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  1. Would you recommend the gun to a person who is wanting to get into Open? I've been kinda just looking around at some options.
  2. not really. Prod is starting to get there but not really. CO is close enough to Open minor with the gear restrictions.
  3. This is some great info. For me I plan to get a techwell anyway so that flared part doesn't matter to me. I was looking more at gibbz because it looks like Gibbz has more of a button to push. Please let me know if that is wrong on the KE arms. I was looking at the Odin Extended mag release as well. Thanks again for the information!
  4. Do you know of anything for Glock mags. From what I have heard Colt mags aren't the better of the two.
  5. The safety is the least of my worries. I know of Ambi Safeties. More looking for mag releases.
  6. I am new to the PCC side of things. I am a pistol shooter and I am going to be giving PCC a try. I have a cheap PCC to try and play around with but something that I have been looking for is a Lefty Lower. Does anyone have any good Lefty lowers? Thanks,
  7. I think its very unfair to judge a gun off its performance at a nationals. Like CO nationals Max Michel is the only person to hold that title and there is a good reason for it, its not his gun. And the same goes for Ben Stoeger for production.
  8. I am seeing more and more people that are shooting CZ Shadow 2's and Tanfoglio's in CO. I know in production that the Shadow 2's are the most popular gun. Why do people choose Hammer guns over striker fired? I am thinking about getting one for CO. Right now I have a Sig x5 legion and loving it. Should I switch, if so why? If no why not? Thanks
  9. there is an adapter plate that you need to get for it to mount onto the slide. The slide is cut for a DeltaPoint Pro/ Remeo 1 Pro. After some looking around I think its perfectly legal, people are doing the same thing with the SRO.
  10. In the IDPA magazine that came out, 5.11 is the most popular belt, and I am looking for a new belt. So the question is what do you guys use for a belt?
  11. Does the Factory magwell not fit the box? I know magwells are allowed in CO. Thanks for your help!
  12. The legion makes weight in ssp with no mag well. The others I don't know about.
  13. Is the romeo 3 max on a p320 legion legal?
  14. Does anyone know if a Romeo 3 max on a p320 x5 legion would fit the box and make weight? I think weight wouldn't be an issue.
  15. Thanks for the info. I am a lefty to finding a lefty gun used would be hard thats why I am looking at a production gun. and JJ has an interesting mindset ATM. He wants to prove that you can use a production gun and win. Hes with Beretta right now, and their open gun is going to be available this year he said. But I know that 2011's are in fact the way to go for open, but I cant see myself spending that much on my FIRST open gun.
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