution. My 2nd M3000 is still running the Stoeger extractor at 940 rounds without issue. IIRC, the issue is that the metal is a bit sub-par compared to the M2 and therefor may not last as long.
  10. I'm looking forward to this match. I miss this stuff.... I haven't shot a major 3G match since the ProAm last year.
  11. I made two of them on the first go around. They are a anodizer. I'll check with six gun shooter and see if he still wants one.
  12. Thanks for posting all the info guys. I spoke with Dave Manson today and he confirmed that this is a common problem with 9mm rifle barrels. But when I mentioned that my barrel was nitrited, he suggested to find out from the MFR if it's nitrited on the bore/chamber. He said it would be hell to ream a nitrited barrel. But the he recommended a "35 caliber pistol throater" to solve the problem of the premature bullet engagement. He also recommended the 12" T-handle if I didn't want to remove the barrel. Nice fellow and very helpful. He said that the F9MMLUGB (mentioned earlier in this thread) isn't what I need to lengthen the throat. I want my gun to run anything just like my Glocks will run anything. I don't think its asking for too much. I'm slightly interested in sending my barrel to Patriot defense, but I like having the ability to ream more if I need to in the future (if I purchase the throat reamer). I could also maybe recoup the cost of the reamer by offering this service to other shooters in my area.
  13. I didn't think about the case sitting proud of the chamber and the fact that the bolt face is recessed. I'll have to look at this again.
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