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  1. Its removable, I took mine off pretty much right away haha
  2. I have ran about 300 rounds through it so far and it has done well. MKA1919 fit but do not function great, not sure if they need to be tuned or what. Shoots nice and soft, buckshot and slugs dont kill you like some of the other guns on the market. Once it was broke in I switched to light target loads and have had zero issues with them amazingly. Unfortanatly the local spot where I was planning on shooting 3 gun this summer closed for good so I may end up selling the gun but we will see
  3. Well that's no good on the holster.... have not got a chance to go run any rounds through it, should be doing a good amount of shooting saturday it this and my edc
  4. As it sits a double alpha racer holster or something similar due to the thumb rest and red dot mount. May change that stuff up depending then it could go in any xdm holster
  5. This followed me home the other day, xdm 5.25, storm lake barrel, comp, pistolgear unlimited mag well, pistolgear mag extention, carver red dot mount, nice trigger setup, two stock mags, all the stock parts and case, extra spring ect. All for $500, I feel like I got a good deal
  6. Yeah, I knew about the break in period. I'm going to track how the gun functions from the first round on and I'll post it up here, may even make a video
  7. My standard manufacturing sko-12 should be here Friday, nobody seems to know much from a reliability standpoint on these so I figure I'll do my best to make it not run but I need some ideas beyond just throwing light ammo in it. Anyone have ideas on what usually goes wrong on box fed shotguns? This is my first one so I figure I'm behind the curve STAND12G_014-L__78372.1499866746.1280.1280__21631.1506525792.webp
  8. That's the best picture I have of my port work, I have done a bit more finish/polish work since the picture
  9. Yeah, the port work was mainly to smooth out what was already there but I did take a bit extra to make quads eaiser. The match saver is on I built for about $.50 from the hardware store haha
  10. There is my pretty much finished up m3k
  11. Shamless picture whoring at this point but I can't help it
  12. I bought a wood burning kit from hobby lobby, taught myself how to use it when I did my Glock
  13. Been shooting trap with my m3k to get a feel for the gun before 3 gun season starts around my area, I'm having issues with comb height and was wondering what the best budget "add-on" option would be to bring the comb height up about 1/2"
  14. Damn, knew I was forgetting something....sales tax. MOA is a shop out of Bend Oregon, Tom down there does some killer work on Stoegers, pretty much anything you need can be ordered from him. I would recommend them for sure. Pm me if you want any more info
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