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  1. 3k is plenty of cash to get you in the game. do your self a huge favor and go to a match and see what you like. there are a million options out there: stock vs chassis, 700 vs tikka vs custom actions, short vs long barrels, heavy vs stupid heavy barrels i shoot a defiance deviant tactical in 243 with heavy palma krieger barrel, sitting in a Manners T6A with mini chassis PRS folks like most shooters are happy to let you see their rigs
  2. ive always liked 77 smk or 77 tmk. you might think about getting a faster twist barrel someday. i was same as toothandnail, never had to change zero for the close stuff
  3. i noticed mine started to slip and i really have to wrench down the lock nut. still works great
  4. Really Right Stuff. end of story. the catch is its gonna cost you $1k+ i have a manfrotto that works great for glassing but its too wobbly to shoot off of any higher than waist high. a friend of mine has shot 100yrd groups under a dime STANDING from a really right stuff tripod
  5. My load didn't change between barrels, so I guess you could say the KKM has normal throat.
  6. If you are asking about cast bullets, KKM makes great glock barrels and threaded should be an option. I have KKM's in 2 different G24's and a G17 and they all shot my lead cast bullets great. .355 and .356 is a bore measurement and has nothing to do with the throat
  7. +1 For JP 9mm set up. Haven't played with changing springs yet to see if it helps
  8. I had a friend turn and thread a wood stippling punch to fit in my soldering iron. It makes things much faster and leaves you some options to make a pattern in how you overlap. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/stock-work-finishing/stock-making-hand-tools/wood-stippling-tools/wood-stippling-punches-prod396.aspx
  9. I have 3. Always liked em. Had one opened up for Grendel.
  10. blairmckenzie1

    17L vs 34

    I shoot a 24 with a 9mm conversion barrel. I like it better than a 34. Super flat with light 3gn loads. The draw takes a little getting used to, there is a little more slide there to clear the holster.
  11. you kinda didn't get my point. I nice pistol is going that is most beneficial could be anything from a Glock 34 with sights and a trigger to a $5000 dollar Custom Open gun, depending on which division you want to shoot. There are tons of parts for glocks, for every gun and every division. And there are multiple companies that make good stuff for XDs. You already said you hated the Glock grip, you can't change that very much. to my point, whatever division or gun you decide to shoot nothing matters more than putting in the time and practice to get better
  12. So shoot production. The gun doesn't matter that much. Shoot what you have and practice.
  13. Look at your elevation drop for your the ranges you are looking to shoot. As long as you have the adjustment in your scope you should be good to go. If you plan on shooting past 500 with a 308 a 20moa rail wouldn't hurt, and they usually cost about the same.
  14. the best load is whatever you work up with your gun. find a powder, then find a powder charge that your rifle likes, then find the length your rifle likes
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