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  1. Use bench rest! Make sure optic is tight secured
  2. I’m using MPX PCC 16” barrel sport pistol 3.7gr SNScastingbullet 125g CCI 500 primers OAL 1.15 PF 135 very soft shooting and accurate!
  3. End up getting the FA brass dryer and I like it a lot! 2k + brass dries in couple hrs! thank you all for your input!
  4. Wanted to know what y’all do to dry the brass after wet tumbling, fastest most economical way. TIA
  5. Asking if anyone here able to share discount code for Rudy project. Needing to pickup a pair. Thank you in advance. Have a great day y’all!
  6. Webertactical.com MPX mag pouches are my favorite and had tried many other brands. Webertactical gives you a lot of options and adjustability to your liking!
  7. Agreed above! I use the 20 rd to start and reload with big stick during mandatory reload classifiers/stage! check out webertactical.com for the awesome pouches! goodluck
  8. If you are south paw, MPX is the way to go with Odin ext mag release... otherwise JP is great
  9. I use: MPX PCC 16”barrel SNScastingbullets.com 125g bullets RN red coated Alliant Sport Pistol powder 3.7g CCI (500) small pistol primer OAL 1.15 PF 135 very soft and accurate; no issues here Less than 1/4 inch groupings @ 30 yards Good luck
  10. I have both AR9 and Sig MPX gen2 and MPX PCC... i am a lefty and AR9 doesn’t have a good lower that I can find with great ambi mag release button. Odinworks has a very nice enlarge mag rel button that I am using with the MPX and they are great! i have been competing with sig MPX for almost a yr now.... the gen2 MPX gave me a lot of trouble but the newest MPX pcc has been no issues! Rob from inleadwetrust was very helpful and actually fixed my issues with the gen 2 which is now my primary backup. my AR9 has been the most reliable gun I ever own. Has not cleaned it after 5k and still shoots very well! i do prefer the MPX because of ambi mag release and a little softer than AR9. hope this helps! good luck
  11. Pretty much everything said ^^ there! Odin mag release lever is a must for me and bmiller magwell is the cheapest I’ve found but works great. 24c trigger. Oh yeah Stock from taccom, lightest carbon fiber one!
  12. That’s nice PF! Must be pretty soft! Any reliability issues with that load?
  13. Weber tactical is the best for MPX! Check them out! Very strong built! Weber tactical pouches helped me got my GM with reloads. The adjustable knob makes it easier to load with unloaded start! Adam, the owner, is very classy and responsive with all your questions! You won’t be disappointed!
  14. Talk to Tim from taccom3g.com ! He has all the upgrades you need! One of the best in the business! He shot 45acp carbine during the Lucas oil championships in Aug. he had me try it out and I shot it and felt similar to 9mm carbines!
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