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  1. As others have said, 69s should work in your 1/9 barrel. Hornady's can be had for a decent price. I shoot the Hornady 55 fmj a lot, but do prefer the hevier bullets for longer range steel that has to move to indicate hits.
  2. Been using Chip McCormick eight and ten round .45 mags for some time.
  3. I shoot HM/O and find the 20 rd rifle mags, 10 rd pistol (8 in some places), pump shotgun (shooting while pumping gun) and the heavier recoil of all more challenging than say T/O, may just be me. I tried irons, and quit when I couldn't find/see the targets in the matches I shot. I enjoy HM/O and plan to continue with it, but "irons" just become too much frustration.
  4. What things could be changed to help it out? (And no, I don't shoot irons. I need to be able to see my target, even if that doesn't help my scores. LOL!) It is, in my opinion, the most difficult division to shoot. It's hard to get folks to do the more challenging stuff, and quite frankly, many have no desire to make it harder on themselves to compete.
  5. Many thanks to Andy, Mike, Legion, everyone one involved, esp. the great ROs. Wow, what a prize table. Thanks to all the sponsors. Great stages, and great fun. I heard a rumor that the state of Commifornia is considering asking Andy to run some three gun matches there. They say they could use the rain. (I kid, I kid) (I did have to add to my sig. line after this match) Thanks again to all involved.
  6. This is an Andy Horner rule. Going from memory, the one and only warning is a part of the walk thru for the first two squads at each stage on only the first day. After that, procedural, then call the range master, then the RM sends them home early. The last couple years at Blue Ridge we've had very good cooperation from the competitors. This is pretty much what we do in our local 3gun match. I tell the ROs that if they have someone that is capable of resetting (health issues excluded of course) and doesn't help, warn them once. Second time is a 25 second procedural. Yes, 25 seconds. If that doesn't work, come get me. If I get stopped running the match because of this, they don't shoot any more that day. DQ for un-sportsman like conduct. As for a governing body, I feel the participants pretty much do that with their showing up to a match or not. Like it, shoot it, don't like the way it's run, don't go. I also don't like huge rule books that have three different rules as to how the shooter must be standing at the start. Know the rules to the match, and let the RO work from there. If someone is going to take the time to put on a match, line up where, when, help with running it, and all the other work that goes into it, as long as it is done in a safe manner, he should be able to do it how he sees fit, No governing body needed. Want to know what to expect, read the rules.
  7. Some friends that came through stage 5. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// The guys that I worked with. American heros every one. [/url]">http:// The stages were great. Very challenging, but do-able, and no better place to spend a vacation shooting and hanging out with special friends that I only see once or twice a year. Thanks to J.P. and all the sponsors, and a special thanks to all the shooters that came out to play.
  8. Many thanks to all involved. The stages were super. Challenging, well thought out, tested shooting abilities without becoming a memory game or track meet. I enjoyed it very much. Denise, J.J. and all the ROs and staff did an excellent job. Many thanks to ALL the generous sponsors. Wow! What a prize table. I think there were four rifles, and several high dollar gift certificates, as well as a string of tables full of stuff for everyone. Good to see so many of my friends again. Folks I see way too seldom. Good to see Hurley finally make it out there. I suspect he is hooked now like me. LOL! I was fortunate to be able to shoot with the best squad around, my friends, the Sierra Squad. These guys are serious shooters, yet never forgetting to have fun the entire time. Many thanks to you all. It was hard to drive away after so much fun and good times, and in what has become one of my favorite places to be. The trip home seemed longer than ever before. Take care.
  9. Thanks to Andy, Mike, all the ROs and staff, plus all the sponsors. (Mike, thanks for the help locating a place to stay ) This was a great match. I almost cancelled, but was glad I could go. The stages were very physically challenging, which showed how out of shape I am. All thought out and set up very well. I was able to shoot on squad 15 with some very special friends, and had a great time. Hoping to be able to do it again next year. Thanks again to all involved.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I don't go through Colorado to get there, but it is/was a nice place to vacation after the match. I guess I could drive through, as long as I already own my mags? Yea, a bit of confusion. Buckshot on poppers works for me. That really showed all the "wusses" last year that shot "managed recoil" buck. Two in the A zone on paper also works.
  11. I've wondered why someone that had a jamb, would want to jamb it in even tighter. ? I have talked to folks that used their AR for real life, and sometimes they want to make sure a round is chambered, but ease the bolt forward to make as little noise as possible. Then it makes sense.
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