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  1. Oh, one more thing. My QC10 never ran 100% until I went 100% QC10. I have 1000 rounds of a variety of ammo with zero malfunctions now. I suspect you might do fine with the right combination of parts but working through getting mine to run was frustrating. IMO I think it's important to match the lower, bolt and barrel from the same mfr.
  2. I did one but SBR'd it. 5.5" QC10 upper with a 8.5" Odin Works hand guard that allows for a little bit longer reach and also allowing a suppressor to go underneath it. I swap the suppressor over to a fake can so I can shoot matches with it. It's not the softest shooting PCC because its set up to run any ammo and not tuned to run a gammer load. Bolt weight installed, 308 carbine spring, Blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer. It can be a little gassy with the suppressor on but apparently that's something you gotta deal with when suppressed. FYI, I recently built a 4.5" AR22 pistol and
  3. How often do you clean out all of the blow back crap out of the lower? I went a bit over 1K with a 243G and a scary situation happened. I pulled the trigger and there was a 1-2 second delay before the hammer released. It happened again and upon inspection I discovered that build up on the spring rods would hold back the hammer for a bit of time. Cleaning things up and all was GTG again. I have since moved the 243G over to another AR and swapped my PCC over to a CMC 9mm. 243G is a great trigger.... keep it clean.
  4. I'm in Albertville Alabama.  Let me know what all your interested ASAP, I have already had two other folks interested in different things.  



    Ryan Newbern

    1. perjohn


      Sorry I missed it, that was a good deal. If the sale falls through let me know, I'm in knoxville and could drive down and pick it up to save you the trouble of shipping. 


      Perry Johnson

  5. I like a 50 yd zero for PCC because I want the up close hold overs to be the same as my other AR's. I have worked to create a habit of aiming 1.5" high at close targets with my 3gun AR and I want to do the same with my PCC AR.
  6. Safety concern: if you experience "dead trigger" (hammer not releasing when trigger is pulled), be aware that once you pull the trigger the hammer could release at any moment. I recommend promptly unloading (while pointing in safe direction) and fully cleaning FCG components. I had an instance when I pressed the trigger and the hammer release a second or 1.5 seconds later. This happened about 1100-1200 rounds after I installed the 243G(with no cleaning inside lower). I now plan to remove FCG and clean every 700-800 rounds.
  7. BTW, Optics Planet beat the Ebay price I saw of $279.99 by $5 so I got the 512C for $275+tax. <$300 delivered This is about the same price as any 510C I could find.
  8. I ordered a 512C in red to replace my old trusty FF3.
  9. I don't have either but plan to purchase the 510 or the 512. One disadvantage of the 512 I see is the mount. From what I've read, the 510c has a decent QD. The 512 doesn't.
  10. I think your correct. I'm using the heavy springs which yield the lightest trigger pull. I have edited OP for clarification.
  11. I shot Steel challenge today with PCC. Gun is a QC10 (upper, lower, barrel and BCG) and ran perfect with a variety of ammo but on the last 5 shots of the match I had to manually cycle the bolt before I could shoot. I looked into it a bit further when I got home discovered that the hammer wasn't releasing when I pull the trigger. As it turns out, there was buildup on the dual spring assembly which prevented the trigger from releasing. I removed everything, cleaned it and reinstalled it and all is good now. I'm using the heavy springs(which provide the lightest trigger pull). I wonder if the m
  12. Thanks for the input. I was mistaking about bolt/buffer weight. It's currently 17.7oz for buffer and bolt(weight removed). Adding the weight will take it to 21oz. Powders on hand are 231, WSF, HP-38, Clays and of course TG.
  13. 5.5" barrel, QC10 bolt(weight removed), JP 308 Carbine spring, BK hydraulic buffer, bolt/buffer mass is ~17.7 oz. Load is 3.0gr TG under 147gr Xtreme(I plan on running 4.3gr TG under 115gr). I wish I would have done a vid without the suppressor. Do you think the suppressor helps or hurts recoil impulse on a std AR 9mm? Based on what you see in the video, do you have any recommendations for me? Change in technique, stance, install bolt weight, load, etc?
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